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Paper Crab Craft On The Beach For Kids

Paper Crabs on the Beach craft for kids

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Paper Crab Craft On The Beach For Kids

This fun and easy craft for kids is great for a beach-themed party or a summertime playdate. With just some paper, string, and a few other supplies, kids can create cute a paper crab craft that they can play with. Learn how to make these paper crabs and let the fun begin!

Did you know crabs are known as the “Spiders of the Sea” and they walk sideways? There are many such interesting facts about crabs!

Welcome to the article Paper Crabs On The Beach Craft! This papercraft will bring some beach vibes to your house. With this craft, you can introduce your children to the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants. This is a simple and easy craft that is suitable for young kids to explore their creative side. Get creative and bring the beach to life with this fun and creative craft.

Creative Paper Crab Craft Idea On Beach For Beginners

Paper Crabs on the Beach craft for kids

Materials Required

  • Construction Paper (Blue, Yellow, Red)
  • Sketch Pens
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White Clay
  • Googly Eyes


Step 1: Making The Beach

Making The Beach - Constructing paper crabs on the beach for children

Let’s begin this craft by taking a blue paper. Take yellow paper and fold it in a trapezium shape. Paste it on the blue paper as shown.

Step 2: Pasting White Clay

Pasting White Clay - Making paper crabs at the shore for little ones

Take white clay and paste it on the boundary of the blue and yellow paper.

Step 3: Spreading The White Clay

Spreading The White Clay - Crafting paper crabs on the shoreline for young ones

Now, using your finger, spread the white clay as shown in the image. This will look like beach sand.

Step 4: Making The Paper Crab’s Body

Making The Crab's Body - Creating paper crabs on the seashore for youngsters

Take more white clay. Paste it on the upper portion of the blue paper to make the beach sand. Take red paper and make an oval. Paste it on the bottom left corner of the yellow paper.

Step 5: Making The Claws of Paper Crab

Making The Claws - Forming paper crabs on the sand for young ones

Using a black marker, draw the legs on the sides and in the front of the crab. Using red paper, make the claws as shown in the image.

Step 6: Adding Googly Eyes

Adding Googly Eyes - Building paper crabs on the beach for kids

Now, take the googly eyes and paste them on top of the crab as shown.

Step 7: Crafting More Paper Crabs

Crafting More Crabs - Constructing paper crabs on the strand for tots

Similarly, make more red crabs and paste them as shown. Using a black marker, make small dots on the yellow paper to give it a more realistic look of the sand. With a blue sketch pen, draw waves on the blue paper.

This Is The Final Look Of  Paper Crab Craft On the Beach!

This Is The Final Look Of Our Paper Crabs On A Beach Craft! -Assembling paper crabs on the beach for toddlers

Woohoo! You have crafted Paper Crab Beach Craft in a few simple steps!

This craft is also a great opportunity to teach them about the importance of respecting nature. It’s sure to be a hit with your kids and will leave them with fond memories of the beach for years to come. Make your paper crab beach craft at home today and display this masterpiece in your room! Stay Creative With Us!

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