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Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Children

24 Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Children


Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Children

Get into the holiday spirit with delightful Christmas ornament crafts that children will love creating and cherishing.

Kids love helping with Christmas decorations, and they’re going to really love making them! Looking for a fun activity for you and the kiddos on these cold winter days? Kids especially love the globe ornaments, so I even included a section of just those! So call the kids over as you scroll through these and decide which ornament you’ll make today! And then choose another to make tomorrow! I think you’ll have enough to do one each day until Christmas! These 24 Christmas Ornaments Crafts Kids Can Make are going to brighten your tree, and give you plenty of fun play time together on these cold winter days.

Easy Christmas Ornaments Craft for Children

Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Children

Easy Christmas Ornaments Craft for Kids

Every year we look forward to Christmas with fervor. Christmas is one of the largest celebrated festivals all over the world. We always look forward to decorating our homes with beautiful decorative pieces every Christmas eve. We have brought to you some of the easy-to-make Christmas Ornamental Crafts your kids can also make. Such craft activities will surely keep your kids engaged and happy all through their Christmas holidays. Let us check out some Easy to make Christmas crafts to make this Christmas.

Beautiful Yarn Christmas ball

This colorful and bright woolen tree-hanging Ornaments decoration is for Christmas. This cute and sturdy hanging brings in a lot of color to the Christmas tree. You can start with a plastic ball and wind the yarn around it. Now take the ball out of the windings. And seal the windings in place. Hang the colorful yarn ball from the Christmas tree to adorn it. You may even add glitter to the yarn.

Popsicle Christmas Craft Kids Can Make

This is a beautiful Christmas adoration for your home or classroom. Take three popsicles. Clean them and paint them in the color of your choice. Now stick these popsicles together end to end forming a triangular shape. You may add glitter to the surface of the painted popsicles. Now take some bright colored buttons and stick them to the triangular popsicle structure. Add a star to the top of the triangle. This looks great and can be put up in any corner of the house.

Beautiful Styrofoam Tree Hanging Ornament

Take a big-sized styrofoam ball for this beautiful hanging craft. Now get some plastic flowers to add to the styrofoam ball. Take some ole pins with a colored head. Stick the colorful flowers to the styrofoam sheet with glue and add the oils pins to be secure the sticking of the flowers.

Learn To Make Creative Paper Snowflake Ornaments

Learn To Make Creative Paper Snowflake Ornament Craft 

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This creative paper snowflake ornament craft is a fun and easy activity to do with the whole family. It is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and add a special touch to your decorations. Spread some holiday cheer and make your own paper snowflake ornaments!

Unique Christmas Ornamental Decoration craft

This is a beautiful ornamental Christmas craft. Start with oblong, colorful beads. Sort the beads according to the colors. Pass the beads through a colored thread. You may use a wire to thread the beads for a sturdy design. Now mold and bend the design in different shapes and hang it from the Christmas tree. This beautiful Christmas Ornamental craft gives you a chance to unleash your creativity to the fullest.

Christmas Decorations made from Cork

This is a cute little cork man ornamental design for Christmas decorations. You can create this simple cork man using some old cork. Take three pieces of cork. Stick them to each other side to side. On one side of this design add a bright felt hat. Add two googly eyes to the cork man. Draw the mouth of the cork man with a red marker. Add a contrasting green ribbon to help in hanging the cork man in place.

Fluorescent tree hanging balls

These fluorescent Christmas tree balls are really easy to design. Start by buying some beautiful fluorescent Christmas balls. Take a thumb impression on the fluorescent ball. Add a red dot for the nose of the reindeer. Use a black marker for the eyes and to draw the horns of the reindeer. You can add more such reindeer on the surface of the fluorescent balls. These designer fluorescent balls look great.

Beautiful Christmas Craft for kids

This is a beautiful Christmas tree hanging ball. You can make this beautiful patterned Christmas ball with the help of bright spray paints. Take a metallic base Christmas tree hanging ball. Start spraying bright colorful spray paints. Let the ball dry. After some time you will observe beautiful, colorful patterns on the Christmas ball. You may add red and green quills to the sides of the hanging ball.

Colorful and Bright decorative hangings for Christmas

These gumball orbs are sumptuously beautiful. These gumballs are tasty and bright. They will surely add an element of sweetness to your life. Just go on take some styrofoam ball and stick on the gumballs on its surface with the help of edible glue. This will make it a beautiful show of your skills. Your guests would even be amazed to see such a beautiful creation.

Easy to make Christmas hanging ornaments using felt foam and red buttons

Your kids would love to realize this easy to make hangings using felt foam. Make an outline of the hand of your child on a felt foam sheet. Cut two such shapes one larger in size than the other. You may take the imprint of your hand for the larger hand cut-out. Now stick them together at the base at an angle. Add some bright red buttons at the point of contact of the two hands.

