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Cute Christmas Tree Craft Ideas You Can Try With Your Kids

Cute Christmas Tree Craft Ideas You Can Try With Your Kids


Cute Christmas Tree Craft Ideas You Can Try With Your Kids

Are you in the mood to make some Christmas tree craft ideas with your kids? These quick and easy Christmas crafts ideas for kids can be made using items that you probably already have around the house!

Christmas means fun, gifts and of course Christmas tree craft ideas . Decorating the Christmas trees is so much fun. Kids usually love decorating the tree with bells and drawings that they have made. This Christmas why not make something crafty with the kids, to decorate the Christmas tree. It would be more like a crafty Christmas tree.

Christmas tree craft ideas try with your kids for school project

Here I am going to tell you some amazing craft ideas that you can do with your child and later use it as a Christmas tree decoration. It would definitely boost them and make them happy which would result in making the kids more creative rather than technology-oriented.

1. Christmas candy ornaments Christmas tree craft ideas

We all love those cute peppermint candies and especially the colour of the candy, that sweet red and white stripes. Why not make a peppermint candy ornament to decorate the Christmas tree? It is super easy and looks really cute. All we need is a thick plain paper or card stock, plastic wrap, red coloured markers and red yarn. Draw some circles in the white card stock. Now, with the red marker make that spiral peppermint candy design on the card stock. Make many such candies and then keep them aside.

Now tear some plastic wrap and take a candy ornament. Tear it according to the size of the candy ornament, a bit larger so that it can be tied up. Wrap the plastic in the candy ornament, basically crush the plastic a bit so that it would give a realistic feel. Now, twist the ends of the plastic and tie it with yarn. Your candy ornament is ready. To tie it to the Christmas tree, make a loop at any end of the candy.

2. Woolen caps for decorations Christmas tree craft ideas

Christmas means snow and cold. To make it more warm, let’s make some cute little woolen caps for decorating it in the Christmas tree. All we need is a cardboard paper roll, some multi coloured yarn and that’s it. Cut out a circle from the paper roll. Now, take a piece of yarn and make a loop as it is shown in the video below, on the circle. Make many such loops with different colours of yarn and continue till the whole circle is covered with yarn.

Now turn all the excess yarn from the circle, inside out so that it would give a rough image of a woolen cap. Tie the excess part with a piece of yarn and make a loop for tying it to the Christmas tree. Cut of the exceed yarn a bit to give it a round shape and your warm little Christmas caps are ready.

3. Snowflakes for decorations

Snowflakes are so beautiful to look at. Each snowflake is unique and beautiful in its own way. How can we imagine a Christmas tree without some snowflakes? You can makes these and hang them in the tree or somewhere near the tree to create the effect. All we need is a simple square piece of paper. You can simply take a paper and make a triangle and then cut off the remaining part. We will get two triangles from a single paper.

Take one triangle and then fold it according to the steps shown in the video. An alternative would be to fold the paper in triangle folds and then finally get a cone shape. Make some unique design for the snowflake and then cut out the design carefully making sure not to cut the whole paper. Unfold the paper and see the wonderful snowflake.

4. Decoration from plastic bottles

We have so many waste plastic bottles in home. Instead of throwing them away and polluting the nature, why not use them to decorate our house this Christmas? Take a plastic bottle and with the help of a tape mark a gap of around one inch and then cut it out. Don’t throw away the bottle, we have to use it later. To make the sides even of the circle we have cut out from the bottle, just take the circle and make it even by using a warm iron.

Keep it aside for a while. With the remaining bottle, cut out stars of different sizes. Paint the stars and keep them aside. Now, make some holes in the circle for attaching the stars. Make the holes at an equivalent distance. Attach the stars with thread and needle. Don’t forget to paint the circle. Now just add a string and hang it above the Christmas tree as a walk hanger. You can make many such decors from plastic bottles.

5. Christmas bells

Christmas is incomplete without Christmas bells. We get so many varieties of Christmas bells in the market. Why not try and make one with the kids? All we need is two plastic bottles, a bangle, beads, laces, glitters, glitter foam sheet, glue and some aluminium foils. Cut out the top cone part of two plastic bottles. To make the edge even press it against a warm iron. Take a bangle and apply hot glue to stick it to the top of the plastic cone. Now, take a long piece of golden lace and start wrapping the bangle with it.

After you have completed this part, apply glue on the body of the cone and simultaneously sprinkle the glitters on it. The whole body of the cone should be covered with glitters. Keep it aside to dry. While the cone is drying, let’s make the bells. For making the bells, tear out some aluminium foil and crush it to make it appear like a ball. Now with a strong golden string, pass the whole aluminum ball securely through the inside of the cone and tie it on the bangle. Make around four such balls and repeat the process. Make some flowers from the glitter foam sheet and stick it on top of the cone, near the bangle. Our Christmas bells is ready.

6. Sock dolls

Why not recycle the old socks and make dolls out of them? You can use these dolls as a decor in your kid’s bedroom or better keep it under the Christmas tree to protect the gifts. Take an old sock and cut it in three parts. One should be the lower part, second one would be the ankle part and the third would be the top part with elastic. Fold the lower part and cut it from bottom for about an inch to make it appear like two legs.

Sew them and then fill it with cotton balls or stuffings and then sew it properly. Now, take another bottom part of a sock and fill it with the stuffing and sew it. Now attach both the parts with thread and needle to make it appear like a body. Take the top part and sew the side with no elastic and then use it as a cap for the doll. Add the googly eyes for that cuteness effect. You can even make the hands. Follow the video to see how to make this perfect cute sock doll.

7. Mini Christmas tree from matchsticks

Mini Christmas trees are really cute and look amazing near the pine tree during Christmas. Encourage your child to make this Christmas tree. All we need is a lot of matchsticks, a paper, glue and some glitters. First of all dip the tip of the matchstick in the glue and then in the glitter. This would make the edge look glittery and festive. Allow the matchsticks to dry. Meanwhile take a paper and make a cone out of it. Secure the end with glue.

Now, apply glue on the surface of the cone and start sticking the matchsticks. It would look really good if you do it in layers so that it will give that realistic look. Cover the cone with the matchsticks. Allow it to dry. After it has dried, make a star out if the remaining sticks and stick it on the top of the tree. You can even add some glitters at some points to decorate it. You can use this mini Christmas tree as a décor by keeping it aside the bigger Christmas tree.

8. DIY Christmas tree

This is another method to make a mini Christmas tree craft ideas but with paper. All we need is a piece of hard paper, green paper and glue. Make a cone from the hard paper. Fold the green paper in half and cut it out. Take one piece and fold it in half in rectangular shape and cut it. Do the same with the other pieces too.

Take all the pieces and cut it in shredded manner, making sure not to cut the whole piece of paper. Separate each piece and roll the shredded part so that it would give the look of leaves. Now start sticking this to the hard paper cone in a layered manner. Make sure not to apply glue on the shredded part. After completing decorate it with some small stickers and you Christmas tree is ready.

These were some cute Christmas tree craft ideas decoration ideas which you can try with your kids. Do hang these cute ornaments in the Christmas tree or keep them under the tree so that it would encourage your child to do more crafts. Do try them this Christmas.

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