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Teach Your Kids With Some Creativity – Learning with Crafts

Teach Your Kids With Some Creativity - Learning with Crafts

DIY and Crafts

Teach Your Kids With Some Creativity – Learning with Crafts

Let’s teach the kids by making learning fun and not a burden or boring and for this, unbox the creativity side of you and use your skills to make some craft that will help your kid to learn better. This lockdown is preventing your kids to go to school. Some schools are performing online classes and doing their best on their behalf to teach the kids.

As a parent, it is our duty to make the learning of our kids fun and alive. Therefore, today in this article we will provide you with the ways on how you can teach your kid by making it fun at the same time.

How to Teach with Craft Activities

Make Learning Alphabets Fun And Easier

Teach Your Kids With Some Creativity Make learning alphabets fun and easier

Start teaching the kids with alphabets. Make some artistic object as shown above and then write each alphabet on each object. Now, sit with your kid and help them learn A-Z because children imitate us. If you will learn, your kid will learn. Happy learning 🙂

Teach Them Numbers

Teach Your Kids With Some Creativity Teach them numbers

After English, when they are ready to move to the next subject, say maths, teach them numbers. Create some flower vase in serial numbers of flowers in the vase and number them according to the number of flowers drawn. Then, teach them by learning with them because this is more fun.

Make Them Familiar With The Name Of Fruits

Teach Your Kids With Some Creativity Make them familiar with the name of fruits

For teaching them the name of fruits, draw or print out some fruits images and stick them to chart paper. After that, tell them to spell out the letters of each fruit and then pronounce them. Meantime, make sure you accompany them because kids love when they get a mate in learning activities.

Learn Different Colours With Them

Teach Your Kids With Some Creativity Learn different colours with them

For this make a certain object as shown above and make multiple copies of that object but each of different colour. Write the name of the respective colour on each craft. After you are done, teach them the name of the colours. This is more fun than making them mug up the answer as it is more understandable.

Learn Days Of The Week With Your Kid

Teach Your Kids With Some Creativity Learn days of the week with your kid

Draw or print out a singular crafty image and make multiple copies of that image with different colours and then write all the days of the week on the image. After that, tell them to learn the days of the week by pointing each. This way, you will get to know whether they are fully familiar with the concept you are trying to teach them or not.

Make Learning Months Of Year More Fun

Make learning months of year more fun

By making the crafty images and mentioning the months of the year as shown in the above image you are not only making the learning fun for them but you are also giving them an experience of what it is to learn outside the four walls of the classroom and teaching them that learning can be fun and that they don’t need to note everything in their notebook and memorize it like they are robots.

Teach Them How To Write Numbers Alphabetically

Teach them how to write numbers alphabetically

After you are done teaching them numbers, teach them how to write the numbers in English alphabet. And for that use the same methods as was mentioned before  for learning numbers but this time since you are teaching them to write alphabetically, write the numbers in both numerically and in English alphabet

Time To See How Much Your Kid Has Learned

Time to see how much your kid has learned

Well, after teaching with all the craftiness, now is the time to see how much have the kid learn. You can make the test more fun too by creating crafts in the same manner but making sure not to write on it and leave that space for your kid to write

So these are some of the ways on how you can teach your kid by not making it boring. By doing this you are lending a helping hand to the schools who are teaching online. Secondly, you infuse your kid with knowledge and ample of crafty ideas. Finally, you get an opportunity to make up for all the lost time when you spend in the office, work and were not able to be there for your kid.

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FAQs Teach Your Kids With Some Creativity

1. What are the benefits of teaching my kids with crafts?

Crafts can help children develop fine motor skills, improve creativity, gain problem-solving skills, and boost confidence. Crafting also allows children to explore their imaginations, express themselves artistically, and create something tangible.

2. What materials do I need for crafts with my kids?

The materials you need for crafting with kids vary depending on the project. Common materials include paper, scissors, glue, markers, paint, crayons, clay, fabric, and more.

3. How do I choose crafts for my kids?

Choose crafts that are age-appropriate and suited to your child’s interests. Consider the difficulty level and allow your child to help plan the craft.

4. What are some easy crafts I can do with my kids?

Some easy crafts that you can do with your kids include paper plate masks, homemade cards, paper snowflakes, yarn dolls, and paper bag puppets.

5. What is the best way to get started with crafting with my kids?

Start with simple projects that don’t require a lot of materials. Gather supplies in advance and choose a craft that can be completed in one sitting.

6. How do I know if a craft is age-appropriate for my child?

Check the craft instructions for the recommended age range. Consider the difficulty level and the different types of materials and tools needed.

7. What safety precautions should I take when crafting with my kids?

Safety should be your top priority when crafting with kids. Read through the craft instructions and any warnings for the materials. Wear protective gear when necessary and keep scissors and other sharp tools away from young children.

8. What tips can I use to keep crafting fun for my kids?

Be patient and encouraging. Let your child experiment and express themselves. Let them make mistakes and help them find creative solutions. Make the experience fun and stress-free.

9. How can I teach my kids to be creative when crafting?

Encourage your child to experiment with different materials and techniques. Show them how to create something unique and different. Ask them questions to help them come up with ideas.

10. What are some ways to end a crafting session with my kids?

At the end of a crafting session, you can display your child’s work or take a picture of it. You can also talk about what they’ve learned from the experience and ask them to reflect on their work.

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