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Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids

Looking for some fun activities to do these holidays? Why don’t you have a peak at these awesome ideas for Orange Crafts and Activities for kids, this might just be the thing you have been seeking for!

If you are searching for something fun to do with your kids, go through these super fun Orange Crafts and Activities listed below. They are engaging, interactive, exciting, fun and fruitful, both literally and figuratively. The following ideas are for kids, from toddlers to 5-year-olds, but in general terms, a kid of any age enjoy them. Oranges and their tangy flavor is delicious to all, well, why not do some activities based on it! You can have an orange theme and have fun with oranges all day. Interesting idea, isn’t it?

If you’re searching for orange crafts & activities for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of orange crafts & activities like citrus fruit paper craft, juice making summer activity, sensory activities, orange squeezing, christmats ornament, halloween pumpkin, spider and paper plate.

Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids

Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Crafting a Lamp Using the Peel of an Orange

Crafting a Lamp Using the Peel of an Orange

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Creating a lamp using the peel of an orange is a great way to upcycle and reuse materials. It’s a fun project that yields an interesting and unique lamp with a beautiful, warm glow.

Orange Peel Crab Craft For Kids

Orange peel Crab Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This fun and easy craft is perfect for kids of all ages. Using orange peel, paint, and glue, kids can create a cute crab that makes a great decoration or toy. With just a few simple materials, kids can make their own orange peel crab!

Citrus Fruit Paper Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Kids Craft Ideas

This Citrus Fruit Paper Craft for Kids is a brilliant idea for kids of age 3 to 5 years. These cute little eyes and smiles just look adorable! This is a very easy activity and a pretty good way of getting kids to engage with something creative. Later, you can hang this on the wall with the help of the thread. This activity can teach kids basic craft skills. Through this activity, kids can also get knowledge about shapes. This will also help them gain an experience and an idea about making 2d objects out of real life 3d objects.

Orange Craft Ideas with Paper

Image Source/Tutorial: 4Kids Smile

This Orange Craft Idea with Paper is suitable for kids around the ages of 3 to 5. This is a super fun and super easy craft to do. Kids are familiar with an orange, and they of course tend to reflect more interest and willingness in doing what they are at least slightly aware of. They have always seen a 3d real-life orange, so, making a 2d paper orange would be really thrilling for them. Through this activity, they can revise two of the basic primary geometric shapes, circle and triangle. This will also allow them to see things from a different perspective.

Juice Making Summer Activity for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Well-Planned Mama

This Juice Making Summer Activity for kids is really wonderful and suitable for kids around the age of 3 to 5. This activity is very engaging, interactive, and collaborative. You can do this with your kids or kids can have fun doing this with their friends. This will help the kids to interact and socialize a bit, apart from the regular academics. Through this activity, kids can learn the values of teamwork and understand and experience a social environment, which will help them further in life with group projects or other similar endeavors.

Sensory Activities With Orange For Kindergarten

Image Source/Tutorial: My Bored Toddler

This Sensory Activity with Orange for Kindergarten is a brilliant idea. This activity focuses mainly on sensory development so this will be the right activity for kids to help strengthen their senses. Through this, their brain will also be stimulated in a very productive way. This will help the kids to understand their senses better and open them to a completely new perspective on things. This will also give them an understanding of different textures. Sparing all that, this is a very interactive activity and is very recommendable for sensory development.

Orange Squeezing Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Rhythms Of Play

This is an incredibly fun activity for kids to do with their friends. It is also very easy, entertaining and engaging. Group activities help kids to socialize and to learn how to work together in a team. This activity is recommended for kids around the age of 3 to 5. It does not include too many items and totally safe for kids to do on their own with very little or no guidance.

Christmas Ornament Craft With Dried Orange Fruit

Image Source/Tutorial: Make And Takes

This is an extremely fetching activity for kids as well as adults. This Christmas Ornament Craft with Dried Orange fruit is both fun and effortless to make but also an incredibly amazing addition to your Christmas decoration. You need just a few items to it, and you will have this DIY homemade pretty decoration piece within no time. You can also give it as a gift; handmade gifts are always a sweet gesture as they require more effort and thought.

Orange Fruit Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: QB Crafts

This Orange Craft Idea for kids is suitable for kids around the age of 5. It is very easy and requires very less items. It can assist kids with craft techniques. It can be an amazing and very fruitful way of cutting idle and spare time. This craft does possess a high difficulty level, so, it is very recommendable for beginners. This will mainly brush up your folding techniques so that your folds are exact and precise. This can also be used as a decoration piece on the study table.

