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Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Kids


Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

Activities for Kids

Curate some cute pumpkin crafts for kids to help them build a good creativity skill. Through this, you can teach your kid to unbox the creativity skill and you can also teach a lot about pumpkin to your kid and how it is beneficial for the body which will initially maintain health. Making these fun crafts will help your kid to build an activity apart from study which is necessary in this world.

1. Pumpkin decor

Image Source: onelittleproject

The first pumpkin craft is that of a ball that is pumpkin themed. Anyone who is of 12 years and above can make this. After your kid has made it, it will look so beautiful that you would want it to use in your home as a showpiece

2. Pumpkin themed Popsicle sticks frame

Image Source: firefliesandmudpies

If your kid wants to give something to his very dear friend then a picture on a handmade pumpkin themed Popsicle frame is your call. This craft is not very time consuming and it can be easily made

3. Pumpkin craft for theme party

Image Source: easypeasyandfun

You can have a theme party for your kid and his friends where you can use pumpkin as the theme. To decorate the walls for the theme party, you can provide your kid the idea of making this out of a paper sheet.

4. Pumpkin jars

Image Source: redtedart

This is a  jar that is pumpkin themed. The steps that are included here are pretty simple. So, you can have your kids use this for pumpkin crafts. It can be used to decorate the windows for Halloween celebration for creepy and scary vibes

5. Pumpkin for Halloween

Image Source: Nurturestore

This is a normal pumpkin craft that is made out of paper sheet and it is affordably easy to make. So, you can first show your kid demonstration and have them thorough with the crafts so that they can easily make this without encountering any kind of confusion

6. Pumpkin color design

Image Source: diyinspired

This is another idea that you can use to teach your kid about pumpkin crafts. It will form a very attractive showpiece which is why you should have your kid make this to decorate his room.

7. Some variation using pumpkin theme crafts

Image Source: theinspirationedit

This cute pumpkincraft is made out of rolled paper. It involves minimal work which is why if your kid is starting to build his creativity skills, you should ask them to start with these so that they can build confidence.

8. Adorable pumpkin craft

Image Source: sunnydayfamily

This pumpkin craft is solely for entertainment that you can use to teach your kid. It even looks adorable which is why you can also use this as a home décor and a Halloween decoration prop.

9. Another pumpkin themed Halloween decoration using plate

Image Source: thebestideasforkids

This is a low-key scary pumpkin craft that can be hung from the roof to add some razzle dazzle in the aerial section of your home during Halloween.

10. Simple pumpkin craft on plate

Image Source: thebestideasforkids

This is a very basic and simple craft that is pumpkin themed which you can use to teach your kid if he is a beginner in this creativity world.  This is so easy to make that anyone who is 7 years old and above can easily make this.

11. Scary pumpkin craft on plate

Image Source: kidscraftroom

This craft is a craft that is perfect for your Halloween decoration. The best part about this pumpkin craft is that making it is not very time taking. Furthermore, It will suit your Halloween decoration just perfectly

12. Beautiful pumpkin themed pictures using buttons

Image Source: adventure-in-a-box

This will  form an attractive decoration piece. Here you can ask your kids to use all the buttons and make a pumpkin shape and then follow up by attaching them to the sheet and then just hang it on your wall so that every time your kid looks at that, he may feel even more motivated to make more of such crafts.

13. Sprucing up Halloween decorations using pumpkin theme crafts

Image Source: nontoygifts

The next pumpkin craft is where ghosts are engraved on the pumpkin. It will just be perfect for your kid’s Halloween party as these crafts can be made and hence used as Halloween decorations to lift up the mood of your kid and his friends.

14. Premium design pumpkin craft on a paper

Image Source: paper-and-glue

This is a premium pumpkin craft that is made on a paper using colours. Anyone who is 10 years old and above can easily draw this without any hustle and can build a flair for drawing and sketching.

15. Pumpkin craft on mini jars

Image Source: thebestideasforkids

These are some adorable minI jars that are painted with the theme of pumpkin but the colors used are different to give a rest to the regular pumpkin crafts and bring out a variation. It can be simply used as a decoration piece by your kid.

16. Storage pumpkin jars

Image Source: thebestideasforkids

The last one is a pumpkin craft where the pumpkin shape is carved on a jar to make it look fun and where you can store your gummies and candies. It will enhance the look of your kid’s room.

These are all the pumpkin craft ideas that you can use to have fun with your kid while teaching him something new. Using these ideas will also brush up already creativity skills and will give them an opportunity to understand how learning can be fun as well. So, now that you have an idea of how to use pumpkin themes in crafts, you are all set to use them while teaching your kid.

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