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20+ Groovy Tie Dye Crafts For Kids

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20+ Groovy Tie Dye Crafts For Kids

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Art is creative merit that comes from within. An unstructured and boundless form of work, that expresses emotions, feelings, and vision is called art. Art emerges from the heart, whereas craft comes from the mind.

The craft is skilled work, wherein there is an application of technique, that people learn through much practice. So, when one combines these both, one can express oneself in a more beautiful way and this is the reason why doctors say that art is therapeutic and thus, helps in the mental and social development of people.

Groovy Tie And Dye Ideas for Kids

20+ Groovy Tie Dye Crafts For Kids

1. Tie And Dye on The Canvas

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids Tie And Dye on The Canvas

To use Tie and Dye, method of dyeing by hand in which colored patterns are produced in the fabric by gathering together many small portions of material and tying them tightly with string before immersing the cloth in the dyebath. The dye fails to penetrate the tied sections and thus, you get the desired output.

2. The Butterfly

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids The Butterfly
Make this extremely lovely butterfly by cutting out four pieces from an egg caret. Further, simply dip it in a vat of dye or paint to get such colorful patterns such as ombre and shibori and paints on your object. Paste two small colorful bright strings to complete the butterfly. You can use it as a decorative item in your home.

3. The Colorful Flower Pot

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids The Colorful Flower Pot

Make this exquisite flower pot by using ” tie and dying”. Keep your pot ready and dip it in the vat of colors. Engage your kids in the same activity because it is considered to be soothing all the five senses. It is also a very nice way of decorating your old and boring flower pots and add more to the aesthetic beauty of these plants by making your garden more colorful.

4. The Tissue Butterfly

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids The Tissue Butterfly

Tie the tissue paper with rubber bands at some distance and then in each area pour a separate color and when it dries, but out the rubber bands. Use this tissue paper to make the wings of the butterflies and stick them to a small straw cutting. Your easy and interesting butterfly is ready which can be used for children to play with and even decorate the rooms by hanging many of these in the rooms.

5. Decorating Cereal

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids Decorating Cereal

Use food color to get this beautiful pattern by putting it in flower-shaped moulds and then make the food more interesting to look at. An amazing idea of luring your kids for the healthy food that you wish them to eat but they deny.

6.Tying And Dying T-shirts

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids Tying And Dying T-shirts

Tie your t-shirts using bands and then dip them in different colors. The parts that were tied will not get colored and thus, you will get a pattern. Try doing this on your t-shirt and that way you can reuse your worn-out t-shirts and if you get good at this, you can use different dyes and various patterns and even sell t-shirts and dresses. Among many processes for fabric rejuvenation, dyeing is truly cost-effective.

7. Coloring your Hobbies

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids Coloring your Hobbies

If collecting shells is your hobby, make it an attractive one also by dying your shells in various color dyes and then let them dry. You can use them to decorate your room by hanging them from the ceiling or by placing them somewhere. It will give a very cool and catchy look.

8. Dying Hacks for Cool Shoes

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids Dying Hacks for Cool Shoes

Make these amazing shoes by dying them in a vat of dyes. Sun dry the shoes and give it a water wash before use. If you are low on budget, still you can manage to wear such mice t-shirts and shoes owing to this process. Depending on the dye variety you utilize and the application process, you will get truly excellent results when you use dye. Ask kids to do this and make their old clothes and shoes new and exciting.

9. The Pretty Socks

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids The Pretty Socks

Convert your boring and usual white socks into such pretty ones. Wet the socks and use colored sketch pens to make this pattern. You can use them to wear at parties and even make many of these and gift it to kids as return presents at a birthday party. You can teach kids about colors and patterns. It may surprise you how renewed all your fabrics and cloth items look after getting re-dyed. Going through this process will enable your carpets, blankets, sofa covers, chair covers, table cloths, curtains, uniforms, bedsheets, and towels to become renewed.

10. The Colorful Popcorns

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids The Colorful Popcorns

Heat up sugar and water mixture and add food colors to it. We have used pink and blue and then poured them on the popcorns. Make our food colorful using this technique. Teach your kids the same and enhance their area of knowledge about art and craft.

11. The Dyed Stones

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids

When stone collecting is your hobby you can make it even more attractive when you dye these stones by placing them in a vat of dyes. Decorate them in your garden and near the fountain to make them more beautiful and interesting.

12. Dying Fabrics

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids

Use tie and dye to give your old fabric a brand new look. You can rejuvenate your bedsheets and carpets even. Make birthday ribbons by dying such sheets and then cutting them in ribbons and other shapes and decorate your parties using your creativity and this absolutely smart and cost-effective technique.

13. Decorating Butterflies

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids

Make these gorgeous butterfly wings. On a cardboard sheet, use dye to color it and then cut out the butterfly shapes wings. Place a small stick on clay in the center of the body. You can use these to decorate greeting cards and walls. Make many such butterflies and then put them on the walls.

14. Dying The Canvas

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids Dying The Canvas

Use dying to make this beautiful canvas. Ask children to draw new patterns on their own and this way it will help in the development of their manual dexterity and imagination skills. Teach them to be expressive on the canvas.

15. The Balloon Art

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids Dying The Canvas

In a palette pour out various colors and then using a balloon print this on a sheet of paper. You can use such design to make on a greeting card or t-shirts, carpets, bedsheets, and curtains and thus, customize your own design.

16. The Bubble Art

Groovy and Creative Tie and Dye Ideas for Kids The Bubble Art

Make this bubble art by dipping it in the water mixed dye and then by blowing it on a sheet of paper. Keep children involved and this can be fun, ask friends of your kid to make such patterns using this technique and the best one would win. When children will work together they will also learn cordially working and team spirit.

17. Dying Craft

Dying Craft

Make this lovely sun craft. Use orange, red, and yellow colors dye and then cut it out in this shape. If you are having a garden party, you can make more such crafts using tying and dying and then decorate them at your party.

18. The Balloon Art

The Balloon Art

As described above, this one has also been made using the balloon tie and dye. Make Different patterns on a bedsheet. You can decorate your own house based on a theme using this fun art.

19. Tie and Dye for T-shirts and Sheets

Tie and Dye for T-shirts and Sheets

Tie and Dye for T-shirts and Sheets

Both the patterns shown below are made using the same technique. Tie bands on a sheet and then dip it into a vat of dyes. By doing this, the color does not reach the area that was tied and thus, giving it a beautiful pattern and with minimum efforts. Decorate the sheet and make a tent out of it where you can have a picnic. With the t-shirt, you can gift it to your loved ones and also reuse your worn-out clothes.

20. The Colorful Bread

The colorful Bread

With food colors, you can make this extremely exquisite bread. One amazing way of decorating your food and also you can lure kids to eat the healthy food that they do not eat. Teach children about the basic colors and the seven colors of the rainbow and the science behind what causes the rainbow. With such experimental teaching, children retain whatever they learn and also take interest in learning.

When you think of all costs involved in making new purchases at the first sign of color fading in your fabrics, linens, and towels. Instead, using the appropriate fabric dye immediately renews all the fabric, linens, and towels without too much cost on your part aside from the cost of having them dyed.

Also, learning these patterns and colors improves the spatial skills of children and is very cost-effective as you can save on sheets and t-shirts, even shoes, and also decorate your homes and parties with this technique. Connect to us by writing in the comment section and also check out other posts on our website related to fashion, kids, craft, and festivals.

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