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Independence Day Activities for Kids

15+ Easy Paper Crafts for Independence Day - Kid's Art & Craft

Independence Day

Independence Day Activities for Kids

Celebrate 15 August with different independence day activities with your kids. Get them involved in the spirit of the day with these easy activities. Celebrate India’s freedom with these creative and fun activities.

Here we have some very easy activities that even kids can do. These activities are great for independence day school competitions. These activities are for kids with some assistance from Mom, Dad, or an older sibling, so that even a young child can get into the spirit of Independence Day! The Independence Day of India was on August 15, 1947. On that day, India achieved its independence from British rule and became a sovereign nation. Every Indian is proud of it. And every year we celebrate it by flag hosting, marching fast, and many other events, too. The same happiness can be achieved when doing crafts for the nation. Let’s try this craft and make our patriotism to the Indian nation.

About Indian Independence Day (15 August)

Independence Day is an annual observance celebrated every year on the 15th of August. India’s Independence Day is a day of great significance for the people of India. On this day India got freedom from British rule after long years of slavery. It has been declared as the National and Gazetted Holiday all across India in order to independently commemorate the independence of the country from the British Empire on the 15th of August in 1947. The Indian National Flag is a sign of pride and liberty for India. It is a tricolor rectangular flag consisting of three horizontal stripes in the colors of saffron, white and green. It is hoisted every year by the Indian prime Minister on the 15th of August.

Independence Day Activities for Kids (Kindergarten & Preschool)

1. Indian Tricolor Flag “Badge” for kids at Home

Tricolor Flag "Badge" for kids

  • India is a country, that can be divided into different states and cities but it is united by the one name India. People can speak different languages and follow different cultures, but patriotism is the same in their hearts.
  • The tricolor flag is the unique identity of the nation. Whenever the badge is pinned it gives the goosebumps feeling that we are proud Indians.
  • Independence Day is incomplete without the tricolor badge that is pinned.

2. Independence Day Paper Flower Craft Activity

Independence Day Paper Flower Craft for preschoolers

  • Independence Day is celebrated all over the world in different places by different methods. One form of representing patriotism is doing the art.
  • This tricolor art with the blue butterfly is so adorable. The three colors are representing the flower and butterfly at the end look so beautiful.
  • Kids will love to do the blue beautiful and flowers too.

3. Heart Thumbprint Bookmarks for Independence Day

Heart Thumbprint Bookmarks for Independence Day

  • The thumbprint of the red and green color on white paper represents the tricolor Indian flag. It can be used as a bookmark after when the paint is dried.
  • Much color is not needed and it needs the piece of white sheet, golden thread, hands using which the finger paint is taken.
  • It doesn’t take much time but needs sincere concentration while keeping the print on paper.

4. Handprint India Flag for Kindergarten – Independence Day activities

Handprint India Flag for Kindergarten

  • Using the hand prints, the art is made. The big white chart is required to have the prints on.
  • Blue hand print at the center is also printed to represent the chakra.
  • It is different from all others because the whole flag is made up of hand prints.
  • Celebrate India’s freedom with this creative and fun activity.

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5. Indian Flag Craft Activity For Students

Indian Flag Craft For Students

  • Indian flag at its best version. It reminds us “United we live and Divided we fall”, many small pieces of paper are combined together to form the Indian flag.
  • Its shape can be of any shape or square cut. Anyways it should be of a different piece united by a single Indian flag.
  • Indian flag crafts are always proud to make and wear too.

6. India flag made with crayon shavings

India flag made with crayon shavings

  • Indian can be made of paper, cloth, or any other different material. But Craved crayons are exciting for kids to do. They love to have sharp crayons.
  • Just make kids draw the Indian flag, and sharpen the crayon, tell them the sharp part should be placed on the flag.
  • I think kids will love this art. Will do it with a super cool attitude.

7. Tricolor Flag Pen Holder decorated with Quilling Flower

  • A tricolor pen holder will spread patriotism on the whole place and decoration on it can also be made.
  • I think making this pen holder needs time and concentration for it.
  • It takes one day to dry completely and after that art can be used.

8. Tricolor paper wall Hanging Preschool Activity – Independence day activities

Tricolor paper wall Hanging for independence day for Preschool

  • Wall Hangings are always special to us and making them with the colors of the Indian flag is super cool in it.
  • With these tricolor hangings, decorate the place wherever you want to be.
  • Wall hangings are costly nowadays, so try this for the next option.

 9. Tricolor paper popup card for independence day

Tricolor paper popup card for independence day

  • Many express their love for the loved person with a letter or card. Now is the time for Indians to express their love for India.
  • The card with the big heart at the center represents how Indians have affection and are patriots to the nation of India.
  • India has won many hearts of the people. Kids are also grown up with the same patriotism as every adult.

10. Independence Day Tricolor Rangoli Decoration

Independence Day Tricolor Rangoli Decoration

  • Rangoli is the easiest way of celebration and Indians usually celebrate starting with the rangoli at the doorstep. It’s a similar way of celebrating Independence day too.
  • Make the rangoli at the doorstep with the Indian flag on the side of it. Only three colors are required to make rangoli as a celebration of Independence.

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11. Independence Day Tricolor Nail Art Activity

Independence Day Tricolor Nail Art

  • Nail art for Independence Day covers everyone’s attention and makes girls love to have it on their nails.
  • The Indian patriotism is priceless. No other country’s citizens have this on them.

12. India Flag fruit pizza for Independence Day

India Flag fruit pizza for Independence Day

  • How delicious does it look? It just drives me out of everything and my eyes are stunted by this art. Kiwi is used to represent the green color of the flag.
  • Bananas represent white. Fruits can also turn out to be an art. I believe in it.

13. Tricolor paper kite for independence day

Tricolor paper kite for independence day

  • The tricolor kite tops all other art and craft. Much time needs not be spent on it. But sketching takes a small amount of your time.
  • This will be eye-opening art among all others. If needed add the Asoka chakra with 24 spokes at the center.

14. Tricolor Windmill for Independence Day

Tricolor Windmill for Independence Day

  • See how elegant it is. Tricolor windmill with a magnificent look. I think the trick for making the windmill is a little difficult and quite challenging.
  • Make the best use of the tricolor paper and try to do it with a little more patience and passion.
  • Patriotism is the inbuilt behavior of every citizen of India.

15. Indian Flag Made of Pulses

Indian Flag Made of Pulses

  • India is best known for its grains, cereals, and pulses. Making the Indian flag with pulses is a great privilege and honor for the Indian flag.
  • Beans are used for the pole of the flag. Many other grains and pulses are also taken part in Indian flag-making.

Every Indian is proud to be an Indian citizen. In every field, Indians’ participation is irreplaceable and rememberable. Every single day Indians are doing wonders and will still make it.

India’s independence is to be a remarkable moment in history. As proud Indians, we are all happy and more privileged. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO INDIANS! JAI HIND!

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Kids Art & Craft
  • 15+ Easy Paper Crafts for Independence Day - Kid's Art & Craft
  • 15+ Easy Paper Crafts for Independence Day - Kid's Art & Craft
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