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Summer Activities For Kids

Summer Activities For Kids

DIY and Crafts

Summer Activities For Kids

Hello, our darling readers! Here we again came to you with summer Interesting craft ideas. But today it’s not just about the craft things, it’s about some interesting games also. Smilies must be added to our little kiddos who are reading this. We hope that we can value this precious smile. You’re going to learn some very summer activities that can fill so much joy to your boring long summer days. As summer vacations are too long, you must have thought to spend them with your friends and family or by going out somewhere. But what about the kids’ plans?

This article is going to be so special as it will only be for our little kiddos. Who will have a blast in summer while doing these activities!

Summer Activities for Kids

Creating a Handmade Straw Fan Crafts For Kids

Creating a Handmade Straw Fan Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Creating a handmade straw fan is an enjoyable craft that can be done with a few simple materials. It is a great way to add a unique, personalized touch to your home. With a few easy steps, you can make a unique fan that can be used for decoration or as a functional fan.

Bathing your Doll’s in Tub

Bathing or staying in the pool is the best thing we can do in summer! let’s not bathe yourself by bathing one time and giving a bath to your baby toy! It will be so fun!

Image Source/Tutorial: from Mama Pea Pod

  • Difficulty level: Easy 
  • Materials required: A baby doll, old baby, bath and infant bath seat, towels and shampoo bottles, the baby bath thermometer, and a few bath toys.

You will be preparing a bathtub and a bath seat. Then prepare the water and check the temperature with a thermometer. You can decorate it with some bathtubs. After putting your baby toy inside the tub and washing it with shampoo and after that take it out and dry it with baby towels. 

Making A Fishing Yard in Your Yard

Everyone loves fishing and you must have already done it! So, let’s recreate those fishing moments with some toys! Invite your friends to play with you. You are gonna love it!

Image Source/Tutorial:  Active Kids Club

  • Difficulty level: Easy 
  • Materials required: Kiddy pool, Water, Rubber ducks, fishing poles, Boats, Seashells.

You will need to set up a kiddy pool with water, boats, and seashells. Then put some rubber ducks inside the pool. Then grab your fishing pole and ask your friends to join you with their fishing poles and enjoy your day.

Drip Drip Drop Game with Fun

What is a Drip Drip Drop game? You must be thinking that right. But with its sound, you might guess that it will be done with water. How smart! What is more fun than playing with water in summer! So, let’s see!

Image Source/Tutorial: the educators spin on it

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: bucket, plastic tub, water.

You have to prepare a bucket of water. Then you have to sit in a circle with your friends. Then one of your friends or you have to pick a plastic tub and fill it with water. Then you throw a tip of water at the person’s head who is sitting beside you and say “Drip”.

Your play goes on with drips until you “DROPS” the rest of the water on someone’s head and says, “DROP.” Then you chase the person around the circle, trying to beat them back to their original space.  The game ends when all of you have had an opportunity to deliver it or your water is finished!

“Put Out The Fire” Game

This will be a very outdoor game you can enjoy. If you want to be in the fire brigade then you will love it. So, why are you waiting let’s everyone out of danger! The fire brigade on its business!

Image Source/Tutorial: Toddler Approved

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: red cardstock, scissors, Ziploc bags (or a laminator), a hose, and painter’s tape.

You will firstly cut a red cardstock in the shape of flames and then laminate it and if you don’t have any laminated then ick stick the flames in the Ziploc bags. After that, you can suck the flames with painter’s tape in a wooden fence or any other suitable place as you wish. Then grab your hose and spray the water into the fence.

Boating in A Old Rain Gutter

A Rainy day must be boring just to see the water flood out of the rain gutter. But this boring thing can be so fun in the summer by using them for boating! How? Let’s know!

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: Bottle caps, plastic boats, and rain gutter.

You will need to put water on the rain gutter if it’s empty and close its endpoint. Then, put your boat toys inside it and enjoy!

Fun with Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Pool Noodle is very useful material you can use in Summer. And this activity will be so fun as you’re gonna use it as a sprinkler.

