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DIY Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids – Step By Step

DIY Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids - Step By Step

Paper Crafts

DIY Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids – Step By Step

DIY Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids – Step By Step:

Childhood days are the days of doing anything without perfection and without expecting any results. That’s how a kid becomes passionate about what he/she likes to do for fun. Curious mind always tends kid to explore and craft things and nothing is better than paper craft. Just with the few papers and imagination a kid is enough capable of crafting the best design of anything he/she wants. So, does you kid love paper crafts and asking you for ideas? So, here this post ensures you DIY paper crafts ideas for kids and let’s do it.

Beautiful paper Craft Ideas for Kids

DIY Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids - Step By Step

Step by step tutorial on making a bunny

Bunnies are loved by every child. They are an all time favorite for all the right reasons. Cut few paper strips and staple two strips in such a way that it looks like heart shape. Now, repeat the procedure till you get a garland of hearts. For better looks, you can get different colored strips and strip sizes. Once you have cut thin round circles from the toilet paper roll, you are all set to make this rabbit. fold, bend and shape the toilet paper rings to form the different parts of the bunny. Arrange the different shapes and forms to complete the bunny. You may add a nose, eyes, neck tie to decorate the bunny further.

Heart shaped buntings step by step tutorial

Buntings are staple of celebrations. but going along similar boring buntings is not the solution. let us make a different kind of heart shaped buntings this time. Cut out strips of colored paper to make these buntings. Start by sealing the buntings at the base and then forming a heart using them. Then again add strips of paper on both sides of the heart and make another heart Keep on repeating the process until you have a nice length of the bunting.

Honeycomb step by step tutorial

Honey bees are sweet little creatures which produce sweet honey for us. Honeycombs are hexagonal marvels of nature. We can make the honeycomb and honeybees to decorate our homes for sure. To make the honeybees get some yellow ping pong balls and cover them up in black pipe cleaners. Make the details of the honeybees using black sharpie pen. To make the honeycomb, start by cutting broad rings of toilet paper roll. Now make hexagons of these rings. Paint the rings in golden yellow color and stick them together like honeycomb. This will surely look pretty as a wall decoration or as a part of room decor.

Structural tree step by step tutorial made easy

We all preach go green. Going green is the call of the hour. Let us reuse some old brown paper bag to make this Structural tree. A sculpture tree is best and inescapable when you see it at home or when you see someone making it. But, it’s quite easy to craft this, just cut the brown paper by keeping a uniform distance and now twist it in such a way that it looks like branches of tree. This is just beautiful easy to craft; you need only scissor and paper. Start by making a base from cardboard or some hard sheet of the size of the brown paper bag. Make some regular strips cuts on the top of the paper bag. Start twisting the paper bag after fitting in the hard base. Now roll the individual strips to make the branches of the tree. Shred some colorful and bright papers. Stick the shreds on the branches to make the tree look beautiful.

Paper bag tutorial

All the little girls of age are excited and super crazy about purses and bags of all sorts. This is a really cute paper craft for all the girls out there. You can start with a template to make a paper purse. Start folding in the edges of the paper purse. Seal the tops of the folds in the end. Punch and seal the handbag sling which will help the girl to hold her place. You can choose from various sizes according to the hands of your daughter. Now fill it up with candies or anything she loves and gift it to her. She would surely be delighted.

Beautiful hot air balloon buntings step by step tutorial

Hot air balloons are beauty and are loved by one and all. Your children would surely be excited to make these pretty little hot air balloon paper crafts. These hot air balloons are really easy to make. Take some colorful papers and trace on them a shape of the hot air balloon. Paste these hot air balloon cut outs side by side to form a 3-dimensional and colorful hot air balloon. Punch a hole at the base of this 3-dimensional hot air balloon and pass a twine through the punched hole. Take a cardboard cylinder and decorate its sides. Stick the threaded twine to the inner sides of the cardboard cylinder. Now you can hang this hot air balloon wherever you like.

Beautiful decorative piece tutorial

This is an easy to make paper craft idea for kids. All the kids have to do is take a colorful piece of paper, fold it in a zig-zag manner and set it in a circular manner. Once it has been set you can go on to seal it at the back using a small piece of felt or back cushion. You can make such beautiful fans from a single colorful sheet or use differently sized or colored sheets of paper. Try to use hot glue gun to seal it.

Pirates hat step by step tutorial

We have all grown up watching a lot of pirates related movies. That have at one point of time or the other inspired us to live such sea faring lives. Our children are also growing up in a similar scenario. They must even have a brush with the pirates and their stories. We can easily make this paper Pirates hat for the children or help them make one. Star with a black chart paper. Cut out a basic framework of the Pirates hat using a template from the web. Now cut out a danger sign from a white colored sheet of paper. Paste it on the black framework of pirates hat. Now add white frills to the edges of the pirates hat. You can also add feather trimming and other decorative material. it is advisable to make a blindfold for your child as well to compliment the look.

Making a bow from colored paper sheet

These colorful bows are really easy to make. These colorful paper crafts surely look pretty on children’s shirts on important day’s. To make a beautiful paper bow you can start with a square piece of paper. Fold the square piece of paper diagonally from both sides. You get four triangles on the square sheet. Cut out one triangular shape from the square sheet of paper. Now for the opposite triangle, make three divisions of equal areas. Cut on these lines and remove the middle section. Now fold in the edges of the side triangles inwards to get a blown up bow on the sides. Seal the triangle ends with glue. You can add some sequins or beads on top of it. This will surely look pretty.

Making a bat from black paper

This bat is a spooky craft. This surely is a perfect choice for Halloween. You can make this paper craft bat by using a black chart paper. Start by folding the paper in half. Get a printout of a template of a bat from an internet portal. Now trace it on the back of the black chart paper. Cut out the bat from the black chart paper. Now take two big googly eyes and set them in place on the head of the bat. Make a punch at the tail of the bat to help in hanging the bat. You can make many such bats and hang them as a part of your Halloween decor at home or school.

DIY Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids - Step By Step

We hope you loved these pretty paper craft ideas for kids. You can check out more craft ideas. We would love to hear from you. You may leave your kind comments and feedback in the comments section given below. We would be happy to receive them. We will come up with more such useful articles soon.

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