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DIY Simple Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids

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DIY Simple Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids

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If you are planning to decor house with beautiful handmade stuff and craft, just let your kids to perform this task. Here, you can check out the simple Christmas craft ideas for kids.

Easy to make paper craft ideas for kids

Beautiful bunny paper craft ideas for kids

Buntings are an integral part of any celebration. We must come up with newer ways to decorate homes when we have a reason to celebrate. These bunny buntings are truly a good way to decorate home. This paper craft idea is really easy to make. Start by getting a bunny face template. Now take some colored paper and cut the stensil shape out from the colored sheets of paper. When you have a large number of bunnies in different colors, stick them onto abtwine. make the details using a black sharpie pen on all the bunny faces. Your buntings is ready to be hung.

Card making paper craft ideas

Card making has never been so easy. This paper craft makes card making a vake walk indeed. To make this beautiful and bright card you need some colored sheets. Take one colored sheet and fold it in half. This forms the base of the card. For the flowers, cut flowers of different sizes. Stick the smaller circles on the bigger ones. Cut a stem from a green colored paper and stick it beneath the flower. Tame a colored rectangular pieces and make a pot using it. Stick the flowers on the rectangular piece. This paper craft will surely make the receiver happy.

Paper knots craft ideas for kids

This is a unique tissue paper flower. Even toddlers can make this beautiful flower with little help from adults. This beautiful flower can take up place in cards, as a showpiece, etc. To make this beautiful flower start by shredding small pieces of tissue and rolling them hard into balls. Take a base sheet and stick a green pipe cleaner on it as the stalk of the flower. Stick two green leaves, one on each side of the pipe cleaner. Start sticking these tissue paper knots on the top. You can use single colored knots or multi colored knots to make the flower. The choice is yours.

Reindeer making paper crafts for kids

In this beautiful season of Christmas what can be better to make than a reindeer from paper plates. It is easy and fun both to make it. First of all cut a plate in half. Keep a half aside and cut a one-third section from the other half. Now paint the half portion and the one-third of the half portion in brown paint. Stick thrm together like the mouth and the body of the reindeer. Take a brown colored paper and cut out legs and horns from it. Hirms can be made by stencling your hand on the brown paper. Stick everything in place. Now take two large googly eyes and a red pom pom. Stick the eyes in place and the red pom pom in the place of a nose.

Colorful rainbow crafts for kids

Rainbows are colorful and bright. The best part is everyone loves rainbows. So, let us make this beautiful rainbow craft. Start by taking the seven colored strips in the colors of the rainbow namely- violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Now keep them in a stack and fan out. Now stick the two edges of the rainbow strips by making a curve up in the middle of the strips. Now cut out a quarter of the sun shape and a cloud to cover up the messy pasting of the strips. This will surely turnout pretty.

Happy birthday paper crafts ideas for kids

This is a beautiful way to remember birthdays or this can even become a beautiful invitation card. Take a large apple stencil from the internet. Use a cutter to cut out the shape from different colored sheets. Punch out a cloud from each of the apples. Cut a circle from a white sheet of paper whih can fit inside the apple. Also make a catterpillar from a green colored sheet for each apple. Now write your invite or message in the white portion. Now you may hand these apples out to people.

Easy to make paper crafts ideas for kids

These little bunny and mouse crafts are easy to make and also are sustainable. Take some old ice cream cups or paper cups. Paint thrm in white for the bunny and in yellow for thr mouse. For the bunny choose a white based colored or patterned paper to make the ears and the feet. Shape the ears and feet long. Add teo googly eyes and also use a pink circle for the nose. Make whiskers using a black sharpie pen. For the mouse choose a bright yelllow patterned sheet for the ears and the feet. Make trumpet ears for the mouse and stick them to the sides of the cup. Add teo googly eyes and an orange nose to complete the craft.

Simple paper crafts ideas for kids

For this beautiful craft we will have to create the water first. Start by cutting flat strips of blue colored paper. The sheets of paper can be of different shades ranging from aqua blue to dark blue. White spaces in between are welcome as they give the effect of water foam. Now for the boats start with a brown wood patterned paper. Use a flat white strip of paper to make the mast. Add colorful paper to the sides of the mast to guve it a beachy vibe. Also add a colorful flag to the top if the mast. You can make number of boats to add more beauty to the craft.

Rainy season paper crafts for kids

This is a beautiful rainy season craft idea for kids. To start with take a hard stock sheet and fold it in half to make the base of the card. Use a brush and blue paint to create water effect at the bottom of the card sheet. And also make some water drops. Now take a colored sheet of paper to make the umbrella. Fold the shet of paper in a zig-zag pattern. Fan the pattern from the middle and stick it in the middle of the card. Now make a girl on the side. Use a curcle of skin colored paper to make the face, a colorful triangle for the frock and shiw the legs covered in colorful stockings. Add a handle to the umbrella which is held by the girl. Make hands, mouth, freskles and hair of the girls using a sharpie pen. Add two googly eyes to complete the look.

Easy to make paper crafts

This is an easy to make catterpillar craft. First of all decide the length of the catterpillar you wish to make. For the hump of the catterpillar, draw some rounded cones on a colored sheet of paper. Cut out two legs from yellow sheet of paper for each cone. For the face cut out a circle from the same colored sheet. Now stick the rounded cones together to form the body of the catterpillar. Attach two legs per rounded cone. Also stick the mouth in the front of the body. Now decorate the body using colorful punched circles. For the mouth, add two googly eyes and cut a mouth from a foam sheet. Also add two small colorful horns to the catterpillar face.

DIY paper crafts ideas for kids will ensure the craft ideas you would love to try and share with your kids. In schools, kids get projects and creative art work and so here you should check art and craft ideas for kids for schools. Now, do drop us a comment and let us know your feedback about these ideas and suggestions if something needs to be added.

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