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30+ Step by Step Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids

30+ Step by Step Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids

Paper Crafts

30+ Step by Step Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Paper crafts are the needful to help children recognize shapes, colors, etc. These paper crafts also help teachers to help in improving the motor skills of the children at play school. Such activities lay a strong foundation in the life of a child.

Kindergarten and playschool are one of the most important foundation stones in the life of a child. Such colorful activities must be taken up actively there to involve students in learning experiences.

Beautiful and easy Step by Step paper craft ideas

Have you ever imagined what would life be without colors and sculptures? This world would look absolutely dull and lifeless without art and craft which are the basics of the great building designs and sculptures that we see and the beautiful dresses that we wear.

Similarly, you can change the monotonous routine of your life by learning a new art and craft skills which come with a number of benefits and you will also become more passionate and enhance your creative skills. In this post, we are going to share some craft ideas and the benefits that they bring along.

1. How to make bird with paper

It is an easy to make step by step paper craft idea. Children can easily make these colorful hirds in the classroom and play with them later. The teacher is required to supply the students with colored paper, stencils, a pair of scissors, glue stick and sketch pens. Teacher also needs to give out clear instructions to the students. Start by cutting out a large circle from a colored paper sheet, cut a smaller one from a different colored paper. Also cut the beak and the tail for the paper craft bird from the same colored sheet as the smaller circle is cut from. Fold the circles in half, stick the beak and tail on the larger circle. Stick the smaller circle atop the beak and the tail on the larger circle. Add an eye for the bird. You can make variations in design by adding bicolor tail or flapped wings, etc.

2. How do you make origami paper bookmark

This is a pretty frog paper craft origami. The play school children can easily make it and will also learn new crafts this way and will remain engaged. Making a bookmark will help the children to enrich themselves with various books in later life. Start with a green colored origami sheet and fold it diagonally from both edges. The teachers need to take care that the students follow instructions carefully. Now fold the all the corners of the square origami sheets inwards to make them meet the cross at the middle. Turn this square piece around. Fold the upper two corners to the middle. Now turn it around. Fold the sides to meet halfway in the middle. Fold the upper corner back to meet the side folds. Open the flaps on the other side to get two square shapes. Fold a thin strip of green paper and stick it at the base of the back folded triangle. Now use a sharpie pen to draw the eyes of the frog.

3. Easy Planet Craft For Kids – 3D Paper Planets in Paper Craft For Kids

Planets are a very important topic and they must be taught to the students early on. What better way can there be than introducing planets in a colorful way of paper crafts. Teachers need to give out clear instructions while making these paper planets. Start with a circle cut from a hard stock sheet. Now cut circles of similar size from a bright colored sheet. Fold the colored circles in half and make a cut in the circle perpendicular to the half fold of the circle. Now push this colored circle into the hard stock sheet circle. Make a number of such colored circles and fit them onto the hard stock sheet circle. Stick an outer ring made of pastel colored paper. Punch in this ring and hang the planet from the ceiling. Use colors for planets which can be used to depict them or write the names of the planets on the white stock sheet used in the middle.

4. How To Make Cheerleader Pom Poms

These cheerleader pom poms will amke the little children glow with happiness. They will surely love these little wonders of colorful blast. Teachers must keep close on the students while they are working with the scissors. Start by stacking different colored sheets together. Take a crafty cut scissor and make straight cuts. Make sure no students cuts in a wavy or zig zag manner as this can lead to loss of pom pom design. Once the whole length of the sheet has been stripped, fold the sheet from one end and secure it. Your cheerleading pom poms are ready to lead the world to glory.

5. How to Make Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a staple for festivals. You can help the children at kindergarten to make these beautiful and bright lanterns on festivals and other similar occassions. To make a paper lantern, the students must know how to work with a pair of scissors and supervision of the teacher will be required. Take a bright colored sheet and fold it in half. Make a marking at the base and sketch perpendicular lines till that mark. Now cut aling the perpendicular lines to get adjacent strips of colored paper. Turn the base and the top band around to complete the lantern. Staple it in place. You may decorate the lantern using glitter or sequins.

6. Paper Craft Heart

Create this awesome paper craft art and you should definitely teach this to kids for it is quite easy as these help in the development of manual dexterity and eye to hand coordination of kids. When kids will make these, teach them about geometry and symmetry. This way children will learn the concepts also without getting bored along with the craft.

Best Origami Tutorials - Fold A Heart Page Marker - Easy DIY Origami Tutorial Projects for With Instructions for Flowers, Dog, Gift Box, Star, Owl, Buttlerfly, Heart and Bookmark, Animals - Fun Paper Crafts for Teens, Kids and Adults #origami #crafts

7. Different ideas of making a paper heart craft

This picture shown below is a differne idea of making a heart craft and this one is safer as it does not involve the use of scisor. Such crafts are very interesting and create a fun learning environment. Identification of shapes, colour and texture. Working with materials teaches them about colours, shapes and textures. How things work and how they fit together. This forces kids to think deeper into their imagination which is very essntial for the development of brain of the growing children.

