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Halloween Crafts for Kids


Halloween Crafts for Kids

Activities for Kids


Ready for the scariest Halloween??? You need not to buy anything new. Just the things at your home are enough to have a fantastic Halloween. These crafts are selected to make your Halloween wonderful. These are so simple. Don’t worry about anything, all these things are available in your homes. Have a happy quarantine Halloween. Share your crafts to the people you love and let them also have a happy Halloween.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

1. Dancing Danger

Halloween Crafts for Kids Dancing Danger

Isn’t funnier when you see skeletons dancing in front of you!!! Oops!!! it’s not funnier actually, it is scarier. Do this type of frame and hang it in your house to have a Halloween feel. Some people get scared and some get excited by these crafts. Celebrate Halloween with this type of handmade things.

2. The Giant Skeletons

Halloween Crafts for Kids the Giant Skeletons

We go to zoology labs just to watch the skeleton hanging there. Some students spread the rumour that it is the skeleton of someone who died in our school. When we think about those days, we now have a smile in our face. Make this giant skeleton type and enjoy Halloween.

3. Painting Fun

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Painting ghosts are more interesting. If you have not done it. Do it soon. Because you can paint it as your wish. Hang pictures of skeletons around your house and make the feel of Halloween.

4. Duet With Skeletons

Halloween Crafts for Kids Duet With Skeletons

Have you tried dancing with skeletons??? It dances according to your wish. Try out with these skeletons and dance with them. Invite people and make them party hard with these cool skeletons.

5. The Terror Look

Halloween Crafts for Kids The Terror Look

This giant skeleton gives the scariest look. Add messages at the side to make it even scarier. Children have a ghost feel watching this.

6. Deadly Masks

Halloween Crafts for Kids Masks

People wear a mask and hide their talents behind it. Pull off your masks and come out. Have these masks and scare people. I’m sure they will give chocolates for free when they see this. This can be done with paper and it is available easily.

7. The Skeleton Mesh

Halloween Crafts for Kids The Skeleton Mesh

Create The skeleton mesh and make people become scared. It can be easily done with all the stuff at the home. Just do a skeleton and place it in the middle. Surrounded by more stuff and make it colourful.

8. The Skeleton Slab

Halloween Crafts for Kids The Skeleton Slab

The eyes of a skeleton are hallowed and it is seen as a slab type. Make a colourful skeleton and make a slab in its eyes. Children love keeping things in it. It also makes the guest excited and they keep coming to your home, again and again.

9. Paper Plate Skeleton

Halloween Crafts for Kids Paper Plate Skeleton

Paper plates become useless sometimes. It’s Time to make your paper plates into a scarier skeleton. Hang it on the walls and have a happy Halloween.

10. Greeting

Halloween Crafts for Kids Greeting

The habit of writing makes you reach greater heights. Greet people who come to your home during Halloween by using paper and pen. The pen is mightier than the sword. The greetings remain forever at the home.

11. Simple Bat

Simple bats can be made of charts. It is just the rolling of charts. Make the bat hang upside down in your own houses.

12. Beware Of Spiders

Halloween Crafts for Kids Beware Of Spiders

Children get scared of spiders easily. Do some spiders with paper plates and scare the children with all those spiders. Make it moving with a thread attached to it. It makes it even more special

13. Scramble Arts

Halloween Crafts for Kids Scramble Arts

Torn off papers are not used for anything. It is just put in dustbins. It can be used to make pumpkins in art. Colour it and enjoy it.

14. Lolly Spiders

Lolly Spiders Halloween Crafts for Kids

Lollypops are loved by babies and children. Do this type of candies and children will get scared of candies.

15. Emoji Pumpkin

Emoji Pumkin

What if pumpkins have real faces. It will be more exciting. Make different faces of pumpkins with just paper pieces and have much more fun in Halloween.

16. Paper Mummies

Paper Mummites

Do this type of mummies easily with paper and cotton and place it before your home. Invite people to Halloween with a new method. This excites people and makes them have more candies than usual.

17. The Photo Man

The Photo Man

Mummies are a practice followed in Egypt. It now became a way to scare people. Make mummies and fix your photos in it to have a little enjoyment. Children love doing such type of activities.

18. Spiderweb


Spiders work with determination. It teaches us too. Do a small web with things at home and surprise everyone. Hang them during Halloween day and scare people.

19. Ghost Bungalow

Ghost Bungalow

There will be ghost bungalows in every town you will be scared even to go to that side. Create such scary bungalows and make you Halloween super special. Use black colour charts to make them attractive.

20. Crazy Skeleton

Crazy Skeleton

These skeletons are easily made with buds. They can be found easily in homes. Do this craft easily and hang it in your walls. The face of a skeleton gives a girly feeling and has a super look.

21. Ballon Bats

Ballon Bats

Colourful masks are super cool to see. They attract everyone who is invited to your house. These balloon masks are crazier and have a fancy look. Do it in different colours to make a colourful Halloween.

22. Scariest Masks

Scariest Masks

Eye masks are much cooler than other things. Hide your eyes with these masks and find whose is behind is a puzzling game.

23. Pumpkin Stamps

Pumkin Stamps

This Halloween does something new with pumpkins. Do stamps with it and hang them in walls of your home. It is so simple. You don’t want pumpkins to do it instead of use apples to do pumpkins.

24. Hanging Halloween

Hanging Halloeen:

Bats are even scarier when they are hanging. There is no Halloween without bats. Do these simple craft and make them hanging and terror people with these. It is simple.

25. Bats!!


There are many rumours about bats. The fact is that it is blind during the day and hence stays active during nights. Seeing a bat makes us even scarier and we run towards our home. The bats add spices to your Halloween. Even your pen stand gets decorated during this festival.

26. The Witch Hats

The Witch Hats:

The hat of a witch symbolizes horror as of children. It has a separate fan base among the children. Make Halloween even more special by conducting games in your homes. The ring game attracts many people even adults.

27. Bubbly Bubbly

Bubbly Bubbly

There is no Halloween without pumpkins..decorate your pumpkins with a super look. Make bunnies and cats out of those which look wonderful to see. Make people scared and at the same time make them get wondered about your creations. Handmade things are more than anything in this world.

This quarantine celebrates festivals with families. Who knows next time it’s tough enough to get holidays for festivals. Have a scary Halloween. Develop a passion for art and craft. Write your reviews in the comment section.

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