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20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

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20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to start making summer plans for outdoor fun. Get some creative inspiration with these 20+ Simple outdoor activities for kids.

Every child loves to play outdoors. As we grow in a lack of space, the houses go on shriking further as the decades pass. All of the children love to play outdoors as we used when we were kids. We should take our children out so that they get some respite from the screens all around them and can actually enjoy their childhood to the fullest. This way they will be subjected to the different elements in nature and will improve immunity and knowledge of their surroundings.

Slather on the sunscreen and scoot the kids outside for a day of fun. Whether they love to play games like kickball or hopscotch or prefer nature activities like planting flowers or watching birds, we have plenty of ways to get your child off the sofa and in the great outdoors.

Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

Paper cups and water kid’s outdoor activities

This is a fun activity for kids. This will help them bond with nature more. This activity can also be used to water the plants. As the cups filled with water trail the length along the thread, the water goes on splashing from the cups. Make a pin hole in the base of the paper cup. Pass the thread through this hole. Now you have a cup and thread mechanism to play with. Now stretch this thread through a water tank to a pole. Stretch two threads in the same manner. Now fill water in both the cups from the tank and send them wheezing on the zipline. This is a great game.

Giant dice kids outdoor activity

As we all love to play the dice games indoors, the kids would love to explore these dice games in the open environment at a larger scale. The fresh and clean environment makes it even more fun. You can make the big dices using large cardboard boxes, painting them and making the required symbold on the boxes. Make the circular slips with the help of colored plastic plates. This way your large dice game is ready to be played outdoors.

DIY Centrifugal kids outdoor activity

You can help your children to make this easy to make DIY centrifuge sprinkler. This will help them to understand the laws of physics and also have some fun. Take a wooden skewer and a plastic straw. Now poke the wooden skewer in the middle of the plastic straw. Snip the straw in half at 3/4 inch from the wooden skewer. Fold the plastic straw downwards and seal it at the wooden skewer using a washi tape. Take care that you fo not cover the holes of the plastic straw. You centrifuge sprinkler is ready to play with. Roate the centrufuge sprinkler inside a water filled plastic glass.

Beaautiful bubble painting kids outdoor activity

We all love to blow some soap bubbles when we are outdoors. Your kids can buy a soap solution or make one for themselves. Add some food coloring to the soap solution. Take a bubble maker and maje some bubbles, keep a sheet of paper in front of the bubbles. As the bubbles get popped after coming in contact with the sheet. The bubbles form colorful designs on the sheet. It looks really great.

Bottle foam kids outdoor activity

You can make this foam based DIY outdoor activity by using an old plastic bottle. Cut the bottom of the old plastic bottle. Now dip a foam of the size of the bottle into a soap solution. Now attach the foam at the cut bas eof the bottle. Now when you blow into the mouth of the bottle, you get a beautiful train of foam at the bottom of the bottle. This looks absolutely beautiful. You can also add color to the soap solution. Take care that your kids only blow out and do not suck in.

Kiddie car wash kids outdoor activity

You can make this kiddie car wash with your kids. It will surely be fun to make it and play in this kiddie car wash kids outdoor activity. You can make this wash area with the help of pvc water pipes, angular joints, noodle bars, sponge. You can make this car kiddie wash as much personalised and creative as you want. You can even add green plants to the bars of the kiddie wash if you wish to keep the kiddie wash permanent. You may even introduce water fountains by making hes in the pvc water pipes.

DIY splash balls for pool kids outdoor activity

On all the pool days of your kids, you can add more fun by adding these splash balls to the pools water. Make these splash balls using rectangular pieces of sponge. Cut some regular straight pieces of sponge. Tie all these colorful pieces of sponge together. This way you get a big and beautiful splash ball for your kids. You make more such splash balls to play with your kids. These splash balls will surely make the outdoor activities more fun.

DIY water blasters kids outdoor activity

All the kids love to play with water when they are outside the home. You can make this water blaster easily with the help of pvc pipes and some noodle bars. First of all setup a basic framework for water flow in the garden. Add high rise pvc pipes. Attach noodle bars to the top of the pvc pipe. Noodle bars give flexibility to water flow. You can make many such water blasters and create a beautiful water shower outdoors for your kids.

Easy to play ladder golf game for kids

This is an easy to make patriotic ladder golf game. You can even play this game with your kids. Start by building the ladder structure for the game. Paint the bars in the respective colors. Take two balls, punch holes in both of them in an across manner. Pass a light tope through these holes. Knot the ends of the light rope. Now you can play the beautiful ladder game with your kids as a part of the outdoor activities on a weekend or holidays.

