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Gingerbread man activities for preschool

Gingerbread Man Activities For Preschool


Gingerbread man activities for preschool

Activities for Kids

Whenever the holiday starts approaching, Christmas cookie cutter sales go up. And the most sold among them are probably these adorable little guys – gingerbread men! There’s so much you can do with gingerbread men cookies – you can of course, eat them as they are, or put them in gingerbread houses or food dioramas. Like I said, the options are endless! And if that’s the case with food, just think about all the things you can do when the medium isn’t restricted to food? Yes, we’re talking about using cardboard, clay, felt, paper and all kinds of other materials to make gingerbread men. Here are our some picks for gingerbread man crafts for kids – so you’re all set for this festive season!

Gingerbread man activities for preschool

Gingerbread man activities for preschool


Image/Tutorial: Powerful Mothering

Every kid likes to do colourful crafts at young age, here is the one where every toddler who is going to or ready to go preschool can do craft of the gingerbread man. To do this, take the color paper which brown in color and cut into the shape of man .On other side take different color papers cut into different shapes and paste it on the man shaped cutting. If you like to give  him eye and lips it’s cool. Doing gingerbread man is pretty simple  and interesting than other crafts. I am sure that every kid who is  going to try this, are going to have the fun for sure.


Image/Tutorial: We Made That

With kids in the house, or even without, it’s a nice idea to make breakfast a little more fun! To kick our holiday into gear, here is super yummy gingerbread pancakes ideas. To add that special amount of fun in, make  gingerbread pancakes into Gingerbread Man Pancakes! Doing the stuffs with kids  or  doing the stuffs for kids  are fun and enjoyable one. Kids like to create  something out of clay and mud, when they try to do gingerbread man out of  pancakes sounds amazing .I think they involve themselves so much in the activity of creating it. To give them the shapes ,the colored items are placed over them to look like  eye ,nose and lips. Adorable handmade gingerbread man looks like fresh baked gingerbread hot out of the oven. Makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays!


Image/Tutorial: The Educators’ Spin On It

Here are ideas for all the family to colour. Everyone likes to decorate the christmas tree with crafts ,and  gingerbread man is pretty simple idea to do. First  trace the shape of man in paper. Make 2 layers of the paper and stitch it to give them the outline. Take the ribbon of your choice and paste it on back side to use it as hangings. To decorate it, use button on it. Finally put it on christmas tree.


Image/Tutorial: Powerful Mothering

Every preschooler will have  experience of gingerbread man making and everyone tried to do in their own way at young age. To do gingerbread man hanging ,first shape the paper and make the decorative items  of your own choice and finally use the threads, to use as hangings. Use the glitter pens to look prettier than before. Use different colored paper and differently shape cut paper to give them more attractive look, because gingerbread man need not to be plane and boring. Add colors to him, make him smile using the glitters.


Image/Tutorial: House Of Burke

I love the smell of gingerbread around Christmas time, don’t you? Rough sandpaper, cinnamon and cloves, soft yarn and smooth shiny buttons provide a lovely sensory experience for little ones. Start rubbing the whole spices of cinnamon on a sheet of sandpaper. It smelled so good while they worked!  The spices add some colour to the sandpaper too. Use googly eyes and button to make the look of gingerbread man. This is the  perfect craft to do at christmas time for decoration.


Image/Tutorial: Mrs. Goff’s Pre-K Tales

Looking for a candy-free gingerbread house idea? Kids can decorate the cardboard to their wish .It’s a fun activity for kids to do at a christmas party or as a group at daycare or preschool. To make our cardboard house, make paper templates by drawing shapes for the walls, roof, doors and windows on a piece of paper. Cut the pieces  traced pieces.. Glue the house together with a hot glue gun. Decorate with your choice of color.


Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Here’s a quick and simple play dough activity for the kids to try – play dough gingerbread men! It’s a great sensory experience with the scent of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, and the kids can let their imaginations go wild as they decorate the gingerbread people. Take the play dough and add cocoa powder  to look brown in color. Instead of using the cocoa powder, food brown coloring can be used. Also add cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger  to give  the play dough the most delicious aroma. Roll out our play dough, and cut out our gingerbread men with  cookie cutter. Decorate our play dough gingerbread men with googly eyes, buttons and sequins. You can use anything to decorate the gingerbread man. Just use your imagination and have fun!


Every kid will be  trying to make the gingerbread  man at their preschool but scented are more interesting  to do. To scent the gingerbread man use cinnamon . Rub at traced paper of gingerbread  man it smells good, and they look different from other gingerbread man. Décor can be of any type, but making the gingerbread man to smell is creative. Not only  it is  a wonderful treat for the senses, you end up with a super-cute homemade ornament to hang on your tree. Yarn are the best thing  to make gingerbread man look  cool and good.


Image/Tutorial: Growing A Jeweled Rose

Gingerbread slime is definitely different than gingerbread man. Scented gingerbread slime is awesome on the senses.  Slime is an amazing tactile experience with or without the scent. Methods to do the gingerbread man comes with many different way, but doing with slime is something that is different from usual. Slime has a wonderful stretchable quality. Although the mixing can be messy, the end result is not all that messy on the hands. Every kid is fond of playing with slime and making gingerbread man  with slime is  fun  and more interesting to do. Make your children to do their own slime gingerbread man. Try this and have the real fun.

If you’re planning to make someone a card for this Christmas, do try gingerbread man. With smiley little gingerbread men whoever sees him, this is sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face! Little felt gingerbread man ornament is a great project for sewing beginners and would look adorable peeking out of a stocking. So this festive season, let your creativity go wild!
If you’re planning to make someone a card for this Christmas, do try gingerbread man. With smiley little gingerbread men whoever sees him, this is sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face! Little felt gingerbread man ornament is a great project for sewing beginners and would look adorable peeking out of a stocking. So this festive season, let your creativity go wild!

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