Halloween Pumpkin Craft With Orange

Image Source/Tutorial: Cup Cakes And Cutlery

This is an immensely creative idea for kids to get started on their Halloween Decorations. It is suitable for kids of all ages, from toddlers to 5-year-olds and even above. You just need two items for this so, you do not have to worry about that either. This craft idea is remarkably fun and entertaining. Kids will enjoy it utterly, making those different facial expressions on the oranges and the best part is, kids do not even need assistance or guidance for this craft; it is completely safe for them to do it on their own.

How To Make Spider with Orange Fruit

Image Source/Tutorial: Made With The Happy

Make Spider with Orange Fruit in no time. This is a fun craft for kids around the age of 3. Spiders are scary but look at this cute, little Spidey Orange! Also, kids can totally do this on their own, it requires no such items, or neither does it have a difficulty level that would require an adult’s guidance. This could make a great embellishment to their table after the kids make it. This craft activity will give them an understanding of so many things that can be made at home from different and not too many materials. This will also enhance their imagination and their creativity.

Wall Hanging Orange Craft Construction Paper

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

This Wall Hanging Orange Craft Construction Paper is super easy and a super fun activity to do at home. It is basically for all ages but really suggested for kids around 3 to 5 years old. This craft activity will help them to learn the basics of the craft and practice them repetitively. It is a beautiful wall hanging, made just out of paper. Decorate your wall with DIYs and self-made crafts and decorations. It will be a very sophisticated and classy addition to your wall.

Orange Fruit Craft With Paper Plate

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft With Toddler

This Orange Fruit Craft with Paper Plate is a very fetching craft idea for kids around the ages of 3 to 5. It is very fun and engaging. This will give kids, a better idea if the textures and appearance of certain fruits. So, this is quite an impressive way for kids to gain knowledge. Apart from that, kids can be introduced to painting through this activity. This will help strengthen their creativity and push them towards innovation, art, and craft.


1. What kind of crafts can I do with oranges?

You can create a wide range of crafts with oranges. Some of the most popular projects include making decorative ornaments, such as orange slices dipped in glitter or an orange and ribbon garland. You can also make a variety of home decorations, such as an orange wreath or a centerpiece made with oranges and flowers. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make a candle holder or an orange-scented diffuser out of an orange. There are plenty of creative ideas for using oranges to make fun and beautiful crafts.

2. What supplies are needed for Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids?

Answer: Basic crafting supplies such as paper, markers, paint, glue, and scissors are needed for most orange crafts and activities. Additional items may include construction paper, foam sheets, pipe cleaners, crayons, and googly eyes.

3. What age group is Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids for?

Answer: Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids can be enjoyed by children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Younger children may need assistance with more intricate projects.

4. What are some possible Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids?

Answer: Popular orange crafts and activities for kids include pumpkin crafts, orange slime, orange-themed sensory bins, orange paint splatter art, orange-shaped paper bag puppets, orange-colored collages, orange-themed coloring pages, and orange-themed scavenger hunts.

5. Are Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids easy to do?

Answer: Yes, most orange crafts and activities are designed with children in mind, and are easy to do. Depending on the individual craft and activity, they may require adult assistance.

6. Are there any common themes used in Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids?

Answer: Yes, popular themes for orange crafts and activities for kids include fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and citrus fruits.

7. Do Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids require special tools or materials?

Answer: No, most orange crafts and activities for kids do not require any special tools or materials. Basic crafting supplies are usually enough.

8. Do Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids need to be expensive?

Answer: No, Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids do not need to be expensive. Crafting supplies can be found at dollar stores, craft stores, or online.

9. Can Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids be done indoors or outdoors?

Answer: Yes, most orange crafts and activities for kids can be done indoors or outdoors. If doing an outdoor activity, make sure to be safe and follow safety guidelines.

10. Are there any safety tips to consider when doing Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids?

Answer: Yes, it is important to follow safety guidelines when doing any craft or activity with children. Be sure to supervise children at all times and use age-appropriate tools.

We hope you like our list of Orange Crafts & Activities for Kids and will surely try to make them. If you liked our orange crafts & activities, read more crafts ideas at our website. Please let us know in the comment section which Orange Craft & Activity you like the most.

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