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1-10 Writing numbers worksheets for preschool and kindergarten


1-10 Writing numbers worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Activities for Kids

Numbers worksheets designed to write numerals, number words, and writing equations.  These are suitable for preschool, kindergarten and elementary grades.

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Interesting ways to do Worksheets Numbers 1-10 worksheets

There are a huge number of ideas to make kindergarten kids memorize or write the numbers from 1 to 10. But there are only a few worksheets which teach them both of these. With the help of these worksheets numbers 1-10 worksheets, they can learn how to write the numbers and also how to count them. Thus making it fun and easy as they can imagine these worksheets while reciting them for you or in exams. You can get a print out of the below images to help your kid in numbers. First, we have given the worksheet of 1 to 10 and then the individual numbers. There are cats, mice, and clouds which they can count along with completing the worksheet.

The embossed letters with lines worksheets numbers 1-10 worksheets

The first and most important part is to teach them the shape of every number. From where to start and where to end so that they can easily write the number without much efforts after a while. The method of writing that they learn now will be used by them throughout their life as it rarely changes. So, we have provided a worksheet with the arrows for every number so that you can teach them how to draw the numbers.  The numbers with small 1,2 written along the arrows mean that they will have to pick up the pencil and again keep it on the starting position for the other direction.

The number 1 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

The number 1 can be written in one go as shown. You can ask your kid to write this number again and again in the worksheet so that they know exactly how to write it. Also, you can ask them how many cats are there in this picture to help them count and memorize the meaning of the number. You can also add pictures representing the number as well. Like there is only one moon and one sun.

The number 2 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

Number two is not so easy to learn to write as one is. You can try to help your child write ‘2’ by helping them to make curves and lines. Your children can start by making the top head and then the bottom piece of the number. You can also make two animals, two balls, two mice, etc. You can start by helping your child to make big number ‘2’. Shift to the normal size of the number slowly to help your child in developing a beautiful handwriting.

The number 3 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

Number ‘3’ is easy to make. You can start by letting your child make circles on loop. You can start with large size of the number. The number three can be learnt to make number ‘3’ by starting with two circles on top of each other. Three is quite easy to make but to ensure that your child makes a great number ‘3’ you need to ensure that they make it with patience and starting with a larger size, moving on to a smaller size of the number ‘3’. You can use lines to define the size of the number ‘3’. Depict the number using three animals like cats, dogs, mice, etc.

The number 4 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

Number ‘4’ consists of straight lines and only needs precision and fine lines. The number ‘4’ will come out to be best if your child practices straight lines and bends. You can help your child to start making the best number ‘4’ by starting with a big sized number ‘4’ shifting to a smaller size. You can help your child by starting with tracing a large ‘4’. You can show the depiction of the number ‘4’ by drawing four animals or balls, key-chains, marbles, etc.

The number 5 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

Number ‘5’ is a combination of lines and curves. You can start with helping your child to trace out the number ‘5’ on a large size. This tracing activity helps your child to understand the form and shape of the number. Now you can help your child to draw number 5 in the prescribed size within the given lines. You can slowly move to a smaller size. You can depict the number ‘5’ using five different animals, toys, cones, balls, etc.

The number 6 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

Number ‘6’ is easy to make and can be easily perfected. Start with giving your child to make loops. Now help them to trace around a big number ‘6’. It will be a great activity to perform. You can start with helping them to draw a large sized number ‘6’ slowly moving on to a smaller size for the numeral ‘6’. Help them decide the size by drawing straight lines within which they need to draw the numeral. You can depict six apples on a tree, bananas, cherries, etc.

The number 7 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

Numeral ‘7’ is easy to make as it is a combination of straight lines. You can help your child in tracing a large number ‘7’ with fingers to give them an idea of the form and shape of the numeral ‘7’. Now help them draw this number in a big size. Start moving their handwriting into a smaller size using defining lines to draw within those lines. depict the number seven by drawing six mice with a cat or a herd of six deer with a lion. You can also draw a group of six trees with a giraffe. This will make learning numbers interesting. You can let your children color the drawings you have made.

The number 8 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

The number 8 can be a crucial one. Depending on whether your kid can draw circles easily or not. Some kids face difficulty with circles and some with straight lines. With practice, this can be eliminated slowly and eventually. For this numbers 1-10 worksheets, its a combination of part circle and straight lines. 8 number contains only one smaller and one larger circle. If you wish, you can also teach them to draw 8 as a combination of semicircles without lifting a pen, that is by drawing a capital S and then closing the curve from the lower end to upper.

The number 9 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

There various ways to draw the number 9. In all of these numbers, we will suggest you to first teach them how to write with a larger font. So that their hands and mind can coordinate between the curves and the turns. The number 9 can be written is one completer circle and then taking the lower portion of number 5. the drawing will help them to memorize the meaning of the number as they will count the total mice in the picture.

The number 10 worksheet of the worksheets number 1-10 worksheets

The number 10 in numbers 1-10 worksheets is the combination of 1 and 0. As we haven’t introduced t0 in the start, we will include it in 10. For zero, start with making a big circle and then slowly ask them to turn it into an oval. You can mark the 4 end of major and minor diameters and then tell them to pass the curve through these 4 points. Also, with this, you will have to teach them about the gap between 1 and 0. The children will soon learn the way other numbers are written with combination of two one digit numbers.

We hope you liked these beautiful interactive ways to make your child equipped with all the numerals. May your child practices well and becomes good at all the numbers and attains a good handwriting. After all practice makes a child perfect. We hope you liked this insightful articles. Share your feedback with us in the comments section below. Do check out other related articles. We will soon come up with more such articles.

Activities for Kids
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