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Sports Themed Crafts for Kids

24 Sports Themed Crafts for Kids

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Sports Themed Crafts for Kids

Activities for Kids

This collection of 24 Sports Crafts for Kids: Homemade Games and Other Sports-Themed Crafts has baseball craft ideas, basketball crafts, football craft ideas, and so much more, which means all-stars of every sport will find a sports craft idea to love. Kids can create their own sports-themed apparel with this list of sports crafts for kids, or they can make room decorations to show off their love for the game.

Go team! It’s always great to see kids being active, but if you need a break from all the action, these kids’ sports crafts are a great way to occupy your Little Leaguer.

Sports Themed crafts for kids

Sports Themed Crafts for Kids

Sports is an integral part of a child’s life. Every child is inclined towards sports. But when the weather is bad or they have a holiday at their sports facility, the children may indulge in these craft activities which are made to align with their favorite sport closely. They will surely enjoy themselves while making these sports themed crafts. It will surely add an element of enjoyment to their life. They can either store these crafts or even use some of them in their routine, like the soft toys, cushions, cheer leading loves, etc.

Baseball and rugby cushions Easy to make sports craft activities

This is a very useful sports themed craft. You can make these beautiful and cushions in different ball shapes. Get the cloth in the same color as the ball you wish to make. For a soft ball, get a white cloth and cut the cushion in circular shape. Fill in the poly-fill and sew it at the edges. Now add white cloth frill to the ball edges. Make a thread pattern across the ball in a similar manner to the actual softball. You can make a rugby ball in the same way. The rugby ball is in an oval shape and is brown in color.

Mini skateboard sports craft activities

You can make some mini skateboards, using popsicles. Start by cleaning the popsicles. Color the popsicles with the help of sketch pen or paint and a brush. Add four wheels beneath the skateboard surface. Join the opposite wheels with toothpick. You can adorn your hall walls with these teeny tiny skateboards.

DIY football sports craft activities

You can make this paper mache football at home with your kids. Take a plastic ball and start by aligning paper mache on its surface. Once, you are done with the diameter of the ball, you can start to paint the football in the required colors, that is black and white and in the required hexagonal shapes.

sports craft activities

You ca decorate this waste bin as a winning post. Take an empty drum and balance it on a wooden structure or hang it with ropes. Paint the bin in brown color and draw the symbol on the bin. Attach broad ribbons at the base of the brown bin. This gives a celebratory vibe to the winning post.

Sun caps sports craft activities

You can make some sun hats for the summer sports activities or while you are going to watch a match in the hot summer. These summer hats are a great thing to have in summer. Take a paper plate and cut it along the inner edge as per the size of the head of your child. Make two punch holes at the corners of the sun hat. Thread some sturdy elastic band through the punch holes. Now you may paint these sun hats in any patterns you choose to paint it in. You can even paint the sun hats in solid color.

Ice Hockey sports craft activities

You can make this easy ice hockey craft with the help of popsicles. Take a popsicle and cut one-third of it. Now paste the portion in an angular form. Add red and blue strips at the edges of the hockey sticks. You can also use small black buttons as the bucks for ice hockey. Make sure your joint at the angle of the ice hockey is sturdy.

Cheer leading pom poms DIY sports craft activities

When schools hold various sports competitions, cheer leading is one of the most important activities for those who have not taken part in the field sports. You can make this beautiful cheer leading pom pom. You would require brought colored streamers, and rope. First of all, align the streamers together. Tie them at the base with the help of yarn. Use glue stick the streamers together. Tie a rope at the base of the pom pom to make a handle to hold the pom pom.

Wining the trophies sports craft activities

You can make these trophies for your child, for when he does good work or performs well at sports. You can make these trophies with the help of two large paper cups. First of all paint the paper cups in golden color. Now keep these cups on top of one another. This way you get a rough draft of the trophy. Now add a paper sheet at the base starting just above the line where the paper cups join. Add the title or congratulations on the paper slip.

Baseball making sports craft activities

You can make this baseball craft with the help of an ivory sheet. Cut a circle of ivory sheet and make the black markings on the baseball as an actual baseball has. Now use an actual string to make the required knots at the seam of the baseball. This way you get a realistic paper baseball.

Knotted bracelet sports craft activities

Such rope style bracelets look great when added to the attire. You can make this beautiful knotted bracelet with the help of soft, thin, rope style thread. Knot the different strands of the thread together to form beautiful knots. Continue until you achieve the required length of the bracelet. Close the bracelet with knuckles to close the bracelet.

Ice-skating shoes sports craft activities

Most of the young girls are fascinated by ballerinas and snow skaters. You can help your daughters and sons make these beautiful snow skating shoes with the help of a stencil. Get a printout of an actual pair of snow skates. Now cut the similar shape on a colored paper. After you have cut the snow skates on a colored paper, decorate the snow skates with sequins, glitter, buttons, ribbons, etc.

