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DIY Paper Plate Bird Craft Ideas For Kids

DIY Kids Craft: Cute Paper Plate Love Birds

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DIY Paper Plate Bird Craft Ideas For Kids

Discover inspiring paper plate bird craft ideas for kids. Get creative and have fun with these imaginative projects!

Adorable DIY paper plate love birds are so easy to make and kids can get really creative with their designs; adding color and patterns to make their love birds stand out from the flock. It’s the season to be jolly and spread some love. With Christmas and new year around the corner, we all are thinking of some gifts for our loved ones. Why not gift them these amazingly cute DIY paper plate love birds and make them feel special? Wanna know how to make these cute little creatures?

Come on board with us, we are all geared up to take you through a chirpy ride 🙂

DIY Kids Craft: Cute Paper Plate Love Birds

1. Hey there! I have a message for you

These love birds carrying messages for your loved ones will surely make them go all awe on seeing this.

These are extremely easy to make and would look wonderful as a gift too. To make these, you can use one paper plate and cut it into two halves. Paint one side of it with a color of your choice. You can use colored paper cut outs for the legs,beak and the heart shaped end. The eyeballs can either be painted or you can get a similar kind of it in a craft store. Lastly,write your message on the wings and gift it to the special one. The birds of love will deliver your love.

2. Yayya!! I’m all ready to fly

Thinking of how to decorate your house? We have the solution to your queries.

These small, cute and red-beaked birds will add charm to your beautiful house. The best part of it is you can make this easily and at a low cost. Take a white paper and draw out a bird and its wings and the base as shown in the diagram above. Cut it out. Now you can use this to draw multiple figures on the colored papers. Cut them off and design them as per your preference. You can make lines or circles or any figure of your choice. Don,t forget to make eyes and beak for your bird. Now fold the flap and stick on the front side using glue stick or gum. Paste the base as shown in the figure to one end of the paper clip. Attach the bird figure to the other end. You can now use it as a clip for the paper holder or a decorative piece or gift it if you want.

3. You just can’t take your eyes off me

We know that you are enchanted by these extremely good-looking and colorful birds.

What’s stopping you then? Come, let’s make these birds for you.

These very-easy-to-make craft birds will look extremely beautiful on your study table or on the garden walls. You can even make many of them and attach it to a string as a wall hanging.

The materials which you would require for these are:-

  1. Colorful feathers
  2. Paper plates
  3. DIY eyes
  4. Colored papers
  5. Scissors
  6. Paint
  7. Paint brush

How to make them?

Cut the paper plates into two(make it half). Paint the cut pieces. Keep them aside to dry. Make long paper shreds as shown in the picture. Use different colors to make it look more colorful and attractive.

Cut two small folded triangles and stick them on the colored paper plates once they are dry. Similarly, stick the eyes for the birds and bundle up the shreds and paste them on the back using a gum or glue stick. Add feathers to your bird and decorate it as you want.

4. Beak-a-boo!! Your cool-look birdie is all ready to join you for a fun ride. Are you ready?

This super cool bird can be all yours and you don’t even need to hunt for it!

Yes. You heard us right. It can be all yours.

And all that you need is some paper plates, a pair of scissors, paint, thermacol, and some colored paper.

How to make it?

  1. Cut the paper plates into halves.
  2. Take a piece of colored paper and make some designs on it. It can be anything you like. You can make fingerprints on it as well.
  3. Paste the paper on half of the paper plate.
  4. Cut paper pieces for the beak and wings, color them and stick it.
  5. For the lower part of the bird, roll the papers and stick the ends with glue. Make the desired pattern. For the shoes, draw a pair of shoes on a paper and cut it out. Color it according to your liking. And paste it on the bird.
  6. For the 3D effect, you can use thermacol. Draw the shoes on the piece of thermacol and paste it as required with the help of glue.
  7. Here is your coolest buddy-birdie chirping happily around.
  8. Paint me with your favorite colors.

Akanksha : My room looks very dull.

Sakshi : I will help you decorate it with the brightest birds.

Want to know how Sakshi helped her friend decorate her room.

Join us. We will guide you through.

Materials required:

  1. Paper plates
  2. Paints
  3. Colored papers
  4. Colored feathers
  5. A pair of scissors
  6. Glue
  7. Beads for the eyes

How to do it?

  1. Cut the paper plates into two halves.
  2. Paint it with your favorite color. You can use more than one colors also. To give it a more appealing effect, you can also make use of the blow pen effect or brush effect.
  3. Make a triangle for the beak.
  4. Shred the colored papers to make the end of the bird as shown in the diagram. Try making it as thin and colorful as possible.
  5. Stick the beak, beads for the eyes and bundle up the shreds and paste them on the colored  half of the paper plate.
  6. Cut the feathers in a haphazard manner. Paste the cut feathers on the paper plates and make the bird look as attractive as possible. You can also make a feathery bird by pasting feathers all over the body of the bird.

There you go with your feathery bird who is about to fly.

Making such small crafts at your leisure time will certainly make you more creative and help you invest your time in a fruitful manner. Children get to learn so much when they have engaged in such activities apart from their school curriculum. They can form groups and make such items and gift each other.

Guideline: Use of scissor should be performed under expert guidance.

DIY Kids Craft: Cute Paper Plate Love Birds

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