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DIY Creative Cardboard Crafts That Kids Will Love

DIY Creative Cardboard Crafts That Kids Will Love

Cardboard Craft

DIY Creative Cardboard Crafts That Kids Will Love

Activities for Kids

Kids love to utilize their time making beautiful crafts all the time. We can give them more ideas to create more and better. Cardboard is a material which can be easily used by children to make different beautiful crafts. It is easy to bend, shape and fold, thus it is a great choice for your children to create with. We have brought these beautiful crafts for kids. You can help your children to realise these. They will be delighted to find such a wide array of craft ideas. Also, try to supervise them in the start so that they can understand the basic idea of using the cardboard sheets. Later, you can let them be on their own for these cardboard crafts for kids.

Easy to make Cardboard crafts for kids

1. Cereal box monster jaws | fun & easy big kid’s craft

This is a perfect craft for big kids or older children – cardboard monster jaws. Made from cereal boxes, this is a fun, easy craft activity for summer.

Image source / tutorial: itsalwaysautumn

Those cardboard cereal boxes have so many uses when they get empty. You can craft various art pieces which are both fun and beautiful. For cereal box monster jaw cardboard craft for kids, cut even number of cardboard strips of equal size. Then pin the pair of two at the center as shown in the 1st image. Then, you can join one strip at a time or also can form the pairs and then join them with the help of pins. For the head of the monster, cut the rectangle cardboard from the middle as shown in the 6th image. At last, join the head and the tail with pins. You can also paint the monster with different shades for better aesthetics.

2. Interlocking Cardboard Castle DIY

Every kid dreams of being in a castle. The idea is intercepted from the movies with kings and queens. To help your kid in this, you can guide them to craft this interlocking cardboard castle. Cut out the above 2nd and 3rd images from the cardboard. Then you can paint these pieces as you like. You can also select from the above sets of the castle designs. Join the two pieces of the cardboard to have your final cardboard crafts for kids. This is a really beautiful craft idea to make out of cardboard.

3. DIY Cardboard shadow theater

cardboard + tracing paper + black felt + black card stock + skewer picks = a great shadow theater! / Teatro de sombras

For your own cardboard shadow theater, take a large cardboard box. Cut out the two opposite sides which have the most area. Then attach a white piece of cloth on one side and keep it open from the other side. With the help of cardboard pieces you cut out from the box, you can design the borders of the covered side as shown. Then draw a few characters such as a dog, tree, deer, squirrel, crow, etc which you can use for telling the story. Cut these pieces and paint them with black color to represent shadows. You can use wooden sticks to hold them. This cardboard craft looks great.

4. Recycled Cardboard Camera Craft for kids

This recycled cardboard camera for kids can be a fun craft for your kids to play with. For this easy cardboard craft, cut out the pieces shown in 2nd image. You can draw the camera on a tissue paper for a better understanding of how to join them with glue. At last paint your cardboard camera with black or any other shade. Let your child go on a clicking expedition around the house with this cardboard camera of his own. He/she will surely have a great time.

5. Recycled Cardboard Guitars for kids

You can also cardboard craft a guitar for your kids. To make your children more creative, try to develop a habit of crafting in their routine. As we know that the body of the guitar is thicker than the neck, cut out 3 pieces of both the body and neck joined together and 2 pieces of the body only as shown in the second image. Then join the 3 complete pieces together and 2 piece at only one end together. Such that there appears to be a bore on one end. Add the strings and rest of the components for a somewhat real experience.

6. Crafty finds for your inspiration – cardboard crafts for kids

A hat is loved by every kid while doing a role play. You can craft a cardboard hat for your kid with only recycled material. For this easy cardboard craft idea, cut out the above pieces as shown in the image. better the accuracy will give more comfort to your kid while wearing. Join all the pieces together to have the final product in the last image. This beautiful cardboard craft idea to make a hat is truly fun to make and your child can wear this hat on any occasion.

7. Wonderful DIY Toilet Roll Airplanes

Toilet roll airplanes idea ! Most of children love cars, planes, trucks, trains… erm… basically anything that moves. You can try to foster his love with a toilet paper airplane craft.

Toilet roll airplanes idea! Most of the children love cars, planes, trucks, trains… erm… basically, anything that moves. You can try to foster his love with a toilet paper airplane craft. Just cut out the above images for cardboard crafts for your kids and join them together with glue to have a toilet paper roll airplane. Use pins for the fans. You can paint these aeroplanes in the colours you like.

8. Recycled Toilet paper roll Car for kids

Racing is a thrill in its own. Thus, kids love to play with racing cars, especially boys. For this cardboard craft idea, cut out a half slit in the middle of a toilet paper roll as shown. Then color the cylindrical roll with preferred shades. Draw and cut 4 discs for wheels from a cardboard sheet and color them with black tires and white rims. Attach the toilet roll body and the wheels and your racing car is ready. Paint your hot wheels toilet paper car in your favourite colors.

We hope you like all these fun, easy to make cardboard crafts for kids. Hope these crafts bring a smile to you and your kids’ faces. Like us on facebook for more such DIY content. Check out other related articles at Kids Art & Craft. Do share your feedback in the comments section below. Keep smiling and creating with Kids Art & Craft!

Activities for Kids
  • DIY Creative Cardboard Crafts That Kids Will Love
  • DIY Creative Cardboard Crafts That Kids Will Love
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