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How to Make Easy Paper Animal Crafts For Kids

How to Make Easy Paper Animal Crafts For Kids

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How to Make Easy Paper Animal Crafts For Kids

Activities for Kids

I think Everyone love animals – all of them! But as I can’t have them all at home, I do the next best thing I can – create tiny animal figurines or crafts to deck up my home! Sounds boring, but I guarantee it is not! It is, in fact, a lot of fun for kids to make these crafts using the simplest of things, including a few everyday items such as toilet rolls and ice cream sticks. You must try making these awesome Easy Paper animal crafts for kids.

5 Easy Animal Arts And Crafts For Kids – Step by step

In many schools the kids are assigned to do the animals art and craft in charts. Many school children feel it as difficult and may not be known of good  source of information. It takes time to find the good source of information and once found make use of it. In this article easy way of making the animal arts and crafts are given step by step. You may find it simple way of doing the crafts. Try to follow the steps as such. Here lion, elephant, owl, sheep and puppy are some of them listed below. Let’s have the fun together by doing this.

1.Lion King


  • Using simple and efficient ways the king of forest can be made. Try to dedicate yourself to do it.
  • Items required: yellow and orange colored charts, googly eyes and scissors.
  • I think, one who is interested in doing the art are really doing to have fun by doing don’t feel difficulty if you enjoy doing it.

2. Giant Elephant

  • The elephant in real life looks majestic and giant. To replicate it in craft is not so challenging but not so easy too.
  • Items required: chart papers, hallow holes and googly eyes.
  • One of the simplest way to do elephant is this. It looks tiny cutie pie and elephant looks so innocent.
  • I were in preschool, I would have tried and have got appreciation for this. Passion  removes the all difficult levels.

3.Googly Owl

  • Usually owl awaken in night and sleep during the day time.But this owl does not sleep at all. With its googly eye, it looks strange.
  • Items required: color papers and scissors.
  • Here, cutting the shapes are difficult to do and besides that very thing is easy to fix.
  • Color combination is  most important to fix the parts.

4. Black Sheep

  • Using  cotton balls, such a cutie sheep is  made and it cannot be left without appreciation.
  • Items required: cotton, black chart and googly eyes.
  • The sheep looks so coo l and kids will really have the fun while doing it. Because many kids like to play with the cotton balls and rolled ones can be made by children.
  • Black color really contrasts the white cotton makes nice color choice.

5. Puppy

  • Items required: ice sticks, glue, googly eye and charts.
  • To do the little puppy the ice sticks are completely used and nose looks really the cute one.
  • The tongue out of its mouth is such the adore. Brown is not necessary color and color is of  your choice.

Many more animals can be made using the crafts but the easy and simple craft is that these which is easy for kids to do and follow. Body   accent should be more over same like the real one. Trying to replicate is challenging one. Through practicing it, the perfection comes along with and so try to do with  dedication. Especially  kids do it and try to increase the experience of making it. Don’t except to be perfect at first try. Do it, until it gets perfect is the mantra of success. Do apply it in crafts and you will end up with great success.

Hope you like these easy paper animal crafts for kids.

All Image source: momjunction

Activities for Kids
  • How to Make Easy Paper Animal Crafts For Kids
  • How to Make Easy Paper Animal Crafts For Kids
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