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Parenting Hacks that you will make your life easier with your kids

27 Parenting Hacks that you will make your life easier with your kids

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Parenting Hacks that you will make your life easier with your kids

As a parent you want to give your children a fantastic childhood, one they look back on as an adult with fond memories. The role of parent is an important role. Here are parenting hacks that you will make your life easier with your kids. Make parenting a little bit easier for you, and, at the same time, more fun for your children.

Interesting Parenting Hacks for you

Parenting Hacks that you will make your life easier with your kids

Parenting is a blessing indeed. But this blessing can be difficult to manage at times. Children love to mess around when they are young. They are least worried about what can be dangerous or what is not for them. They tend to touch, scratch, eat everything. You need to take care of the little ones 24×7 and that at times is very difficult due to the busy schedules of the Millenials. We all are busy in making money and maximizing our facilities with the help of new gadgets and devices. The money earned in one way or the other is for the little babies but still  they need more than just the money. They need your love, care and lots of attention. With the need for parenting in this busy life, we definitely can use some parenting hacks to save all these problems. Thus, we bring you about 27 Tips that you will make your life easier with your kids. You can optimize these hacks according to your suitable conditions and material.

Inflatable tub for bed

One of the major risks while taking care of a baby is the danger of them falling off the bed. This can result in serious injuries at times. Thus, care must be taken to prevent this. To minimize this risk, you can use an inflatable tube for bed of the baby. The size of the tube can vary according to the size of the bed and make sure it is attached to the cot properly. The total height of the tubes must be appropriate, such that the babies can not climb that much but also it is easy to pick them up from the bed. You can even set up your child’s makeshift cot in a large inflatable tube tub. Spread their toys around and let them enjoy in peace.

A multi-purpose wib

To avoid the bad habit of babies keeping their thumb in their mouth, you can stitch to a multi-purpose wib at home according to their size. Or you can also ask your tailor to do that for you. It must have a button where pacifiers can be attached as shown in the image so that you can change the pacifiers with time. Also, make sure that the cloth in this parenting hack is of good quality else it will itch your baby’s neck. This hack will ensure that your child does not put dirty or harmful things in its mouth.

A door handle securing clip

Once the baby learns to crawl, they tend to go out of any doors or near the stairs. As we can not always lock the door, to avoid this, you can use the combination of strap and bum bag push clips so that they can not open the door as the clip will be at a good height from the ground. This can surely help you avoid stray movements of children when they start crawling or walking.

High raised cabinet to dry milk bottles

There are near tens of milk bottles we need to wash and store for a baby. As the design and appearance of the bottle attract them to drink milk. This parenting hack is for managing the bottles and ease your life a little bit. This can help you to dry the milk bottles easily and swiftly. You can the serviceman to customize this cabinet according to your need and preference as this can be used for long years.

Cheerio necklace for food on the go parenting hack

Babies have a habit of keeping something in their mouth. The reason behind this is their growing new teeth. This transformation itches them a lot. This Cheerio necklace for food on the go parenting hack will help you to make sure they don’t eat anything problematic to their health. Make sure to use a clean and sterilized thread for the necklace.

The mattress on the car seat parenting hack

Car seats are really expensive in the market. Above that, we also love to get customized leather seats. Just a spill of food or any liquid drink can damage the seats easily. To avoid this, you can use a mattress on the car seat which will make sure that while parenting a baby, the seats are well maintained. This will make sure that you can drive without any worry while your child is strapped in the backseat.

The head savior band parenting hack

While driving, there are instances when we have to apply sudden brakes. But the babies don’t know what to do in this case and can get injured. Thus, you can use this parenting hack of using a band to keep their heads against the seat all the time. this will be a great savior for the little heads.

The band to avoid accidental door closure

There are many instances when the door gets closed again and again. By mistake or by an mischief of the baby. And then the baby can not open the door from inside and we have to break the door. To avoid this issue, you can use a band as a parenting hack as shown in the image. This will save you a lot of unwanted trouble.

The playmate on the go parenting hack

In a car, babies tend to make more noises and cry as they get irritated easily. There are cases when they don’t even like to sit in the car. So, you can use the playmate on the go parenting hack to make them busy during the journey. Thus, you can enjoy the ride too. This would keep them amused.

The different cutlery section for kids hack

Just like the milk bottle cabinet, you can get a customized shelf made of steel pipes for keeping all the cutlery clean and organized. This parenting hack will improve the ease of finding the cutlery when needed and also your kitchen will look good. Children even prefer their utensils to kept in an organised way and at a place where they can reach.

