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Independence Day Celebration Ideas for Kids

Independence Day Celebration Ideas for Kids

Independence Day

Independence Day Celebration Ideas for Kids

India, the world’s largest democracy, is all set to celebrate its 74th Independence Day. Check out Independence Day Celebration Ideas for Kids crafts and activities.

Independence day is approaching and it is time to celebrate the victory of India over the dark forces. We are going to celebrate the 72th Independence day this year.

Independence Day Celebration Ideas for Kids

We have come this far from the day we achieved Independence and working harder to reach greater heights. The beautiful tricolour Indian flag combines all the cultures and unifies the diversity of our country. Each colour has its own significance. The vibrant saffron colour signifies the courage and strength of India, white resembles peace and green represent Today we are going to make some arts and crafts that capture the beautiful colours of our national flag.

1. RAKHI on Independence Day Celebration ideas theme

All Indians are children of mother India. Every person reach the other as a brother. On the occasion of Independence day celebrate the brotherhood by tying rakhis.

Make your own tricolour rakhi on Independence Day Celebration ideas as below:

The first one we are going to make id using ribbons. Take saffron, white and green coloured 4×4 cm ribbon pieces. Take a saffron coloured ribbon piece and fold it diagonally into half. Repeat the process three times consequently. After the third fold, using a lighter seal the bottom. Be careful white handling the fire. Trim of the excess base so that the petal stands.

Repeat the process with 2 other saffron, 3 green pieces and four white pieces of ribbon. Using super glue stick the three saffron petals and 3 green ribbon petals. Stick 2 whites together. Cut two small circles out of paper. Apply the hot glue on paper and stick the petals as a flower with 2 whites in between green and saffron petals that resemble our national flag. At the centre stick a blue button. Take a plain thread used for rakhi and stick the flower on to it at middle. Make knots on either side and pass beads through threads to decorate. Checkout the video below:

For the next rakhi take embroidery threads of three colours of flag. Cut a cardboard of 3.5cm length and wrap thread of one colour around it for 20 to 30 times. After rolling around remove from the cardboard carefully and cut at one edge and tie a knot exactly at centre. Bend the thread inti half and tie a piece of thread at top to make a tassel. Make 2 of each colour in similar way. Pass a needle having thread through a white, 2 oranges, again white and finally 2 green tassels. Make a knot at the end and pull all tassels together to form a circle. Take a circular paper and stick blue stone and decorate with beaded chain along the circle. Stick it exactly on the centre. Tie it to a plain rakhi and embellishment with beads.

2. BADGES on Independence Day Celebration idea theme

Make badges of Indian flag in an artistic way and can wear them in events that are organised on Independence day. You can make it with paper or ribbon as per your choice. Let us first make the ribbon badge. Cut 10cm satin ribbon out of saffron, white and green colours. Cut 10-20 of these. Stick the ends of ribbon using glue to make a loop. Cut a 8cm circle out of canvas paper and stick the green loops along the outer rim with loop popping outwards. Stick the white loops on the inner layer. Similarly stick the saffron ribbons also. Cut a circle that covers the centre part and draw strokes with blue colour to resemble Asoka Chakra. Stick it at centre and add attachment to the batch with 3 ribbon that whose end is cut into 2 pointed arrow. To pin the badge stick the safety pin with opening side facing you. Checkout the video below:

let us make the badge with paper now. Take orange, white and green coloured papers and fold in accordion style or paper fan style. Stick the folded paper end to end using glue according to flag colours. Stick the centre part of fan such that looks like pinned. Attack the ends to make a circle. Cut a Asoka chakra and stick at the centre. As previous stick the attachments and pin.


Take square paper of orange, white and green colours. Cut the squares into 4 triangles equally along the diagonal lines. Take 3 triangles of each colour. Arrange the tri colour of flag at an angle adjacent to each other and make a circle by sticking at bottom. Now fold the left corner to the centre and stick all the flags that converge to the middle. Cut small. blue colour rings and stick on either side. Pass a huge pearl through thin wire and pass other end through centre of wheel. Bend the wire into 90 degrees and wind to an edge of a wooden stick that act as handle. Checkout the video below:


Let us make 3D pop cards on this Independence day. Begin with making Indian flag as a pop up. We need 21×15cm orange, 19×13cm white and 17×11cm green colour papers. Stick the white onto the orange paper on the centre such that uniform gap is present around. Take a 6×21cm strip of orange, white and green colours. Make accordion folds of about half inch and cut it into half along the horizontal axis. Repeat the process with all the strips and we get totally 6 accordion folds with 2 of each colour. Stick each end of folded paper on each side. Arrange them in the order of 2 oranges, 2 whites and 2 greens. Cut a small circle out of white paper and draw strokes with blue colour. Stick it exactly on the centre of white colour.
Write quotations and your wishes on the front cover and decorate. Checkout the video below:

Our next card has 3D tri colour flower. Cut 3 circles out of three colour papers with 3cm diameter each. Fold the circles into half. Initially stick the first orange petal to the front cover and stick the other 2 oranges at the centre with slight angle deviation. Similarly stick the other petals and complete the flower. Stick a small Asoka chakra at the centre.

The next greeting card has Indian flag flying high like kite. For this cut a white paper in the shape of kite and stick the tricolour paper in order of flag. Stick an Asoka Chakra at the center. Stick the kite like flag on front cover and stick a white thread as string. Embellish the kite and string with colourful small triangles of orange and green on either side of string. Write the message or wishes beside the kite in a beautiful style.

We can make cards of our own style representing India in any form.Tge three main pillars of India’s security are army, navy and air force. Therefore, we can even make a card representing the Indian forces.
Checkout the video below for more details:

Celebrate this Independence day strengthening the bond of brotherhood. Be proud that we are a part of an amazing country where people belong to religion known as INDIAN. Youth of the country is the future of country. Let us strive hard and make India a developed country, free from social evils.

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