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DIY Popsicle Stick Houses – Make Your Own Home

Popsicle Stick Crafts

DIY Popsicle Stick Houses – Make Your Own Home

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Collect waste popsicle sticks and create stick houses!

Let’s collect popsicle sticks and create our own house. This article here will provide you with all the knowledge that is required for creating a house for popsicle sticks. To create these houses out of popsicle sticks all you need is lots and lots of sticks, some colour to paint them with your favorite colour.

You can create your own version of the house as well, all you need is to think something out of the box and you are ready to do some fun with some craftiness. Therefore, from now to kill your spare time ditch your phone and unbox the creativity and start building your own house from popsicle sticks.

DIY Popsicle Stick Houses

1. The popsicle stick playhouse

Create your own playhouse to fill those empty spaces in shelves. Take some sticks and build a house and dual slides and attach them to either side as shown above. In this way besides killing time, you are adding showpiece to your “decoration pieces” section of shelves.

2. The chimney house of popsicle sticks

Create a chimney playhouse out of popsicle sticks as the image reference given above. After that paint it with your favorite colour. Doing this, one can learn how to do work with proper finishing because creating and drawing this craft needs clear and mini detailing.

3. Create a  hut with those popsicles

Create a mini hut with the popsicle sticks. This is affordably easy to make and draw. You need some basic skills and some basic colour with a good bunch of popsicle sticks.

4. The yellow lowkey basic house

Making this craft is easy as well. And like the one before this one, all you need is some basic stuff and attach theme with some glue. You along with your younger one can make this and this craft will help your younger one to brush and polish the new skills he is developing in the world of art and craft.

5. Rainbow and heart it all up

Make a house of popsicle sticks and paint them in a theme of rainbow colour. Rainbow to add a theme of happiness and heart to add a theme of love. This way your craft radiates a sense of positivity, happiness, love.

6. A basic popsicle stick home

Create a basic popsicle stick basic home. You may not want to colour because some simple dry popsicle sticks will do the magic. This can be done to learn the concept of putting unused stuff to use.

 7. A popsicle stick house with minimalistic colours

The popsicle stick house is of made up of minimalistic colour with a porch. This is very basic and need not much efforts to build one. Here the basic foundation is even made out of popsicle sticks.

8. A house curated from pink coloured popsicle sticks

Here, popsicle sticks oriented home coloured with warm colour giving out the vibes of “happiness”.After making it, you can keep it in your showcase and that would make it look appealing.

9. The green popsicle stick house

Making this green house oriented from popsicle sticks, gives out a sense of “go green” initiative. By doing this you are promoting the initiative of making the world green by planting more and more trees.

10. The duplex popsicle stick house

Create fun duplex house out of popsicle sticks. Paint it with some fun colour and voila you are done. Doing this will teach one way to use the same objects and make different crafts out of them

So, that’s how you can popsicle sticks to make the different design of crafts. In this way, you can explore the art world. Doing this will also kill your spare time in this lockdown. And it does not cost much money. All you need is some decent popsicle sticks and that is sort of easily available.

So, if you liked the article, check out some more from the website. Feedbacks will be appreciated as the feedbacks help us to know if you guys like our work or not.

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