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DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

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DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

Activities for Kids

Create some peacock theme crafts for your kids. There are so many fun materials you can use to create a Peacock craft. In this article you will find a variety of different ideas using paper plates, scoop sticks, paper bags, cupcake liners and even a CD. I hope you get as excited as I do to get crafting some pretty peacocks!

Make some very pretty peacock theme craft for and with your younger one. Today you will be provided with some super fun and exciting ideas on how to unbox your creativity skills and make handcrafted DIYs with and for your kid and help them to explore more and more knowledge and discover their skills.

The ideas that mentioned here are crafts that are made collaborating with the theme of the peacock: the national bird of India. Through this, you can teach your younger one both about crafts and about the national bird of India.

So, here are some ideas on how to create peacock themed crafts for you and your cautious little one.

Peacock Crafts for Kids

Now your owl is ready to play with. Thus we have completed the one owl handcraft, one owl ornament, and some owl finger puppets.

Homemade Paper Strips Peacock Craft For Kids

Homemade peacock craft Using paper strips

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This homemade peacock craft is a fun and creative way to make a beautiful peacock using paper strips. It’s a great project for kids of all ages that will provide hours of entertainment and unique decoration for any room.

1. Recycled CD Peacock Craft

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

Use the CD that no one needs. Make a peacock out of the CD along with some tools that are easily accessible.  Anyone who is above 8 years old can easily make this if provided with good assistance.

2. Handprint Peacocks

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

For making this craft one need not have any super pro-level skills. Anyone who is newly beginning to draw and explore their respective skills can make this. After done with the drawing, he or she can hang it on his or her room for motivation.

3. Origami paper Peacock Craft

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

This time learn something with a variation that will help you in making a craft of peacock. Use some origami papers and shape them in a form of a peacock and attach them to each other with the help of glue. Anyone who is above 4 years of age can draw without any guidance.

4. Coffee Filter Peacock Kid Craft

This craft of peacock requires basic skills. It can be drawn to decorate the new room of your younger one. To make sure that they decorate their own room with stuff that they themselves made, provide them with the supplies that are essentially needed to make this handcrafted peacock.

5. Pipecleaner Feather Peacock Craft

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

One can always use pipe cleaner and some artificial feature to make an extraordinary peacock. Any kid who is exploring his or her drawing and creativity skills can make this and explore their skills and polish their existing skills.

6. Colorful way to make a Paper Plate Peacock Craft

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

This is another craft for kids with average creativity skills. If he or she is bored, tell them to use their free time to make a peacock on a fibre plate and then practice some creativity.

7. Seashell Peacock Craft using Playdough

If there are some playdough in the house, use them to create a beautiful peacock with your kid. You need to make sure that you don’t only take the load of the major work instead share the work with your kid equally for it will teach your kid to shoulder responsibility in the needed time.

8. Finger Print Paper Plate Craft Activity

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

This is another way of making peacock craft. It can be easily used by using fingers as a fingerprint and tap it on the fibre plate. And the younger one can use their fingers to spread the colour on the required area. Anyone who is above 4 years old can draw this.

9. Paper folded Fan Peacock

The given peacock craft is designed in the form of fan. Make some of these with your younger one and use those fan peacock crafts to decorate thay solid plain wall of your kid’s room.

10. Handprint Peacock Puppet

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

Anyone who is above 7 years old can make this peacock craft. This is easy to make. By making this your younger one can learn on building and exploring their foundation of creativity.

11. Paper Bag Peacock Puppet

If you want to recycle those paper bags why not use them in a way that your kid or anyone who is young can learn something from it. Teach your younger one to make a crafty peacock with those paper bags.

12. Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Craft

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids! Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Craft

Use those toilet paper rolls to make peacock crafts with the little one of your family. This will teach them the value and usage of objects that are labelled as trash after use.

13. P for PEACOCK Letter Craft

Teaching them alphabets can be tough sometimes, but stir a bit of creativity in the teaching and learning thing and draw the object animal or anything that starts with the respective letter. Such as in the image given above for reference has the letter ‘P’ and a peacock is drawn from the very letter to teach.

14. Handprint P for Peacocks

Teaching your kid alphabets and drawing at the same time can be fun if there is some sense of creativity.  To teach them the word of the respective letter, one can always use some drawing and creativity just like the one image reference provided above.

15. Upcycled K Cups Peacock

Upcycled K Cups Peacock

A peacock crafted on the cup with some feathers is provided above. Anyone who is above 8 years can make this. They can make this to turn their regular cups into an exciting cup and then enjoy munching every snack they fill their cup with or enjoy every fruit drinks they fill their cup with.

DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

So these were some of the ideas by which you can build the currently developing knowledge of your kid either by making some crafts with them or teaching something from the crafts that you made for them, it can go both ways. Some crafts from the ones mentioned above required basic knowledge while some required lowkey advance knowledge but it is sure that if you team with your younger one everything will be a piece of cake. Happy learning.

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Activities for Kids
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