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20+ Easy Toddler Crafts using Toilet Paper Rolls

20+ Easy Toddler Crafts using Toilet Paper Rolls

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20+ Easy Toddler Crafts using Toilet Paper Rolls

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The way you use waste material in crafts to decorate your house depicts that you can use every material to its optimum use. You know how to keep things organized and make the best out of everything. That’s why to keep supporting you, we write these articles on how to utilize waste material such as egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and much more in the world of art and craft. These beautiful pieces of crafts can be used to increase the attractiveness of your house and will definitely fetch praise from your guests. The toilet paper roll has so many uses in craft that we can not list them all in one article. But we tried to collect the best ones which you can easily DO IT Yourself at home. You can customize these ideas to your own preferences and also combine a few of them together to compliment each other.

DIY Toilet Paper roll crafts to try

We’re sharing more toilet paper roll crafts today! This is such a fun way to peak your child’s creativity and get them thinking outside the box. Fun things you can do with another item that’s readily found in your home: toilet paper rolls. Here are some of kids favorites activities.

Castle building using toilet paper roll crafts

The shape of toilet paper rolls is generally cylindrical. Using this to your advantage, you can cut out various sizes of cylinders from it. In this toilet paper roll crafts idea, the shape of the roll is used to craft a castle. The crown is made by cutting spikes from a cylinder from the top and keep the other end the same. The castle’s crenels and merlons can be crafted by cutting small rectangles as in the left castle. You can also use cones of colored paper for the same. Do give them proper shades for the ancient look.

Beautiful toilet paper roll crafts for you

As we know that the toilet paper rolls are good in length, this can be divided into 5 parts (as shown in the first image) with the help of a cutter. Then, these can be molded into a curved shape to make it look like a petal. The 5 pieces kept and combined together with glow will form a flower shape. You can color these flowers before or after joining the petals together. You can draw multiple flowers to decorate the walls with this toilet paper roll crafts idea.

Bangle making toilet paper roll crafts

The accessories we have are used to compliment the clothes we wear. They work as stars in the moonlight. That’s why this toilet paper roll crafts idea can be useful for you. All you have to do is, cut the length of the roll into half from between. This will give you two cylindrical pieces with the size of your wrist. Now, cut the pieces along the length which is parallel to the axis passing through the center of the circle as shown in the images. You can give them different bright colors as a base and then decorate them with artificial jewelry.

Animal structures toilet paper roll crafts

Did you know you can craft a giraffe out of toilet paper rolls? The neck of the giraffe combined with legs in front can be given one length and the body can be attached just in the middle of this as shown. Make sure you cut the toilet paper roll for the body such that it matches the shape of the neck in sync. The mouth has to be given the proper shape too. Use another roll for the legs in the back. You can use cardboard sheets for the ears, horns and tail. In the end, color this figure with yellow and black shades.

toilet paper roll crafts

Take a cardboard base for this DIY toilet roll craft and make S-curve with toilet paper rolls standing in the row. Paste them together properly and then cut the boundaries out. Cover the rolls with different types of paper sheets and various colors painted evenly. Now draw a snail figure on the rest of the cardboard sheet with its horns and ears. Cut out the snail drawing and paste it vertically on one of the rolls as shown in the image.

Unique windmill/ Flower pot toilet paper roll crafts

This is the most creative toilet paper roll crafts idea of this list. And also easy to make. Just fold the roll into half as shown on the right side and staple it. Then staple around 3 of them together to make a round shape. For holding it together and the stem, you can use a stick and color it. Don’t forget to color the toilet rolls with various shades and give it a good support to stand.

Beautiful gnomes using toilet paper roll crafts

These gnomes using toilet paper roll crafts package is all you need for your house to make it more pleasing. The caps of these can be made with clothes or paper sheets depending on the availability. Make sure that you smoothly color the regions as the paint will give fine finishing to these dolls. The faces can be varied according to the preferences. Also, the color of the clothes must have a high contrast to overpower the natural color of the roll.

Owl tree using toilet paper roll crafts

The above image has so many owl trees made of toilet paper roll crafts. Apart from the drawing on them, the most important in these figures is the heads. That can be made by first parting the circle into two diametrically and then folding the parts inwards such that they completely overlap each other. once you perfectly learn to do this, the rest is drawings and the paints.

Spiral snakes with toilet paper roll crafts

The spirals have can be seen around us easily. They have this attractive feature about them which makes it feel that they are moving forward. You can cut the toilet paper roll in the spiral form and paint it to form spiral snakes. Then add the eyes and the tongue to them. You can also decorate them with low-cost stones, or small stars from colored papers.