The child medicine feeding hack

Most of the babies hate medicines. We can even see some adults around us who also hate taking medicines. But we can’t teach the babies the benefits and necessity of the medicines. Thus for this situation, you can use this child medicine feeding hack. They will think of it as some good drink and your problem will be resolved. This is a very beneficial parenting hack

The pool noodle pillow parenting hack

If you have your baby’s bed against a wall then this hack will be useful for you. To avoid them falling down during sleep, you can use a pool noodle pillow. Also, you can cover them with a bed sheet or any other cloth to make the bed look clean and organized. This will save you the precious night sleep.

The not there door parenting hack

One way of making sure that your baby doesn’t crawl to another room when you don’t want them to is to use a cloth as shown in the image between the gap. Be careful as you can trip and fall because of this hack. This way you will not need to do anything much, just get four stick on hooks and your bed sheet curtain is ready to go.

The safeguarding the electronics parenting hack

The electronic devices which run on home electricity can be really risky around a baby. Also, we can not hide such items are they are used often. You can use a laminating sheet for making sure your baby doesn’t get an electric shock and they stay safe around the house. This is a very crucial parenting hack.

The cool organizing parenting hack

The clothes and utensils of the baby need more care and properly washed or sterilized so that there are no germs while using them. To make sure that the cutlery, bottles and kitchen clothes of the baby don’t get mix with the rest of these, you can have a dedicated shelf. You can divide sections for each kind and keep them away from infections.

The temporary door parenting hack

Not every partition between two rooms have doors between them. Some wood works are kept without any doors intentionally. For example the hall and the kitchen where we only install curtains. To make sure your kid stays in one area, you can install this temporary door parenting hack. Also, be careful and tell other family members too about this hack.

Parenting hack to keep things from falling down on your kid

The older the babies get, the more mischievous they become. Babies tend to crawl on different furniture. They are chances of heavy things falling on them. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can use this parenting hack on heavy or bulky items which will make sure the baby doesn’t get hurt.

The special restaurant kit for your kid parenting hack

This can be a really useful parenting hack. There are many occasions on which we have to dine out but having a baby with us gives rise to a lot of difficulties. To avoid one of them, you can buy a restaurant kit or customize your own at home. You can use the bag which is available in the market for sketch pens and markers for this hack. Also, you can use the same bag at home too while feeding them in any room.

The easy to make noodle bar parenting hack

Apart from the above-mentioned parenting hacks to avoid your baby falling down from a bed while sleeping, you can implement this hack too. It doesn’t require many efforts and is really effective in keeping the edges of the bed away from the baby.

Some useful parenting hacks

There are a lot of other mischief a baby loves to do such as spoiling the toilet paper roll, opening the doors of cupboards and making a mess out of the clothes. You can make sure that this doesn’t happen with the help of a few simple hairbands as shown in the images.

The cot edge saver

The edges of the furniture are hard and sometimes sharp too. While making your baby go to sleep, there are chances of getting hit by these edges and thus hurting them. Thus, measures should be taken such as covering these edges with proper cloth and cushion to avoid this situation.

The toy box parenting hack

The best way to keep all the toys in one place is by keeping them in a dedicated toy basket or a box. This will make sure that the toys aren’t spread out on the floor or bed. Thus, making sure that your home looks neat, clean and organized. Also you will also need to worry where your baby is.

The faucet extender parenting hack

Growing up and using wash bins can be a tough task for your kids as their hands are not able to reach the water tap. And in the case of washing hands of newborn babies, they are so little that preventing them from getting wet in the washbasin is really difficult. thus, to avoid such circumstances you can cut the used lotion bottles in such a shape that they can easily work like a faucet extender. You can tie this extender easily on the tap or even make use of bottleneck for the same.

The grand inflatable play area parenting hack

Do you want to complete household tasks while making sure your baby stays in one place and quietly plays with the toys? You should get a grand inflatable area to keep your babies in them so that they don’t crawl around the whole house while you are working.

The temporary stops for the child

This parenting hack is really useful in making sure that your baby is always away from the danger of height. There are certain instances when the baby runs near the stairs or towards any other fall. These bars will work as temporary stops for your child.

The DIY door lock parenting hacks

Keeping a door completely locked increases the efforts to get up and open it again while someone comes. But we also want to keep our babies away from these doors and getting out in most cases. These simple locks can be a boon for you in such situations.

We hope you liked these parenting hacks and we wish they prove useful to you and for the safety of your child. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below. Check out other articles as well. We will soon come up with more such articles.

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  • 27 Parenting Hacks that you will make your life easier with your kids
  • Parenting Hacks that you will make your life easier with your kids
  • 27 Parenting Hacks that you will make your life easier with your kids
  • Parenting Hacks that you will make your life easier with your kids
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