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Fun Activities and Crafts For Toddlers

Fun Activities and Crafts For Toddlers

DIY and Crafts

Fun Activities and Crafts For Toddlers

Activities for Kids

I like to  do craft things and love to decorate my home with it. Though I am not a crafty, still I do because it is exciting one. I love to play with colors and colored papers. I think many kids would  like to do crafty things, but they don’t know where to start with. Here is the simple and easy activities and crafts for kids to do. By referring it, you can make your creativity go wild.


Image/Tutorial: Mama Smiles

This craft is a super-simple way to let your child finger paint without dealing with the mess! Take a plastic Ziploc bag, and add paint or a similar colored substance. You can use paint, shampoo, hair gel .  You can add food coloring or paint to the non-paint substances. Tap the edges down with masking tape. Let the child to be intrigued.


Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Have you seen painted pancakes? Do you like that? Kids are very fond of Pancakes ,even elders too fond of it .Usually pancakes are brown or caramelized in color. But ,when it is colorful with food colors then it attracts you so much. Take the pancakes and use food color on it .See how amazing it looks. Instead of having usual plane pancakes, have colored ones .Why not color them!


Image/Tutorial:  Learn Play Imagine

Every children  loves to paint and play with colors .To make them happier than before, here is an simple way. It can make your child and you  happy. Usually kids use their hands rather than brushes. Use the cookie cutter and paint in the shape of it. When kids try their little hands can make art look cute as like them. Whatever they tend to do, we love to see it. Let your child enjoy the age with colors and full of happiness.


Image/Tutorial:  I Can Teach My Child

Kids are other form of god who gives us unconditional love and cute smile. We are love kids. Whatever they do, we love it with smile. With his little hands, if he tries to do anything, that really makes us smile over it. With his smile, he makes our heart smile too. The place where the kids are, there is heaven. Even he tried to mess up yogurt with little fingers, it all ended beautiful. They make our heart lighter by every activity of them.


Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

The first thing you’ll want to do is make the hand prints onto a piece of manila or white paper. Then take their other hand and repeat. Wash your kid’s hands well after stamping them and set the hand prints aside to dry. Now take the yellow construction paper and lightly draw about a 10 inch egg shape onto it. Cut out the egg shape. Next cut out a triangle for the beak and simple foot shapes using the orange construction paper. Glue onto the egg shaped paper. Cut out the hand prints, leaving a little space all around. Glue onto the sides of the egg. Finally, glue the googly eyes onto the egg, where you glued the beak. Allow glue to dry and your  Chick Craft is ready to hang up for everyone to admire!


Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

My mom said ,at age of 6 years ,I used to play with colors  by painting .I loved rubbing my  little hands together, feeling the paint in between my tiny fingers. I myself ,set down several pieces of paper so I could make multiple hand prints, and then laid them aside to dry while I washed my hands. I painted  foot and had my stomp in between the two hand prints. Once the hands and footprints are dry you can decorate them any way you choose, I did in my own way at that time. Just for fun we added colored a sun and some clouds.


Do you have ever made wrapping paper of your own? It is a super fun craft idea that turns out the presents under the tree look so pretty and festive! I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but this is actually something my friend did last year at her home. I thought it was absolutely adorable, so of course, I wanted to share it with all of you. Spread the roll let the kids go wild walking on the paper with painted feet and spreading their hand prints around the paper! Be sure that you leave the paper out and flat for awhile so that it can dry completely before you start wrapping gifts!


Image/Tutorial: Simple Home Blessing

Have you noticed your little one loves to do arts and crafts projects?  Have you noticed she seems ready to start drawing? Toddlers have a natural curiosity and interest in seeing images appear on paper. Get your drawing surface and utensil ready. Then ask your little one what they want you to draw. This activity helps your toddler develop and refine their color, shape, and object recognition, vocabulary and communication, fine motor skills.


Image/Tutorial: Learn With Play At Home

Set up our kid’s Invitation to Play on the floor. On each paper plate just squirted a couple of different colors of your choice. Made your kid   paint in a different way and work those gross motor skills. Always use an easy wash paint as you will end up with paint around the place where you are. Keep a  washcloth on hand to easily wipe up mess.


Image/Tutorial: Learn Play Imagine

Smoothie paints aren’t scented, instead they are frozen! Frozen paint is perfect for summer fun, and this recipe for play is perfect for a hot day. Squirt a generous amount of shaving cream into our bowl then added a small amount of paint.  Drop two handfuls of ice on top then blended the ingredients at a medium speed. Transfer  it to the bowl and it looked like fantastic smoothie which is really not.


Image/Tutorial: Learn Play Imagine

Sticky table is quite interesting. Cover toddler table  with contact paper, sticky side up. Let your little one to pick the things which is  to be stick on paper. The little guys loved the sticky texture and enjoyed experimenting with the various objects like them .


Whatever crafts I do, I wanted it on a sign in my home somewhere. I decided to create an art wall for my childhood kid’s paintings and drawings. Simply place the crafts on the dinning  how you want them, and then let the kids finger paint over them. You can arrange the crafts different ways until you get them exactly how you want them!

Our kids love seeing their artwork on display! so hung their arts  on the wall behind  dining room table, so we can look at all the latest creations while we eat. I love to have  my crafts in my home as a little reminder. I don’t need a perfectly clean home. It needs a happy one, which is decorated by own craft. Make memories together with little one and start loving life.

Activities for Kids
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