Best Origami Tutorials - Origami Heart Escort Cards - Easy DIY Origami Tutorial Projects for With Instructions for Flowers, Dog, Gift Box, Star, Owl, Buttlerfly, Heart and Bookmark, Animals - Fun Paper Crafts for Teens, Kids and Adults #origami #crafts

8. Some Commonly Used Crafts

Create this craft by step by step following the procedure as shown in the picture. These crafts can be used to decorate kids’ room and can also be used while making greeting cards. When kids make these, they learn not only craft but also academic related things. Children also learn patience, and cooperating when working on the crafts with friends. When kids make these things, they also feel more expressive and these crafts foster communication in the children.

Best Origami Tutorials - Origami Vampire Fangs - Easy DIY Origami Tutorial Projects for With Instructions for Flowers, Dog, Gift Box, Star, Owl, Buttlerfly, Heart and Bookmark, Animals - Fun Paper Crafts for Teens, Kids and Adults #origami #crafts

9. The 3D Paper Heart Craft

Create this absolutely stunning 3D craft heart, this is a little difficult but it looks extremely beautiful once made completely. If you are having a party, you can anytime make these and decorate your doors and can also be used to decorate your Christmas tree and Christmas themed partty. When kids will help you in making these crafts for their homes, they will feel more responsible towards working for their house and will imbibe the quality of working diligently. This will also help you in cutting down the deocration cost as you can make these and decorate yourself.

Best Origami Tutorials - Heart Origami - Easy DIY Origami Tutorial Projects for With Instructions for Flowers, Dog, Gift Box, Star, Owl, Buttlerfly, Heart and Bookmark, Animals - Fun Paper Crafts for Teens, Kids and Adults #origami #crafts

10. The Origami Bird Craft

Create this exquisite origami bird and teach the interesting craft to children also. Since it often requires both hands working together, this encourages the creation of brain connections on a neurological level and strengthens memory. It also improves eye hand co-ordination. These cute crafts look very beautiful when you use these to decorate children’s room. These also provide edocational learning to children. Also when kids learn to create such beautiful things on their own, they imbibe a positive confidence which they carry throughout their life which later helps in work and personal life.

Best Origami Tutorials - Birds Origami - Easy DIY Origami Tutorial Projects for With Instructions for Flowers, Dog, Gift Box, Star, Owl, Buttlerfly, Heart and Bookmark, Animals - Fun Paper Crafts for Teens, Kids and Adults #origami #crafts

See, there are so many benefits of doing these art and craft work. It is also very therapeutic for adults as these keep one’s mind occupied and does not let negative thoughts enter the mind. It helps to be productive and learning orieneted in many interesting ways. Therefore, one must certainly teach these craft ideas to kids and help them evolve socially, academically and personally as well. Try these out and share your feedback with us in the comments section. Also, check out other posts on our website for more informative ideas about art, craft, festivals and kids.

11. Paper Candy Holder

Paper Candy Holder


This craft is easy and fun. Making this you can store your candies for later or gift it to that special friend of yours. You can decorate it the way you like but do not forget to go through the basics first.

12. Paper Garland

Paper Garland


Everyone loves having those pretty fresh flowers and garlands in their homes. But fresh flowers usually don’t last long for that we have this amazing craft idea which you can make, to always find your vase full of life.

13. Paper Hen

Paper Hen


For this craft you will simply need some colourful origami paper that is easily available at any stationary shop near you. Put a few folds and you have your craft. You will love this origami art for your kid.

14. Paper Roses

Paper Roses


Rose is said to be prettiest amongst most flowers. We have a craft for you where you can make pretty roses that too out of flower. These look no less than a real one, but better than them. You can decorate these to your fancy.

15. Paper Bow

Paper Bow


We all love making pretty props to make our greeting cards look pretty and fancy. We have these colourful bows for you which you can simply put on gifts, cards, boxes or for any kind of decoration. It is easy and time efficient too.

16. Lotus craft tutorial

Lotus craft tutorial

The picture shown below is that of a paper lotus which looks extremely gorgeous and can be used for decorating the rooms, doors and can also be put on dresses. The step by step process of making the flower has been shown below and you should definitely teach your kids this. It will help in the development of fine motor skills and will enhance the mental health and wellbeing of children.


17. Orange Flowers Bouquet Craft

Orange Flowers Bouquet Craft

Make these extremely beautiful bouquet flowers. Ask kids to make these flowers as the intricate craft and cuttings of the petals, will enhance the coordination of hand and eye. Not only this, but also Craft activities foster communication, listening, attention, and imagination. These activities can enhance mental health and wellbeing as well as fostering a whole range of developmental skills.

18. Ice Cream Craft Design

Ice Cream Craft Design 

You can also consider and make these cute ice cream cones out of craft sheets. Just follow the procedure step by step shown below and your kids will be amazed to see the outcome. Arts and crafts usually require kids to use both hands in a certain manner, which can help them develop fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. This can help them develop faster and become more skilled in other daily activities such as tying their shoes, dressing, using kitchenware etc.


19. Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon Flowers

To make these exquisite gifts wrapping ideas, follow this picture tutorial, and teach this to kids. This is a great idea for decorating presents in a decent and beautiful way. Whenever you have birthday parties or a wedding party or any other party, you can decorate the return gifts on your own and gift them, this will help in cutting down your costs very effectively. Also, making crafts is a safe environment that they can control and shape in any way they want by using any materials they like.

20. Paper Pencil Box Craft

Paper Pencil Box Craft

Bored of the usual box? Try and teach how to make this to kids as it is quite easy and kids will enjoy making something for themselves. Also, when kids make things of use for them, they feel quite confident in themselves and they are able to carry this confidence throughout life which will help them in life later because the moulding age is most important to teach things to kids. Kids can also make these and gift to their friends, this way they will learn a lot of values about relationships.


21. Mini Paper Chandeliers

Mini Paper Chandeliers

To make these cute little paper chandeliers, follow the steps and ask kids to help you in making these. There are no limits to children’s imagination, and arts and crafts are a great way for them to turn that endless imagination into something more productive. There are many materials, colors, shapes, and activities they can choose from, which allows children to explore different options and pick those that they find the most enjoyable.

22. Easter Bunny Card

Easter Bunny Card

Create this simple and quick craft and teach children, as making these will help in their manual dexterity. You can make plenty of these Easter bunny cards to celebrate the festival.


23. Festival Craft Idea – Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Recycled Craft Idea - Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Take small cylindrical tubes and cut them as shown. Join these to make extremely gorgeous flowers. These can be used for Christmas decorations, you hang these on Christmas trees and also decorate your garden and house with these beautiful flower crafts. Ask kids their help, this way when kids will help in the decoration of their home for a festival they will more responsible, acceptable and would want to do and learn more in contributing things for the house.

24. Crepe Paper Flowers Craft

Crepe Paper Flowers Craft


Make these crepe paper roses, which is very easy to make and looks very pretty and nice. Make many such flowers and use the flower balls to decorate your parties and other festivals. Inquisitiveness towards making craft and art inspires kids to think critically, decide, and evaluate their own decisions so they can repeat them or change them the next time. This way, they will become more comfortable with thinking about different possibilities and more confident about making their choices.

25. Making paper flowers by origami

Making paper flowers by origami


Making of this pink beautiful flower can be a shared activity between curious youngsters during a shared holiday when there’s plenty of time to try out something new and productive. Flowers of all kinds can be gorgeous, and even the handmade ones can be really pleasing for the soul to see. This activity not only makes the children learn beautiful technical skills, but also can be a great bonding moment between friends or siblings.

26. Make an origami crane

Make an origami crane

Origami cranes can be a great pastime for youngsters aged 8-12 years. One can follow the steps demonstrated in the picture above. These are quite easy to follow for the uninitiated, and learning about making such stuff thus can be a great thing to do. We can’t wait to try this!

27. Paper roses for pink times

Paper roses for pink times


Who doesn’t love themselves some good ol’ roses? Roses are said to be the symbol of love, and universal love is a much needed emotion in times of distress like this. One can definitely try this out with some help to make a beautiful memento for to keep at home or to be gifted to someone close for any occasion.

28. DIY paper bowls for storing dry foods

DIY paper bowls for storing dry foods


Often we love to snack on dry fruits and other foods while studying or doing activities. While readymade bowls can be great for storage options, occasionally making similar bowls can also be nice. Especially this flower shaped bowl demonstrated above is absolutely gorgeous and serves many uses too. It seems that we would absolutely adore to munch a few cashew nuts and raisins in this bowl on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

29. Make your own snowflakes

Make your own snowflakes


The season of winter in colder climates brings along snowflakes, the beautiful unique creations of nature which never fail to mesmerize us. We can have exact replicas of such delicate snowflakes right at our homes, by following this cool tutorial on the same. It seems for a perfect item to be hung on walls for Christmas!

30. Another bunch of roses

bunch of roses


Roses are simply timeless with their everlasting charm, aren’t they? Making such paper roses can be a great recreational event for many children aged 10-15 years. This can also be a memorable gesture as in some cultures, roses can often be gifted to elders as a mark of showing respect too.

31. Fluttering wings of a butterfly

Fluttering wings of a butterfly


Seeing a butterfly flying through the air, flapping its colourful wings and sitting on flowers has to be one of the sights that humanity is grateful to witness. Nothing can be more enchanting than observing butterflies, their different types, patterns and their behaviour. A fraction of that joy can be replicated a little bit when we try to create a butterfly of our own keeping the thought in mind. When this craft butterfly flaps its wings, we can’t help but adore it!

We hope you liked all these pretty paper craft ideas. We hope the play school students will also love them and will have great exposure with these crafts. You can check out other related articles on this topic. We would love to hear your opinion and feedback. You can leave your comments in the comments section below. We will soon come up with more such useful articles for you.

Activities for Kids
  • 30+ Step by Step Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids
  • 30+ Step by Step Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids
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