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DIY Magical Unicorn Kids Craft

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DIY Magical Unicorn Kids Craft

We’ve come up with this adorable (and super easy) DIY magical Unicorn kids craft. I’m sure you love these 5 Magical Unicorn Crafts for Kids. Whether it’s Dash from Rainbow Bright, or The Last Unicorn, or just unicorns in general, these crafts will delight, enchant, and enthrall the unicorn-loving kid in your life. Happy crafting!

1. Unicorn Quilling wall art (Buy)

This unicorn has been completely handmade from quilling strips mounted on white acid free card. The quilled piece is then placed inside a white rectangular box frame.

2. Cute Paper Unicorn Craft (Buy)

Sparkle up your day with a cute Unicorn to have as a toy or decor.

3. Unicorn Bookmarks (Tutorial)

This is so simple that they’re almost magic.

4. Unicorn Plush Pillow with the Cricut Explore Air (Tutorial)

This adorable plush unicorn pillow is a fun DIY that makes for a cute kid’s bedroom decoration or a unique gift.

5. Make your own Unicorn Kids activity (Tutorial)

How cute this Make Your Own Unicorn FREE Printable Activity is! It’s so simple, too…you’ll love it!

Hope you like these cute ideas of making Unicorn crafts.

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