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DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

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DIY Pretty Peacock Themed Crafts for Kids!

There are so many fun materials you can use to create a Peacock craft. In this article you will find a variety of different ideas using paper plates, scoop sticks, paper bags, cupcake liners and even a CD.

I hope you get as excited as I do to get crafting some pretty peacocks!

15 Pretty Peacock Crafts for Kids

1. Recycled CD Peacock Craft

2. Handprint Peacocks

3. Origami paper Peacock Craft

4. Coffee Filter Peacock Kid Craft

5. Pipecleaner Feather Peacock Craft

6. Colorful way to make a Paper Plate Peacock Craft

7. Seashell Peacock Craft using Play dough

8. Finger Print Paper Plate Craft Activity

9. Paper folded Fan Peacock

10. Handprint Peacock Puppet

11. Paper Bag Peacock Puppet

12. Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Craft

13. P for PEACOCK Letter Craft

14. Handprint P for Peacocks

15. Upcycled K Cups Peacock

Hope you like these Peacock Themed Crafts.

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