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Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

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Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

You had heard about cereal for food purposes only, but here is another amazing use to make your kids happy. Sometimes it is not easy to keep avoid our children from crying. Here is the solution. We can make different Interesting crafts for them to get rid of their irritation. No matter what’s the food, we can make their funny crafts & cartoons in many ways. Some of them are described here for your kid. So let’s start.

Did your kid refuse to have cereals again for breakfast or while eating their breakfast they spill some cereals on a table or you forgot about some cereals kept in the last cabinet of your kitchen and they are expired now?

Now instead of wasting cereals why don’t we put in into some good use which can make your kid fall in love with cereals again and show them that anything even breakfast can be used for crafting?

Art and craft have no limits and anything present in this beautiful world is an art and everything can be used to make amazing crafts.

So here we are with the best, creative, and adorable cereals crafts for your toddlers some of them are even yummy and can fill your toddler’s tummy. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of cereal crafts for toddlers like paper plate gram aquarium, fingerbees crunchy honeycomb, cheerio-thread bird feeders, crunchy foodie bangle, Christmas tree, cereal fruits on toilet paper’s tree, fruit loops fish, the tasty headband, rainbow-luscious, and winter cereal crafts.

Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

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Paper Plate Gram Aquarium

Paper Plate Gram Aquarium Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Take a circular plate, and paint its large central part in a circular manner with sky blue color (water). Allow it to dry. Take an art sheet. Cut 3 to 4 fish-like structures and color them with different colors. Make sure to use buttons or small pebbles for making their eyes. Cut the art sheet into grass-like structures. Stick grasses first then fish on grasses with glue. Take some grams, paint them with different colors & stick them in the lower half of the painted plate. It will look attractive in the rainy season.

Fingerbees Crunchy Honeycomb

Fingerbees Crunchy Honeycomb 

Image Source/Tutorial: Teaching Heart

Draw a diagram of honeycomb as shown in the figure or as of your choice. Fill it with golden or yellow color. Stick some fries or crunches on the diagram. Dip your fingertips in yellow color and print them around the honeycomb. Draw an outline around fingertips & draw eyes and small feathers to complete a honeybee.

Cheerio-Thread Bird Feeders

Cheerio-Thread Bird Feeders Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Hooligans

Insert some fries/crunches/biscuits or something lite eatable food product in three to four threads (can use straws even).  Joint all of them with a single large thread or rope.  Hang it on a branch of a tree or plant. It will help to feed hungry birds. If used in the room for kids, ask them to jump & catch crunches by mouth without using their hands.

Crunchy Foodie Bangle

 Crunchy Foodie Bangle 

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Insert some crunches/biscuits in a thread & tie it on the kid’s wrist. Whenever the kid would feel hungry, will directly eat them instead of crying.

Crunchy Christmas Tree

Crunchy Christmas Tree Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Atividades Educativas

Cut an art sheet in the shape of a Christmas tree. Stick some colorful crunches, fries, and nuts on it. Making this craft on Christmas day would make your day really memorable.

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Cereal Fruits On Toilet Paper’s Tree

Cereal Fruits On Toilet Paper's Tree 

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Draw an outline of the upper part of the tree (branches) on cardboard & cut it off. Make 2 slots on one end of the toilet paper roll facing each other. Stick some cereals on the tree and insert the tree in the slots of the roll. Tell your kids about plantations.

Cereal Button Little Flower

Cereal Button Little Flower Crafts For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Stick a button on cardboard. Stick some cereals around the button. Draw small stems & leaves of a plant just starting from beneath cereals.

Cereal Giraffe

Cereal Giraffe 

Image Source/Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

Draw an outline of a giraffe as shown in the diagram (cartoon). Stuck some cereals on the body of the giraffe. Give some specific color to the eyes of the giraffe.