Image Source/Tutorial: Ziggity Zoom

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: Pool noodles, Duct tape, Scissors, Skewer or ice pick, String. and Hose.

You just need to decide on a perfect place in your yard. Then put the pool noodle and fit the skewer. And have fun playing with it!

Fun with PVC Water Toy Sprinkler

This sprinkler will be different from the previous one as that was a pool noodle and it will be made with PVC. But the fun will remain the same!

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: 2 ten foot lengths of PVC, 3 end caps, 1 threaded female hose connector (slip fit),2 elbow joints (90 degrees), 2 T connections, 1 pack quarter-circle mister jets,1 threaded male hose connector (slip fit), 1 hose cap

You just need to attach the PVC as the sprinkler then place it in a suitable place. Little kids shouldn’t be doing it by themselves. Have fun with the water!

DIY Car Wash for Kids

Seeing your parents go for a car wash, all our kiddos must have thought at least one time to have their car just for the car wash. But you don’t have to own a real car to do this. As you’re going to make yourself your own. Carwash!

Image Source/Tutorial: Mom Endeavors

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: 8 10-ft. pieces of 3/4″ PVC pipe, 11 PVC T-joints, 7 PVC elbow-joints, 4 PVC cross joints, 4 PVC caps, 1 hose connector, 7 pool noodles, plastic table, cloths 5 sponges, colored nylon rope, cutters, and permanent marker, drill & 1/16″ drill bit, scissors, hacksaw or PVC.

Set up the Car wash according to the reference picture.  It will be so fun. Take help from your elders to make it properly.

Fun with Swimming Pool Scrabble

Playing Scrabble is a very good learning experience for kids. But if days are too hot in the summer, You can enjoy scrabbling in your bathtub! And it will be so refreshing!

Image Source/Tutorial: Toddler Approved

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: Sponges, scissors, and permanent marker

You need to cut the sponges into box pieces and write alphabets with markers. Then throw it inside your bathtub and play by collecting meaningful words with the sponges

Amazing Pool Games with Water Balloon

This game will be played with water balloons, so you might already guess that it will be so fun! So, let’s learn how you can play this game!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: Water Balloons and Water.

You will need to make the water balloons by pouring water inside them. Play with them by throwing them to each other inside a pool. 

Water Park in Backyard with DIY PVC

Some of you must have gone to the water park and already missed it or some must-have never gone there! So, let’s create one with some PVC. It will be so fun!

Image Source/Tutorial: Classy Clutter

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: Pieces of 3/4″ PVC pipe, PVC T-joints, PVC elbow-joints, PVC cross joints, PVC caps, hose connector,  colored nylon rope, plastic table cloths drill & 1/16″ drill bit, scissors, hacksaw or PVC, cutters, glue, and permanent marker.

You need to set up the PVC according to the picture. And use help from adults. Enjoy your waterpark!

Squirt Water Gun Race

When days get too hot! You must have planned to stay in the water all day. Just staying in the bathtub or pool sounds so boring right! So, why not make it fun with planning a Gun Race? Sound’s amazing! Right!

Image Source/Tutorial: Made From Pinterest

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: Sturdy strong, plastic cups, duck tape, scissors and squirm gun.

Put the strong sturdy on around where you want to play the game then put holes on the plastic cups and put them inside the studio. Then you and your friend can be the points of the two endpoints and attack each other with your squirt gun. It will be doing fun.

Fun with Shoot & Splash on Outdoor

Shoot and Splash during summertime is a great idea! But don’t play it inside to get your mom in trouble. Enjoy it outside by following the methods!

Image Source/Tutorial: No Time for Flash Cards

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: lightweight plastic containers, little traffic cones, some water, and a loaded Nerf type blaster.

Put the traffic cones around a corner then put the water-poured lightweight plastic containers over it. They prove how great a shooter you are by shooting with a Nerf-type blaster. Enjoy the shoot splash!

Amazing Water Balloon Game with Angry birds

Do you love to play angry birds? The splashing sound of the birds is the more fun thing right! So you’re gonna play this game with some water balloons! How? Then let’s get in!