Windmill using toilet paper roll crafts

To start with the windmill, first, make a cone of a paper sheet and put it above the toilet paper roll. Now, join them together, draw the windows and then color them with the required shade. Now keep it aside and take two equal sticks. Wrap rectangular piece at the 4 ends of these sticks and make grids on that. Then make a circle with a cardboard sheet and join the roll, the sticks from the middle and the circle together with the help of the cardboard pin at the center.

toilet paper roll crafts

This alluring depiction of a house is easy to make but requires time. Begin with cover the rolls with brown notebook cover, then align and paste them on a big cardboard sheet. Now take two cardboard sheets and keep them standing on the above corner rolls (No 1 and No 4). Join them together with another triangular piece of cardboard as shown. You can also show a chimney in this toilet paper roll crafts. After making sure that it has been joined properly with good strength, hang it with a long piece of thread or rope.

Stationery holder using toilet paper roll crafts

This toilet paper roll crafts idea can be used as a pen stand and also keep stationery in it. Cover the rolls with pattern clothes such that it is only open from one end and the other end is closed. You can add a circular disc at the bottom while covering them for more strength. Make it sure that the cloth is properly attached to the roll with glue and there are no wrinkles.

Beautiful owls employing toilet paper roll crafts

Just like the owls in one of the previous toilet paper roll crafts, these owls’ heads can be made by folding the two parts inwards made by the diameter. The difference it, the previous owls have drawings and these one uses cut outs of the eyes, nose and a few feathers. Owls have big eyes so the white circle is big too. The wings are to match the contrast with the body color.

Animals using toilet paper roll crafts

Apart from owls, you can also go for other animal figures such as penguins, lion, elephant, tiger, etc. Remember these are carton like crafts so much detailing and the shape are not to be focused. The main focus must be on the color and the representation of every part such that they look similar to the animal which you desire to make with the rolls.

Sunglasses using toilet paper roll crafts

The crafts are not only about cuttings and then pasting, but you can also go for folding the pieces such that they make new shapes as done with the above example. These sunglasses with toilet paper roll crafts are the result of first cutting the roll and then folding it as shown step by step in the lower portion of the image. Make sure you don’t tear the roll while folding it, so do it gently.

Let us make cars using toilet paper roll crafts

Start with coloring the rolls for this toilet paper roll crafts for DIY cars. Cut out circles from the cardboard sheet and color it to give the appearance of wheels. Then cut a slit in the middle of the roll keeping one side of the slit still attached. Fold the slit upwards to halfway and attach the wheels symmetrically with the help of pins as done in the windmill.

toilet paper roll crafts

A puppet dog with this much cuteness will be definitely loved by your kids. The body and the face are of two different rolls where face is half of the roll. the ears are made of high GSM paper. You can craft the legs and the tail with the help of a mold able wire. Give proper thickness and diameter to them. Use thread for joining the control to the dog. You can even tell stories through such puppets.

Minions toilet paper roll crafts

The minions are loved by nearly everyone and you can very well craft them at home with the help of toilet paper rolls. Color them yellow and then draw the smile. Add artificial eyes and cut out from a paper sheet for the clothes. They have blue colored clothes and yellow-colored body so try to stick to this. The hair can be made by cardboard sheets of a paper with high thickness.

Car storing ways using toilet paper roll crafts

Do you love collecting cars toys as a hobby or for your kids? You can keep them together and arrange properly as shown in the above image. This way, you can easily take out the required piece without making a mess which comes with keeping all the cars in one box without any partition. this is idea is simple, yet useful and efficient. This will help you to keep your room in order.

Butterflies using toilet paper roll crafts

The butterflies are now rare to be seen. And all the kids love them. You can start with the body of the butterfly with the help of roll. Color it with any dark shade and give it the eyes and the smile. You can draw the wings on the chart papers and then cut them to paste it on the body. the wings should be even and symmetric. For the antennas, you can make spirals from the thick wires and cover them with a cloth.

Beautiful pumpkins toilet paper roll crafts

After folding only one side of the roll as done in the image, the impression of the base can be used to draw the boundary of the pumpkin or apples. If you take orange color, it will imply as a pumpkin and for apple, use red color. Draw the leaves in case of apple or the vines in case of pumpkin and paint the inner region too.

Flora toilet paper roll crafts

This is a very easy way to make potted plants using toilet paper rolls. First of all, draw the plant you wish to make. Now cut at the outlines using a cutter. Now you may paint the plant you have made. Your beautiful plants are ready to see the light of the day. You can make as many such plants as you wish to, you will have a beautiful garden in your room with these plants.

We hope you loved all these beautiful Toilet paper crafts. We hope these beautiful crafts bring a smile to the faces of your tots. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below. We will be glad to hear from you. Do check out other related articles. We will soon come up with more such articles.

Activities for Kids
  • 20+ Easy Toddler Crafts using Toilet Paper Rolls
  • 20+ Easy Toddler Crafts using Toilet Paper Rolls
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