Felt rugby balls and paper stadium sports craft activities

You can make this indoor stadium with the help of harp paper sheet. Fold the edges downwards to give support to the upper portion. Mark the different areas as per the actual stadium dimensions. Make some small rugby balls with the help of felt cloth. Fill in some plastic inside the felt rugby. Stitch the sides. Add the white stitch marks on the top of the rugby ball.

Cereal medals sports craft activities

Cereal and Olympics go together, for a healthy meal makes a healthy sportsperson. Take a round piece of colorful paper. You can go with a yellow colored paper. Make a big punch hole on the the circular piece. Thread a ribbon through the punch hole. Now add five ring cereal loops on the yellow circular piece. You have a cereal Olympic medal for yourself.

marbling using a ball sports craft activities

You can make marbled sheet of paper using a sports ball. Splatter some acrylic or oil paint on the hard sheet of paper. Now you can move the golf balls across the hard sheet of paper to spread the paint all over. You can add two or more colors to make it a good marbled sheet. You should try to even out the layers of paint on the sheet, as hard layers will be tough to dry and work upon.

Making colorful balls sports craft activities

You can make small balls crafts using these suction pads and paint. Take a white sheet. Dip the suction pads in paint and make an imprint of the paint dipped suction pad onto the white sheet. This will help you to make multiple balls.

Football lockets sports craft activities

You can make these team football lockets for more hominess. Make small circles from hard sheet of paper. Now make footballs on these round pieces. Make a punch near the top of the football. Add a thread through the punch hole of the football. Tie the thread at the top. Now add numbers onto the football lockets with a sharpie pen. Now you may gift these lockets to all your friends who are a fan of football.

Rugby net sports craft activities

You can make this rugby net using popsicles. Clean and dry the popsicle and paint them in yellow color. Paste the popsicles to each other at the corners. You can take idea form the given image. Make a rugby ball using paper and origami techniques. You can play this small scale rugby indoors when weather is not good.

Rugby-man sports craft activities

You can make this easy to make rugby man using colored paper and a rugby ball. For all the children with great interest in rugby would surely do this craft activity with interest. Take some colored sheets and make a body for the rugby man from one of the colored sheets, cut out arms and legs for the rugby man. Fold the legs and arms in a zig zag manner and open them. Cut a rugby out from a brown colored sheet. Now add the white detailing on the rugby ball.

Cheer leading gloves sports craft activities

You can make this beautiful cheerleading gloves at home. Take an old pair of hand gloves. Make ten pom poms usung wool. Pom poms are easy to make. You can even buy some pom poms from the market. Now stitch the pom poms to the fore of the fingers. This way you get a beautiful cheer leading hand glove. You can create a pair of such gloves.

A paper stadium sports craft activities

This is a beautiful indoor stadium. Take a white chart paper for the stadium. Mark the areas such as the middle line, inner D, goals, etc. Now using a cardboard piece, make the two goals. Now use your Lego to create an audience stand. Make your cartoon characters sit on the audience stand to watch your game. Use straws and a small lightweight ball to play this indoor game of hockey.

Brown paper rugby balls sports craft activities

You can make these rugby balls with the help of brown paper. Cut the two portions of a rugby ball. Fill in some cotton or polyfill inside the rugby ball. Now stitch the sides of the paper rugby. You can use an actual needle and thread for the stitch. Paste the upper portion details on the rugby ball.

Making a tennis racket sports craft activities

Cut out a tennis racket from a cardboard sheet. You may even form the racket by cutting different portions in pieces. Now join all these pieces together. Once the pieces are joined, start covering the different sections with colored tissue paper. Now use a thread and needle to make the threaded mesh for the tennis racket. You can even paste the strings onto the racket sides to complete the racket. Cover the handle of the racket in the same manner.

Balls made using tissue paper sports craft activities

You can make this ball using a tissue paper craft. Start by shredding the colored tissue in small pieces. Now draw a draft on the white sheet with a pen or pencil. Now start pasting the shredded tissue pieces as per the required color at the required place. You can add details by pasting thin lines of tissue on top of the vast colored regions.

Surfboards sports craft activities

You can make these beautiful surfboards with sunboard or cardboard material. Cut out small surfboard shapes out of the material you have chosen. Make different patterns on the cut out surf board and paint the surf board on beautiful colors and patterns. You can use these surfboards as your beach buddies or beach decor.

Sports Themed Crafts for Kids

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We hope you loved all these beautiful sports craft activities. Sports is an integral part of the life of all children. They love to take part in sports activities. It is best to help them realise some sports themed craft activities. This will add an element of sports in the home as well. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below. we will be happy to hear from you. Do check out other related articles. We will soon come up with more such related articles.

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Activities for Kids
  • 24 Sports Themed Crafts for Kids
  • Sports Themed Crafts for Kids
  • 24 Sports Themed Crafts for Kids
  • Sports Themed Crafts for Kids
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