Image Source/Tutorial: No Time for Flash Cards

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: coloring water balloons, permanent market, and sidewalks chalks.

Make the water balloons like angry birds by drawing them on markers and drawing something on the ground with sidewalks. And play with your friends who can wash them faster!

Summer Fun with Water Balloon Baseball

There must be many of you who love playing baseball. Buy in the hot days of summer what if you play the game with some water balloons?

Image Source/Tutorial: Overstuffed Life

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: Water Balloons, yarns, and a baseball bat.

This not will be the right way to play baseball but it’s the best way to play it in summer. Just hang the balloons and tie your friend’s eyes and give a baseball bat to hit the balloons and squash them.

Fun with Cool Water Balloon Launcher

We have given you lots of fun water balloon activities right! But this activity will give you all the fun. As it’s going to be a launcher! Fire!

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun for Boys

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: One 1 x 4 board

One 2 x 4 board, Wood screws, Saw, Ruler, Screwdriver, A small plastic container, water balloons, and duct tape.

This process required many tools to play with adults’ help. You just need to make a seesaw like a picture. Then, put a water balloon with a container on its one side and enjoy by swinging it. 

Summer Party in Backyard with Water Balloon Pinatas

Summer Party in the backyard! Sound’s a great idea, right? But you are going to add some more fun to the party by adding Water Balloons as pinatas. It will be all wet and fun!

Image Source/Tutorial: Milk Allergy Mom

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: Water balloons, rope, and PCV.

Make the party sport in your backyards. Adjust the balloon as Pinatas like in the picture. Take help from the adults.

Water Balloon Phonics Game with Fun

Phonics is a very good word learning game for our little kiddos. But in the summertime,e you can play with them with some Water Balloons, which will be so fun!

Image Source/Tutorial: Mess for Less

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Materials required: Water balloons, Permanent marker, Index cards, Tape.

Take any color of balloons you like. Then write alphabets on it with a permanent marker. Take an index card and play with the jumbled words while trying to make a word with the water balloon’s letters. It will be so fun to play.

These are some quite enough summer ideas that can make our little kiddos summer days. Have fun enjoying these activities. And Don’t get hurt while playing. If you find our article reasonable then let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Keep creating with us!

FAQ’s on Summer Activities For Kids

1. What activities can my child do during the summer?

There are a variety of activities that your child can do during the summer months, such as swimming, playing sports, attending camps, visiting museums, going to the beach, and more.

2. Are there any summer programs for my child?

Yes, there are a variety of summer programs available for kids, such as day camps, overnight camps, sports camps, art camps, and more.

3. How can I keep my child safe while outdoors?

Be sure to apply sunscreen to your child and have them wear a hat and sunglasses when outdoors in the sun. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and wear light-colored, breathable clothing. Also, make sure your child is supervised when outdoors.

4. How can I keep my child entertained during the summer?

There are a variety of activities you can do with your child during the summer, such as having a picnic, going on a bike ride, playing outdoor games, doing arts and crafts, having a movie night, and more.

5. What local events can my child attend?

Check your local newspaper or online sources for events in your area. Many local libraries, parks, and community centers offer special events, such as concerts, movies, and festivals.

6. What are some fun summer activities for my child?

There are a variety of fun summer activities for kids, such as swimming, visiting a water park, playing at the beach, attending a carnival, going fishing, and more.

7. Are there any summer activities my child can do at home?

Yes, there are a variety of activities your child can do at home, such as planting a garden, playing board games, having a scavenger hunt, making homemade ice cream, and more.

8. How can I encourage my child to stay active during the summer?

Encourage your child to participate in physical activities, such as playing sports, swimming, biking, and hiking. You can also look for local classes or programs that offer activities such as dance, yoga, or martial arts.

9. Are there any educational activities my child can do during the summer?

Yes, there are a variety of educational activities your child can do during the summer, such as attending summer school or an educational camp, reading books, or doing online learning activities.

10. What are some budget-friendly summer activities for my child?

There are a variety of budget-friendly activities for kids, such as visiting the library, going to a local park, having a

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