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DIY How to make Paper Plate Party Hats

Birthday ideas

DIY How to make Paper Plate Party Hats

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Make use of those paper plates that remained unused in the last birthday celebration to make some awesome, fun and crazy crafts.

There are undoubtedly few paper plates that are stored in a stash in your home, why not pick a few of them and make some crafts that are easy for and with your family members. Create some extremely easy crafts from those paper plates.

So, in today’s article, we will be providing you with some basic normal crafts yet fun and exciting that you can make for several occasion. These crafty hats are extremely easy to make and they don’t require many materials, just good supplies of paper plates and a scissor and some colours will do the magic.

This is a great craft idea for any party, holidays or occasion all year round. These paper plate party hats are so adorable. and easy-to-make. Tutorial via K4Craft.

Required Materials:

  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Hat template

Easy Ways to Make Crafty Hats From Paper Plates

1. A Tree Crafted From Paper Plate

DIY How to make Paper Plate Party Hats

This is an easy craft to make. Just carve out the outline shape of tree. This crafty design can be utterly used for decorating the border of windows of your little one’s brand new room.

2. Hat From a Paper Plate

DIY How to make Paper Plate Party Hats

Teach your little one about mother nature but make sure you don’t bore them. For making their learning fun, create a green tree hat and let them wear it and then start elaborating.

3. Heart Crafted From Paper Plate

DIY How to make Paper Plate Party Hats

Craft a heart out of the paper plate. It is easy to make. All you have to do is draw an outline of a heart shape on a paper plate and cut the outline. This craft is idle for decorating the wall.

4. The Heart Hat From Paper Plate

For your daughter or your kid sister and her best friend, create a paper plate hat in the shape of a heart just as the one shown above. This will be perfect for her and her best friend while they play.

5. A Message On The Paper Plate For Your Dear Ones

DIY How to make Paper Plate Party Hats

Create a perfect siblings photo and make it more adorable by creating a hat out of the paper plate and writing their nicknames on it so that when they grow up they have more to reminisce.

6. A Celebration Hat Crafted From Paper Plate

DIY How to make Paper Plate Party Hats

Organise a celebration of your little one or his or her grandmother. Make your younger one look more adorable by crafting a hat that has something fun labelled on it. Refer to the above image for reference.

7. The Crown Of Paper Plate

DIY How to make Paper Plate Party Hats

Create a crown for your little princess. Use her favorite paper late and give it a shape of a crown. This type of crown is suitable even for her school drama function.

8. Rabbit Hat From Paper Plate

Create a rabbit hat for your little one. Cit out the shape of the ear of a rabbit on the paper plate and cut the outline. After you are done with that colour it pink as shown in the image above. You can make these for his or her playdate.

9. Paper Plate Hat For Parties

Paper Plate Hat For Parties

Create some birthday parties hats with a paper plate. Just carve out the shape of the object you want your hat to be and fill them with colours to make more glamorous. Anyone who is above 9 years old can make this.

These were some of the very basic ideas that you can use to either decorate the wall of the room or for a celebration or for your kid playdate. Make sure you invite other members of the family to join you as this will help in making the craft more fun and full of excitement.

If you like this article, make sure you check out other articles from the website and don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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