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DIY Homemade Stamp Making Ideas For Children

DIY Homemade Stamp Making Ideas For Children

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DIY Homemade Stamp Making Ideas For Children

Activities for Kids

Playing with stamps is something every child loves to do. All of us remember playing with stamps in our childhood. Homemade stamps are easy and fun to make using simple household items.

One can use these homemade stamps for fabric designing, drawings, and other art and crafts.  Stamps can be made out of fruits and vegetables too and children can keep busy during their free time, playing with them. Let kids enjoy making homemade stamps with the help of DIY homemade stamps for kids and let them create their own stamped artwork.

Make your own stamp collection with the help of DIY homemade stamps for kids. Here are some ideas for stamp making that you can try at home.

Stamp Making Ideas For Children

Citron stamp

Cut a lemon in half and dip the cross-section into some paint. Your stamp is ready.  Stamp the motif onto a white sheet. The patterns made by fruit and vegetable stamps are really pretty. Use the stamp to make any type of pattern that you want for decorating any surface.

Lettuce roses

Let the children get busy making and using their homemade stamps. Make a card and design it using your stamp. The effect of the stamp on fabric is very pretty. Style your clothes wielding these homemade stamps.

Avocado leaf print

This pattern is made using a cut avocado. A leaf pattern is made on the avocado before using it as a stamp. You can also decorate your home using these stamps by creating patterns on plain doors and walls.

Green apple stamp

Salvage your old bags with these stamps. Make quirky designs on your old shopping bags so that you can flaunt them when you go outside.  Children can easily decorate articles with these stamps and make them look stunning.

Cookie star stamp

Fabric designing can be done beautifully using these homemade stamps. These stamps are made out of foam. Desired shapes are cut from the foam to make the stamp. Here the shape is made with the help of a star-shaped cookie cutter.

Citrus limon stamp

You can make lovely art with these homemade stamps. Create amazing color contrasts and impressionistic art with the help of these stamps. Make wonderful patterns and pictures on fabric, cards or just plain paper.

Lettuce poppy stamp

Make beautiful flower patterns with the help of cut lettuce! You can also use different colors all at once for a multi-colored effect. You can enhance almost anything with the help of these stamps.

Potato heart stamp

Image Source/Tutorial: Cap Creations

Make a heart stamp with the help of a potato. Use it to design and accessorize anything you want. Make alluring patterns and pictures using these stamps. Dip your stamp into different colors to make amazing pictures!

  • DIY homemade stamps for kids-Yarn fibers stamp

You can make stamps out of almost anything. Dip this yarn onto paint to make interesting patterns. Create beautiful wall art with the help of these stamps and the patterns they make.

Thread design stamp

Tie threads around a block of wood and dip them in the paint to create this fun pattern. Let’s get creative with these stamps and keep your children busy. Many different patterns can be made using stamps.

Tube heart stamp

Take those cardboard tubes and bend one end to form the shape of a heart. Children can develop their creativity through stamp making. These beautiful heart patterns can be used to design anything special.

Toothpaste cap stamp

Image Source/Tutorial: Poindexter

Use the cap of a toothpaste tube to make circular stamps. Again, just about anything can be turned into a stamp. Create great art using the different patterns and colors of stamps.

Cork stamps

Carve out the end of corks to make beautiful-looking stamps. All children love playing with stamps. Make homemade stamps and let the kids express their artistry.

Mustache eraser stamp

This stamp is really unique. It is made by carving out a mustache on an old eraser. Draw the shape you want for your stamp onto your eraser and carve it out. One can have fun carving out different shapes for stamps.

Paint roller trees stamp

This stamp is made from carving out Christmas trees on a paint roller. Another great use for homemade stamps is to make patterns on paper so that they can be used as gift wrappers.

Stamp making is a really pleasurable activity for both kids and adults. You can create really wonderful pieces of art with stamps. With these ideas, add to your stamp collection and let the kids have fun getting messy with stamps

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