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Simple Origami Ideas for Older Kids

24 Simple Origami Ideas for Older Kids

DIY and Crafts

Simple Origami Ideas for Older Kids

Activities for Kids

Here we start with some very easy origami for kids, and build our way up to some slightly harder models for older kids, or children that need an extra challenge… These 24 Simple Origami Ideas for Older Kids are a fun way for you to get your kids involved in origami, and to show them that taking the time to do something well will give them something amazing in end. These crafts are truly incredible, and the instructions are all easy to follow…better stock up on some paper, because you’ll have tons of fun crafts all over your house before you know it. Enjoy!

Origami Crafts For Primary And Middle School Kids

Origami is a Japanese word for the worldwide acclaimed craft of paper folding. Using origami techniques one can fold and decorate a simple sheet of paper into multiple interesting figures. Check out these simple yet elegant Origami crafts especially curated for our primary and middle school audience.

Origami represents the very important fact that even simple things can be turned into something really beautiful with just a little touch of creativity. This art form gives you the freedom to express your self and is also an amazing stress buster. So go ahead, take a little break from the monotony of studies and follow our simple tutorials to design your own colorful paper world.

Origami Crafts For Primary And Middle School Kids

Simple Origami Ideas for Older Kids


Fabricate Paper Origami Frog Craft For Kids

Fabricate Paper Origami Frog Craft For Kids 

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This fun craft is perfect for kids of all ages! With just some paper and a few simple folds, kids can craft their own paper origami frog. It’s a great way to learn origami and have some creative fun.

My Eyes- My Vision

Origami Crafts For Primary And Middle School Kids

Your eyes shine with a billion dreams you hold in your heart. Let this eye be representative of your vision for your life that you wish to handcraft with the best colors from across the galaxy. Follow our tutorial and learn to make origami eyes.

Bow It Beautiful

Origami Crafts For Primary And Middle School Kids

There is something unique about bows – they make everything beautiful. This festive season, send your loved ones a little more warmth by decorating their gifts with this handmade paper bow. You can also add messages to make it more customized.

For The Diamonds

There are certain people who make our lives brighter and such people are no less precious than diamonds. Let this be known to them with the help of these special diamond origami greetings. You can hide messages and candies inside the diamond to add to the fun.

Bird Origami

Birds add a cheerful vibe to every place they inhabit. Add a playful joy to your room by handcrafting these DIY origami birds.

Origami Chicken

Origami chickens can be used to adorn bookshelves, cupboards and study tables. This cute craft is simple to make and simply amazing to adore.

Spooky Origami

Are you brave enough to handcraft some spooky origami stuff?

Follow this simple tutorial to make origami bats and surprise (or scare!) everyone with your creativity.

Row Your Boat

If you haven’t tried this one yet, you are missing something really fun. Next time you see water puddles on the street, make this origami boat and row it across the street.

Jumping Frog

Frogs are little, merry beings who love to sing. Try making a happy frog with the help of this tutorial and let it jump around your place radiating happiness.

Papercraft Jumbo

Do you know that all you need to craft a jumbo is a single sheet of paper? Yes, it is that easy! Follow our simple tutorial to learn more.

Origami Gift Boxes

Send secret messages or tiny surprise gifts in these Origami gift boxes. Easy to make and fun to gift, they will win hearts for you.

Origami Dress

There is no limit to the uses of origami. Look at this adorable dress made simply with a piece of paper. Learn to craft your own by following our tutorial.

Something Fishy

Give your school projects an innovative turn by crafting origami figures. For instance, Isn’t this fish origami wonderful to beautify projects

Awesome Blossom

Let your imagination blossom as you learn to craft these delicate tulips. Unlike the case with real flowers, gifting these timeless beauties to loved ones will make your stay in their memory for a long time.

All Hearts

These heart shape boxes will win you praises for creativity. Hide candies, earrings, stationery etc. in these boxes to add to the fun.

Book Origami

Are you a book lover?

Express your love for books through your craft by making origami pencil toppers. Follow our guidelines to learn more.

Mix And Match

Mix and match a few shapes and designs to make your own artforms. Let your art be an expression of your interests and ideas.

Shark Origami

Sharks are massive creatures indeed, but, handcrafting one with origami is definitely not a massive task. Come on! follow our tutorial and make a DIY origami shark. You can also use this one as an interesting bookmark.

Origami Shirts

Give your drawings a 3D look by making origami garments for your characters. Isn’t origami a super cool craft technique!

Play With Origami

Now that you have learnt pretty much about origami feel free to make your own shapes, designs, toys, photo frames etc. with the technique. Here are some vast ideas to help you navigate through the magical world of origami.

Shark Game

We all have played this game multiple times but let us now give it an interesting twist. Make an origami craft out of it and take your friends by surprise with it.

Its A Dino World

This powerful craft is easy to make but sophisticated to show off. Follow our tutorial and handcraft these beasts with just a sheet of paper. Add details with colors to give it an artistic look.

Origami Fighter Jet

Why settle for simple paper planes when you can handcraft fighter jets! Made simply with a sheet of paper this craft is all you need to impress your friends with your creativity.

Fishy Fun

Make these adorable fishes by following our tutorial and let them float free in the ocean of your creativity! These are only a few of the many more things you can craft with origami. Visit our website to check out more such stuff.

Origami Crafts For Primary And Middle School Kids

Now that you have learnt so much about origami, try making your imaginative pieces and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Happy Creativity!

Activities for Kids
  • 24 Simple Origami Ideas for Older Kids
  • Simple Origami Ideas for Older Kids
  • 24 Simple Origami Ideas for Older Kids
  • Simple Origami Ideas for Older Kids
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