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Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas for Classroom Decoration

Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas for Classroom Decoration


Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas for Classroom Decoration

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Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas to Brighten up Your Classroom with different colors. Let’s check some unique classroom display ideas!

A speck of rainbow colours is required to amp up learning for young children in classes, which can often be dreary and dull given the strict nature of studies in school curricula these days.

Colourful classrooms make the learning environment for children much more comfortable and welcoming, increasing eagerness in kids to carry in with their studies. It’s even better when kids can be a part of these classroom decorations planning. Exciting rainbow colour schemes can be introduced in various ways. A few examples with pictures are described below as follows.

Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas

1. New friends are at the end of our rainbow

New friends are at the end of our rainbow

Here in this gorgeous board we see a rainbow created with satin ribbons describing the purity of friendship as the statement in the title says. The dreamy quality of the installation is further enhanced by the cotton wool stuck at both the bottom sides of the rainbow. Overall, this carries a positive, uplifting message.

2. Bonding: Rainbow bond

Bonding: Rainbow bond

The bond between children us one of the purest things in earth and another thing which can be compared to it in terms of purity and innocence is the joy of seeing a rainbow for the first time. This craft work of paper frills celebrates that pure joy of childhood.

3. You are a rainbow of possibilities

You are a rainbow of possibilities

Possibilities carry us on towards fulfilling more in life, the possibility of being happier, being closer to each other, the possibility of tomorrow being better than today or what yesterday was. Children, being especially receptive, need to be educated about the importance of possibilities in life. This board is a prime example.

4. Bookshelf in the form of a painting

Bookshelf in the form of a painting

Bookshelves do not always have to be dull, as they are often made out to be. Eye-catching bookshelves are necessary to draw children towards books and thus cultivate their reading habits to gather knowledge about the world. A thoughtful approach to a well-decorated colourful thus works wonders to attract kids to the right place.

5. Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush

Attitude is the mind's paintbrush

We have often heard that attitude and not aptitude is the way to achieving in life. The statement holds true as in many cases we have seen it that the attitude of an individual towards accomplishing a certain task proves to drive them further than their aptitude, or skills at it. Where learned knowledge fails, enthusiasm reigns.

6. You fit right in!

Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas for Classroom Decoration

Fitting into new surroundings has to be one of the most overwhelming experience for children and teenagers alike. To combat this fear of not getting along, welcoming messages at the front of classrooms in primary schools leave a warm impact and ensure a safe space for the development of the child.

7. Eat a rainbow

Eat a rainbow

Fruits and vegetables in the form of a beautiful installation can be seen in the above picture. Starting from the top curved row, to the bottom down below, there are fruits and vegetables arranged according to the colours of the rainbow. Passing by this board regularly might inspire children to eat their veggies in a fun, non-preachy way.

8. The friendly neighbourhood

friendly neighbourhood

The blue sheet at the background resembles the blue sky, amidst which a rainbow shines filled with positive keywords. The names of the pupils written make sure every student is visible amongst each other, each sitting on a fluffy cloud.

9. The importance of reading

importance of reading

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”- this quotes touches upon the importance of cultivating a habit of reading early on in life. The mind is an ever-growing garden: the more species of plants, the better, the richer.

10. True colours

Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas for Classroom Decoration

True colours here refers to the true abilities, true talents, and most importantly, true potential of an individual. When someone realizes their true colours, they become the wholesome human being they were destined to be from the very beginning.

11. The beauty of diversity

The beauty of diversity

Imagine if the world was the same throughout. Same cuisine of food, same clothes, similar people everywhere. It would have been so boring. We wouldn’t have known about the varieties of the aspects of life that are there. After all, differences make us human, and embracing our differences to include each other in everyday life activities is an extremely respectable and necessary trait.

12. Kid, you’ll move mountains!

Kid, you'll move mountains

If we set our mind to it, nothing is impossible. Almost. Such beliefs need to be instilled in children from a tender age such that they view every task in the world as achievable, doable. Nothing should hold them back from accomplishing their dreams, throughout their life.

13. Look forward

Look forward

Optimism gets us ahead in life, doubting ourselves does not. A new year means new possibilities, new opportunities and new goals. If we learn to cultivate this mindset and take things in stride, life becomes much easier and interesting.

14. Be a rainbow to someone else’s cloud

Be a rainbow to someone else's cloud

Striving to make someone else happy in a day can be a great goal to begin with. As responsible human beings, trying to make a positive difference in people’s lives can be a noble thing to do, and it spreads joy; and that leads to even more joy being spread.

15. For the keyboard

For the keyboard - Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas for Classroom Decoration

Here above, the ten fingers of the hand are colour coded with specific keys of the keyboard depending upon the reach of each particular finger on various zones of the keyboard. It would in most cases be effective to type if this thumb rule is followed, and this is especially helpful for young children learning to type.

16. Aim high!

Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas for Classroom Decoration

Never settle for low values. Realize your fullest potential, set the sky as the limit. This is a great mantra for motivating youngsters to never stop chasing their dreams, no matter how unattainable at first they may seem. The idea is beautifully depicted as colourful hands reaching upwards, towards a perceived sky.

17. Betterment bulletin

Betterment bulletin

This bulletin is probably one of the best things that any person could ever come across. These days, probably everyone is struggling through something or the other at any point in their life, and this applies to children and adults alike as well. With stress levels rising each day due to rising expectations of society on people, such an encouragement bulletin is a much needed welcome break and can serve as a motivator to carry on in life.

18. A good student

Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas for Classroom Decoration

Moral codes are extremely necessary to raise good citizens, and it can be done by setting the rules up in simple words where they are easily accessible to all to see and learn from. Class discipline such as attentiveness, polite manners, keeping hands and feet to oneself should be taught and always encouraged gently. This is one of the very key steps needed to make learning fun for kids.

19. Weekly focus

Weekly focus - Rainbow Bulletin Board Ideas for Classroom Decoration

New letters, numbers, shapes etc needed to be taught in a fun, interactive way such that children are interested to discuss further the topic, and not in a way that appears intimidating to them. By making such a board which can change it’s focus words in a week, and sometimes recycle old terms, children can grow up quite informed and well-round.

20. Making maths fun

Making maths fun

Maths is fun, and should thus be treated such. It’s sad to see the hesitancy around maths in people, which can often be a result of not being exposed to fun learning methods from an early age. By setting up fun boards luke this which clearly demonstrate operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, we can learn a lot. Especially the above example is very interesting as we see that a combination of many numbers and many operations yield the same number, at last, 11.

Thus in all the above rainbow bulletin board ideas, we saw prime examples of education being great fun for children, incorporating positive messages, learning methods, new subjects and numbers with a colourful appeal. This enables young kids to be curious and learn more, and stick to the subject matter more, without being too dry about it. As much as it was enjoyable writing this post, it would be great if you share you thoughts down below in the comments. If you like this post, make sure to visit other posts on this website too!

Thank you and have a great day ahead!

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