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Christmas Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

Christmas Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids


Christmas Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

Aah…good ol’ popsicle sticks. You buy the bulk box at the craft store and feel like you will have craft sticks for the rest of your life haha! Here are some adorable Christmas popsicle stick crafts/ornaments to make and use them up. They make great gifts for parents, grandparents, etc. for the holidays (and they’re cheap too!) To get the instructions on how to make them, just click on the link under the photos.

Beautiful Popsicle Stick Crafts for kids

Christmas Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

Popsicle Christmas crafts

This is a beautiful Popsicle craft. It is really easy to make. Take three Popsicle sticks, clean and dry them. Now paint these three Popsicle in green paint. Make a triangular shape using these three Popsicle sticks. Now cut a stem from a brown cardboard sheet to finish it off. You can decorate this beautiful Christmas tree using colorful buttons of different sizes. Also add a yellow or golden stars on top of the Christmas tree.

This is a beautiful Snowman door hanger. Start by cleaning and drying the Popsicle sticks. Now take five Popsicle sticks and stick them side by side to each other. Take one more Popsicle stick and paste it on an angle at about 3/4 of the height of the Popsicle sticks. Now paint the upper portion including the angular Popsicle in black paint and rest of area in white paint. Use a red ribbon to decorate the black area which is the hat of the snowman. Also add a loop using the red ribbon loop. Make a mouth of the snowman using black felt cloth. Now stick two googly eyes on the mouth. Also add an orange nose to the snowman door hanger.

These are some really pretty Reindeer crafts using Popsicle sticks. These are some photograph frame based crafts. You can start by collecting four Popsicle sticks for each reindeer craft. Now make a rectangle using the Popsicle sticks. Cut a base of paper, and paste it at the back of the rectangle. Now take a cardboard sheet and cut the ears, face and tail from the cardboard sheet. Paint the rectangle frame and the face, ears and the tail in brown paint. Join everything together. Stick a small red pom pom at the tip of the face. Stick two googly eyes on the face. Use a brown pipe cleaner to make the horns of the reindeer. make a loop of ribbon to help in hanging the reindeer craft.

This is a really beautiful Christmas hat hanging using Popsicle sticks. Take two Popsicle sticks and clean them. Now paint the two Popsicle sticks in red paint. Join these two red colored Popsicle sticks to make a V-shape. Take a plain Popsicle stick and use it to join the two ends of the V-shape. Paste cotton balls on top of the plain Popsicle stick. Also add a cotton ball on to of the V-shape. Use a ribbon loop to hang this beautiful Popsicle Christmas hat craft.

Beautiful Reindeer crafts

This beautiful reindeer craft starts with clean and dry popsicle sticks. Now stick this sticks side by side and paint one side in brown paint. Once the paint has dried, start by pasting a red pom pom for nose, two googly eyes. Use twigs for the horns of the reindeer.

Elves are very important for Christmas decoration. Let us make some elves using popsicle sticks. Clean and dry the popsicle sticks and join them wuth each other side to side. Use a felt cloth to make the triangular hat of the elf. Also cut out ears for the elf from a piece of cardboard. Now take some cotton and line the edges of the hat of the elf. Add a red pom pom to the tip of the hat of the elf. Use a sharpie pen to add details to the elf.

Let us make some easy Christmas tree hangings using popsicle sticks. Keep about five popsicle sticks in a stack and fan them out. Now stick the popsicle sticks in place. Add a ribbon loop on the top to help in hanging the Christmas tree ornament. Now paint this Christmas tree in green color and add decoration pieces to beautify it. You can even wrapp a pipe cleaner around the tree.

This is an easy to make sled ornament. Your kids will love to make some of these for themselves and their friends. Start by cleaning and drying the popsicle sticks. Now stick the popsicle sticks side by side to make a platform. Now paint this platform in the rightful colors of Christmas. Now add two horizontal popsicle sticks to the sled. Paint them in red color. Make a beautiful boundary for the photograph of your kid to be placed inside. Add a photograph of your kid inside the decorative piece. You can write Merry Christmas or 2019 on the horizontal sticks using a sharpie pen.

Snowman and other Christmas crafts

This is a beautiful photo frame based DIY craft. Take three large sized popsicle sticks. Now make a small square frame using these popsicle sticks painted in white paint. Make a base for the square piece. Add a photograph of your loved one in the square piece. Cut a circular piece from hard stock sheet and make the face of the snowman using this round piece. Add a black hat, shoes and red gloves to the snowman made of foam sheet. Add details to the snowman using black sharpie pen or black sheet cut outs.

You can make this colorful Christmas tree ornament by taking a base large sized popsicle stick. Now cut different sized pieces of popsicle sticks. Paint the different sized pieces in different bright colors. Stick these different sized pieces onto the main popsicle stick painted in brown. Now add decorative sequins, buttons and glitter to decorate this Christmas tree ornament. Add a ribbon loop to help in hanging the ornament.

This snowflake craft is easy to make and only requires three popsicle sticks. Take three popsicle sticks and clean them and then dry them. Paint the three popsicle sticks in white paint. Join these three popsicle sticks from the centre. Now design this snowflake in any way you like.

This reindeer popsicle stick craft is really easy to make. Start with four popsicle sticks. Clean and dry them. Now paint all the four popsicle sticks in brown paint. Make a triangle using three popsicle sticks. Leave two popsicle protruding outwards from the top. Cut the edges from the fourth popsicle stick. Now add these edges to the meeting points of the two popsicle sticks. Add two googly eyes and a bright red pom pom to the reindeer craft to make it more beautiful.

Easy to make popsicle crafts





Beautiful popsicle crafts

This beautiful nativity ornament can be made by using paints and popsicle sticks. Start by cleaning and drying the popsicle sticks. Now make the framework of the hut. This is easy to make. Now add an angel to the top of the hut. Add a golden glitter pipe cleaner to make the halo of the angel. Make a little baby from a piece of popsicle stick and cover it in robes. Make a mother and father of the baby to complete the nativity ornament.

Angels are the fairies of Heaven. We all eish to meet one of the fairies one day. To make these pristine white angels for Christmas start with three popsicle sticks which are big in size. Fan them out and stick together. Paint the popsicle sticks in white color. Now take small sized popsicle and stick them to the sides like the hands of the angel. Make a star for the angels to hold. Now make wings for the angels using foam sheet. Add a bead as the head of the angel. Use a ribbon or thread loop to help in hanging the angel.

These Popsicle stick snowflakes are really easy to make. Start by cleaning and drying 4 popsicle sticks. Now stick them to each other in the shape of a star. Now once the popsicle sticks have been stuck together, decorate the popsicle sticks using glitter and sparkles. Add a ribbon loop at the top to hang the Christmas star.

This Popsicle toy soldier craft is really easy to make. Cut one side edges of the Popsicle sticks. Now join them together from the cut side. Two taken at a time together. Join the Popsicle sticks sideways to get a complete grid of four Popsicle sticks. Now join two more Popsicle sticks as the arms of the soldier. Now paint this soldier toy framework in the right colors. Use a black sharpie pen to add details to the soldier toy craft.

We hope you liked this article on beautiful Popsicle crafts for Christmas. We wish all out readers, Merry Christmas. We will come up with more such articles to make your Christmas bright and beautiful. You can check out other related articles. We would love to hear your feedback. You can leave your opinion and comments in the comments section below.

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