Photo booths kids outdoor activities

You may also make such beautiful photo booths for your kids. You may also take their help to make these or let you children make these photobooths. This will give wings to their creativity and a sense of accomplishment on compmeting the photobooths and clicking pictures with them will give them satisfaction. This is a great way to make afternoons enjoyable and fun.

Water slide kids outdoor activity

This splash pad is heaven in summers. You can make this fun slide by using some slippery plastic sheet. Lay the sheet of plastic on the ground like a slide. It will be good if you have some slope on the ground. Now make side pillars through which water flows. Add pool noodles at the top. Make holes in the pipes and the pool noodle. Let the water flow. The water will come out from the holez and make the slide slippery and you can have fun on the water slide now.

Water ping ball kids outdoor activity

This outdoor activity is great fun. Ping pong ball game is awesome and it becomes more awesome when we use water stream in place of the ping pong ball. First of all take a wooden board and paint it in a dark color. Now start forming the game plan. The container to pour the water and the paths of water. Do place a big tub at the base of the board to collect all the water. This way no water gets wasted. You may even add colors to the water to make it more enjoyable.

Pastel tiles stapu kids outdoor activity

We all love to play stapu. You can add more color and creativity to the game by using colored tiles or pastel boards. Write or paint the different numbers on the boards. Now form the stapu in the lawn or garden to let your children play.

The cool ice creams kids outdoor activity

Ice creams are an all time favourite with evety kid. But the ice creams are unhealthy indeed. We understand that something is unhealthy for the kids, but they don’t. So let us make some healthy ice creams with the kids to help them satiate their cravings without eating anything unhealthy. Start with creating the ice cream mixture, you can make different flavours. Now take some popsicles and fix them in an ice cream mold. Now add the ice cream mixture to the ice cream mold. Freeze it and enjoy when frozen.

Lemonade stall kids outdoor activity

This is a great fun activity for the kids to understand the meanings of hydration, money and entrepreneurship. Teach your kids to make lemonade. Tell them the prices of each commodity which goes into the making. Help them set up a lemonade stall in the neighbourhood. Now help them decide on a price to remain marginally in profit. This will benefit the kids in their overall development and they can surely relish the lemonade while selling it.

Large bubble blowing kids outdoor activity

These large bubbles require a big bubble blower, patience and skill. You can get a professional for this or let your kids practice and ace this master art. This will surely make their outdoor activities fun.

Marshmallow kids outdoor fun activities

If your kids have a friends party at home and it is the sultry sun beating hot outside but you happen to have a lawn with great shade, then look no further introduce your kids to this marshmallow fight. In this not so violent game. The kids hold small pvc guns and shoot the marshmallows through them. The hit person can catch the marshmallow and may eat it too. This will surely create a better environment and keep the kids engaged.

Tin can kids outdoor activities

If you are on the beach and been having some canned or tinned food, you may let your kids paint and draw on the waste cans to create a new line of can characters. This waill help reduce qaste on the beach and will also p4ovide your kids a passtime on the beach while you tan to perfection. So the nect time you head towards the beach with some drinks take along some paint and brushes as well.

Tube slides kids outdoor activities

You can easily make this outdoor craft. First of all slit the pipe in two halves length wise. Now set one end of the tube on a height and other at a lower level comparatively. This will become the stimulus of your boat. Now take a soap bar to make the boat. Add a toothpick and a paper flag to the soap bar. Now keep a water pipe at the higher end of the pipe. Keep a constant flow of water in the tube using a water pipe. Now when you give slight push to the soap bar boat, it slides down.

Tree swings kids outdoor activities

You can gift your child this tree swing this summer. Get a frisbee sized durable circular sitting metal piece. Now drill a central hole in it to let the rope pass through it. Know the rope at the base. Now secure this tree swing at a secure branch of the tree. These swings will surely add spice to your child’s play.

Liquid spray chalk kids outdoor activities

Help your child create masterpieces with liquid chalk. Take some white chalk and powder it. You can use plastic gloves while powdering the chalk if you are allergent to chalk. Now make a water based colored solution and mix the powdered chalk in the solution. Pour the solution in a spray bottle for ease in use. You can use this powdered chalk solution to paint masterpiece on large black boards or black chart papers as well.

20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

We hope you liked all these inquisitive outdoor activities for kids. They will surely enjoy these activities. These outdoor activities will also help them to think out of the box and develop a deep understanding of the underlying concepts. We would love to hear from you. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below. Check out other related articles at our website. We will soon come up with more such articles.

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  • 20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids
  • 20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids
  • 20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids
  • 20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids
  • 20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids
  • 20+ Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids
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