Cheerios Fish

Cheerios Fish Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

If you got some leftover Cheerios and want to make something cute with them then this fish with huge googly eyes is the best craft to make with your kids, it has tasty Cheerios stick on its body and is easy and simple to make with kids.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 4-6 yrs

Fruit Loops Fish

Fruit Loops Fish

Image Source/Tutorial: The Simple Parent

If your kid loves colorful fruit loops and you are in the mood for doing something easy and simple craft and don’t want to put much effort then fruit loop fish is a great idea. The only thing which is difficult while making this craft is to stop your kid from eating fruit loops while making it.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 4-6 yrs

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The Cereals Beardy Guy

The Cereals Beardy Guy Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Isn’t he cute? His long orange beards are made up of cereals and he is lucky enough to have beards which he can even eat. You can make this craft with your kid and can stick this craft on your wall as decor, it will look better on the kitchen wall.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 4-6 yrs

The Tasty Headband

The Tasty Headband

Image Source/Tutorial: Parents

Do you want to make an accessory that looks cute and can be eaten when your kid is hungry? Sounds weird right but it isn’t, this cereal headband can be used as snacks and is super fun to make, use it as a new way of making fun accessories with your kids.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 5-7 yrs.

Tasty Tentacles

Tasty Tentacles Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

This cute octopus craft whose picture is present just below is one of the easiest and cutest cereal crafts to do, make these tasty tentacles of this adorable octopus with the help of your favorite cereals. There are many colorful bowls of cereal available on the market and you can use different color cereals to make any color tentacles.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 4-5 yrs.

The Winter Cereal Crafts

The Winter Cereal Crafts

Image Source/Tutorial: Crazy About My Baybah

If you want to make some cereal crafts related to winters and Christmas then you might like the craft whose picture is present above, this craft can make your Christmas decoration look beautiful as well as tasty. So don’t forget to try this one out this Christmas.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 4-5 yrs.


Rainbow-luscious Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Growing a Jeweled Rose

If you have different colors of cereals available then you can try making this yummy and rainbow-luscious (colorful and tasty) craft. This is super cute and the cotton balls used as clouds make it look more realistic.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 4-6 yrs.

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Fruity Decor

Fruity decor

Image Source/Tutorial: Kellogg’s Froot Loops

This decoration made up of fruit loops is one of the best use of fruit loops available in your home. This can be used during kids’ parties and this can make parties more happening. Use this endearing idea to make the decoration this time beautiful as well as tasty. Do this craft with your kids to let them know more about the ideas to decorate their parties.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 5-6 yrs

Fruity Hand

Fruity hand Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Mom It Forward

Want to make learning a little bit more fun than making this delicious and fun-looking cereal hand? Make your kids count the number of cereals used in their palm, fingers, and thumb, make the counting fun, and keep an eye on your kid they might eat it before counting.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 3-4 yrs.

Cheerios Worms

Cheerios worms

Image Source/Tutorial: Mamas Like Me

Worms might look disgusting but this one doesn’t, they are not only pretty but yummy too, their googly eyes make them look more fun, ask your kids to count the number of cereals used in making worms and you can even eat these worms later.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 3-5 yrs

3D Fruity Rainbow

3D Fruity Rainbow Cereal Crafts For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Kindergarten Lifestyle

If you want your rainbow to look more realistic and then make this 3D rainbow and a rainbow which can later be used in breakfast too then this is the craft you were looking for, you can even teach your kid about VIBGYOR and different colors present in a rainbow while making this rainbow. Now make learning fun with these yummy and creative cereals crafts.

  • The suitable age group of kids: 4-6 yrs

Crushed Rainbow

Crushed Rainbow 

Image Source/Tutorial: Mess For Less

It might look like colorful sand inside the bottle but that’s not the case, it’s cereals. If you want to make this bottle rainbow but your kid is too small and can put sand in his/her mouth while making it with sand then you can use this smart idea of crushing colorful cereals and arrange them in order of rainbow in a bottle and now you don’t have to worry about your kid putting these in his/her mouth. This bottle can even be used as home decor for your kid’s room.

The suitable age group of kids: 3-5 yrs.

Thank you for reading it till the end and if you liked these ideas you can check out more posts from our website and get even more amazing art and craft ideas to do with your toddlers. Do not forget to comment on posts and give your feedback, it matters a lot to us. Visit us again.

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