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20 Lovely and Fun Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids!

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20 Lovely and Fun Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids!

Some of the best crafts to make with kids are made with the simplest supplies. Popsicle stick can be used in so many easy kids’ crafts, whether your kids want to paint a simple bookmark or construct their own sculpture. I’ve always been partial to Popsicle stick crafts! Whether you prefer to buy yours or just wait until your kids have eaten enough popsicles to amass a good sized stick collection, there are hundreds of different crafts that you can help them make with the little wooden slabs.

1. DIY Kids Crafts: How to make Popsicle / Ice Sticks Moving Puppet

2. Moveable stick puppets

3. DIY: How to make Popsicle Stick Craft “Box” at Home

4. Alphabet flower garden

5. DIY: How to make Ice cream stick “Photo frame” at Home

6. Popsicle stick barn house

7. DIY: Popsicle / ICE Sticks Tissue Paper Holder -Christmas / New Year Special

8. Popsicle stick wreath

9. Kids Craft Bookmark – ICE Sticks + Foam Sheet

10. Popsicle stick bookmarks

11. Homemade weaving looms

12. Popsicle stick and button Mother’s Day card

13. Popsicle stick glider

14. Washi tape popsicle stick dolls

15. Popsicle stick play mat

16. Counting hedgehog

17. Popsicle stick fairy door

18. Popsicle stick word spacers

19. Popsicle stick barn animals

20. Popsicle stick picture frame

Hope you like these Popsicle sticks kids crafts.

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