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Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers

10+ Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers

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Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers

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Teaching your child numbers starts early. To count the number of tiny pieces of candy he can have after dinner time, numbers are everywhere and it is important we teach our children that. But every parent knows young minds don’t respond to strict math tutorials but are eager to learn if it involves fun and games!

Number recognition activities for toddlers have to be fun and engaging so they are eager to learn maths right from the very beginning. Recognition, counting, and number names are all essential learning in the preschool years.

Different Counting Activities For Preschoolers

Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers

The first thing we teach our toddlers after they can spell our names is counting numbers. Why won’t we? Counting the number of things around is the major activity we do in many different ways. From checking Time to the number of stars in the sky, we wish to count everything around us. Counting is the language for quantity. We have started to rate quality in terms of numbers too. The scale of 1 to 10 and much more. Numbers surround us from everywhere. That’s how much important it is to teach your toddlers how to count. With the following counting activities for preschoolers, your work will be reduced to a much extent. And they will find it easy to learn too. So, let’s start with these 10+ counting activities to get your preschoolers started on numbers which will definitely work and help them imagine the numbers.

The cupcake liners counting activities for preschoolers

The most important point that you should remember is, try to keep your surroundings clean. This will help them to focus better on the task ahead rather than unorganized material lying nearby. For this craft idea, start with writing the numbers on the clean liners of cupcakes. Prefer white color for the liners. Then you can take candies and cotton balls with colors on them. Ask your kid to put the same number of candies in the liner as written. You should first sort the numbers in order and then later when achieved multiple times, keep them randomly.

Stickers counting activities for preschoolers

Before this Counting activities for preschoolers, they must learn the sequence of the numbers. Then you can draw a corn on the white sheet and color it. Draw circles which has numbers written inside it without any order or sequence. You can repeat the numbers if you want to. Now, start with two dices and ask them to roll them. The sum of those dices will determine which number to cover on the sheet.

Sorting and assembling counting activities for preschoolers

This counting activities for preschoolers will teach your kids how to properly count and also the sequence of the digits. Craft around 10 holders with different patterns on them as shown. Number these holders from 1 to 10. Take around 55-60 popsicle sticks and color them with different shades. Keep all of the popsicles in a basket and you can also disorder the holders. Now, ask them to keep the exact number of the stick in the holder as the number written on it. This is a great counting activity for preschoolers.

Dough playing counting activities for preschoolers

Playing with dough is a lot of fun and can be used as a learning material.  Draw numbers from 0 to 9 on a cardboard sheet and cut them out properly. You can color them too if you wish too. Now take a pack of toothpicks and clay dough. Ask your kids to make balls of the dough and then stick numbers on them one by one. In the end, you can ask them to stick the exact number of toothpicks in the dough as pasted on it.

Rain drop crafts counting activities for preschoolers

We all love rainy seasons, especially the kids. The ambiance around us during the rains is a peace to the soul. Thus, start withdrawing multiple clouds with different numbers written on it. You can vary the size of the cloud with the numbers. Then draw and cut out tens of water drops from a light blue sheet. Now, tell the preschoolers to keep the water drops below the clouds with the same count as on the cloud. This way your children will learn to respond quickly and will learn easily.

Bottle and marbles counting activities for preschoolers

If you have a pile of those plastic bottles which are of no use to you right now, you can utilize them in these counting activities for preschoolers. Mark every bottle with a unique number with the help of permanent marker or sketch pen. Try to keep the color of the digits different. Now, keep a good quantity of marbles in the basked. By asking your kid to keep the exact number of marbles in the bottle as the digit which is written on it, you will also teach them about different colors.

Trace and count counting activities for preschoolers

This is an interactive qay to make your children understand the way a certain number is written. First of all create some number templates using colored placards or colored sheets. You can write the number in a contrasting color to make it look attractive. Now help your child to trace the number written on the placard. You can supply your child with some quirky stuff like buttons, sequins, thread, feathers, etc. to fill up the number. This way it will look beautiful and will surely add more beauty to the numbers. You may also use small sized pom poms. Stuck them to the base to seal it to the base placard to make the stuff stick to the placard.

Placard counting activities for preschoolers

This is a very sweet, colorful way to make your child learn the value and form of different numbers. You can use white placard for this activity. For every placard, write a number on one side and draw equivalent number of flowers as the value of the number. For example, if we are making a number ‘5’ on the placard, write ‘5’ on one side and draw five flowers on the rest of the sheet. Draw the grass and add colorful pom poms to the flower heads to make it more colorful. Make your child trace the number for better understanding.

Cookie jar counting activities for preschoolers

This cookie jar number matching activity is a great way to learn the number values. It will surely make your child excited. First of all draw a cookie jar and make some holes of the size of the cookie cut outs you have. Mark the numbers inside the holes. Now cut out some cookies from the brown colored paper. Make chocolate chips in the cookies. Your child is supposed to match the number of chocolate chip cookies with the number mentioned in the holes in the jar. This is surely a fun activity.

Plants and lady birds counting activities for preschoolers

This is an interesting lady bug counting activity. The setup can be easily made using Popsicle. First of all collect some Popsicle. Paint the base Popsicle in a green color. Cut out thinner popsicle splinters. Now stick them to the main stalk. Stick the sticks as per the number mentioned on the main Popsicle. Make some fiery red lady bugs and stick them onto the side splinters. You can either design this activity as a lady bug counting activity or counting and writing down the number of lady bug on the tree activity. It will surely enrich your child’s learning capability.

Unique counting activities for preschoolers

If your child has finally learnt how to write numbers. You can go with this pipe cleaner number forming activity. You can collect different colors of pipe cleaners. Place the pipe cleaners in a tray. Now ask your child to form the numbers you speak aloud. This way the response time and capability of the students. They can also form and reform the numbers. This makes it a learning experience. They will surely learn to learn from their mistakes this way.

Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers

We hope you and your child find these unique counting activities for preschoolers a lot of fun. We wish that your child learns at a normal pace and in a fun environment. Do check out other related articles related to counting activities. We will soon come up with more such articles for you and your children.

Activities for Kids
  • 10+ Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers
  • Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers
  • Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers
  • 10+ Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers
  • Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers
  • Activities To Get Your Preschooler Started On Numbers
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