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DIY Creative Reading Corner Ideas for Kids

DIY Creative Reading Corner Ideas for Kids

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DIY Creative Reading Corner Ideas for Kids

Reading books has a lot of benefits, especially when the habit is inculcated within children at a young age. The many benefits are knowing about the world and its workings, learning about new things, developing original thinking, and so on. This becomes more effective when the ambience for reading is suitable with as less noise and external disturbances as possible.

It can be done in quiet, secluded corners of a house where children are granted their safe space for once in a while, a time to themselves. A few such ideas are presented below. Let’s check them out!

Reading Corner Ideas for Kids

DIY Creative Reading Corner Ideas for Kids

1.  In The Midst of Lush Greens

DIY Reading Corner Ideas for Kids In The Midst of Lush Greens

The colour green instils a sense of calm and tranquil in us, helping our mind to focus better on more important tasks on studying and planning. Such a quiet corner in a room seems ideal for sitting down and studying for hours.

2. A wall Adorned With Bookshelves: R.E.A.D

DIY Reading Corner Ideas for Kids A wall Adorned With Bookshelves: R.E.A.D

This corner of a room with books in small racks along the wall seems ideal for a quiet evening with books. The “R.E.A.D” sign on the wall heightens the ambience even more, as kids would be interested to spend time with books here due to the calming nature of the place.

3. Rainbows And Fluffy Clouds

DIY Reading Corner Ideas for Kids Rainbows And Fluffy Clouds

This idea of setting up a rainbow at the wall with a super fluffy cotton cloud on top of it is marvellous. What adds to the charm is the crystals hanging from the cloud symbolizing raindrops as it adds a slice of nature in the study room.

4. A quiet Sanctuary

DIY Reading Corner Ideas for Kids A quiet Sanctuary

Children love it when their study times and story times are as non-distracting as possible. Following that, nothing can be better than adding a curtain partition to the bookshelves which allow the child to discover the joy of reading on their own, and thus, make the most out of the experience.

5. A Little Cozy Bed

DIY Reading Corner Ideas for Kids

There seem only a few things in the world which are better than lying down flat on a couch with a book after a long day at school. This cosy little corner in a room provides a great setting to read and do home tasks by self. The pretty bulbs make the ambience even better.

6. A Dash Of Colour

DIY Reading Corner Ideas for Kids

This photo is particularly eye-catching as the contrast of bright colours is captured beautifully, creating a vibrant, uplifting mood to energize youngsters after a tiring day of learning at school. There’s a lush green faux carpet laid down on the ground to simulate a feeling of lying on the grass while reading, Which is quite peaceful.

7. Calming Monochromes With A Dash Of Yellow

DIY Reading Corner Ideas for Kids

In comparison to the room in the above photo which was energetic, this room gives off a calm, more concentrated vibes. The principal colour is primarily grey with occasional earthy yellows to balance the hues. The books atop the shelves sit tidily, as the plush toys bring in some freshness. Overall, this seems like a great room for children aged 10-15 years.

8. Under The Shade Of A Forest

DIY Reading Corner Ideas for Kids Under The Shade Of A Forest

This corner simulates a lush forest, unmistakably with the tree prop, the cushions as rocks and then that of wild animals. This can be a great way to teach kids to connect with nature as access to greenery is not always affordable to those who live in cities and towns.

9. Under A Tree In A Cozy Corner

Under A Tree In A Cozy Corner

We saw in the above photo the concept of reading under a faux forest. In the veins of the same, we see here a student sitting on a couch under a tree reading. Creating the paper leaves and the tree in itself can be a great creative pastime for kids, and it also adds to the vibrant nature of a classroom.

10. My Tiny Space

My Tiny Space

This space has to be the most adorable one out of the pictures of reading spaces so far under this post. The comfy pillows with the storybooks give off a vibe of homeliness, thus creating an amazing physical comfort zone where the child can sit and relax while reading.

11. Reading On A Mattress

Reading On A Mattress

Here we spy a tiny cute mattress lying on the ground to provide some relief instead of reading on the hard ground in the room. The R.E.A.D. blocks make a return here on the wall, making the atmosphere an endearing mix of cosy and quirky.

12. Two Friends Side by Side

Two Friends Side by Side

Here we see two friends enjoying their time together by sitting side by side on two couches at a quiet reading place. They’re busy with books in their hands, reading. This picture presents a serene image, with books and crafts decorating the shelves and names of animals hung at the left upper corner of the picture.

In this post above, we saw so many calming reading rooms which could be taken as inspirations for decorating our children’s rooms to make a suitable place for them to study. The examples range from calm, serene to bright and cheery to match the temperament and mood of the child, or the degree of their introversion or extroversion. Creating separate reading rooms can prove to be beneficial for children and guardians alike, allowing a separate growth space for children and their young minds, separate from the mundane environment of the adults’ household.

Thank you for reading this post! If you liked it, kindly leave feedback in the comments down below. Please visit other posts on this website again!

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