Beautifully designed tree hanging ball

This is a beautiful Christmas tree hanging. Buy a shiny metallic finish hanging ball. Dip your hand in white paint and make an imprint of your hand at the base of the Christmas ball. Make snowmen out of the white finger imprints. Add a felt cloth muffler to the necks of the snowmen for the added effect. Make the mouth, nose, eyes, and other features with the help of a Sharpie pen.

Easy to make Penguins in a cup hanging ornaments

Penguins signify winters as just like snowmen. So, you can go for penguins in place of Snowman. In this craft idea, you can make the penguins with the help of clay or pom pom balls. Color the pom poms black and white to make them look as penguins’ bodies. Draw the legs and nose on the balls or cut them out from an orange-colored sheet. Attach the eyes and then keep them in the plastic glass as done in the image. This can be hanged easily with the thread.

Decorations in a glass ball Christmas decorations

The simplest and the easiest idea of decorating the glass ball for Christmas. All you have to do is place a good number of red jingle bells and golden small jingle bells in the transparent glass ball. Now add a few more other Christmas decorating pieces and then at last fill the ball quarterly with white stones for the snowy look. Shake the mixture well and cover the opening with a small cloth or felt paper. Cover the opening with glitter.

Goblin hangings for Christmas

Christmas’s major element is winters. Making it look like winter season all around the house brings the essence of Christmas automatically. So you can craft these goblins with the help of beads and ribbons. Draw the faces of the goblins and make it look like they are properly covered because of cold.  You can hang them from the cap or keep them on the shelves. You may even hang them at your door.

Beautiful beaded hangings for Christmas

Another use of beads is making Christmas items as done in the image. The major colors used for Christmas decorations are white & red. You can add a few other color beads so that they don’t look monochromatic. Tie these items with wool so that they can be hanged easily while decorating the house.

Pine cone hanging ornaments for Christmas

If you have a pine cone at your house, this can be of great use. You can also get it from the market if you want to go for this idea. Join small sized pom poms in between randomly with the help of glue. Make sure to use different colors to make it look colorful as the pine cone has a dull appearance. You can join a thread at the top of it after this. We will ask you to avoid hanging this craft piece and keep it on the table or shelf.

Family members hanging decorations

Coming to the family members, to make them feel loved and cared for, you can ask your kids to draw the cartoons of all the members of the family. Now cut these cartoons and frame the as shown in the above image. You can easily pass a thread from the top to hang the frames on the Christmas tree. Don’t forget to write the names of the members too as you can trust the drawings of the kids, thus making sure that every family member has at least one frame.

Green and white Christmas tree hangings

More for your Christmas tree hangings. This idea of Christmas crafts is both alluring and easy to make. All you have to do is take green color balls and tie white ribbons longitudinally such that the ribbons divide the ball into equal areas. You can use crotchet of white, green and red threads to decorate these ribbons or other items such as buttons, beads, or sparkle tape. Tie any beautiful knot at the top and hang these balls with the same white ribbons. You can color some regions of the balls with white color also.

Beautiful Snowball hangings for Christmas

As we have told earlier that snowman lightens up the Christmas celebrations because of the winter effect. Thus, you can use this craft idea by first filling a glass ball with white snowballs or similar looking material. Draw the face of the snowman on the glass ball and use pom pom balls and a pipe cleaner for covering the head as shown. This snow man ball looks really sweet and charming.

Christmas star decorations using Twigs and ropes

You can easily find twigs in your garden because of the winter season. You can use these twigs to craft a star and join them together with the help of plastic ropes of different colors as shown in the image. You can hang this Christmas star outside your house at the front door or at the backside.

Colorful hangings using wool

The wool has its own significance when it comes to Christmas and Winter. You can craft different shapes with different patterns to hang in your house during this season. You can create this ring by rounding the wool on any circular object such as bangles for kids or curtain clips. This will give support and strength to the structure and will last long.

Christmas tree hangings using tree twigs

Another use of twigs can be cutting the twigs in various sizes and crafting a Christmas tree by pasting these twigs in ascending order of their size on a strip. Tie a thread or pipe cleaner at the top for hanging. You can also color these twigs with dark green paint before joining them together and giving them a real look.

Beautiful star shaped Ornaments with strings

This craft has its own uniqueness. It genuinely looks handmade and can go for any type of festival decoration. Start with cutting large-sized stars from the cardboard sheet and coloring them with white paint. You can also stick white sheets on them in place of color. Now, take different threads of different colors and wrap them around stars one by one. You can go in any direction and make sure the threads are tightly knotted at the end. Hand them near the doors for enhancing the entrances.

Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Children

We hope you loved all these beautiful and bright Christmas ornamental Crafts for kids to make this Christmas. We wish we would be able to bring cheer to the faces of your children. We wish you Merry Christmas. Do share your experience and feedback with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you. Do check out some of the other related articles. We will soon come up with more such Christmas preparation articles.

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Kids Art & Craft
  • 24 Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Children
  • Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Children
  • 24 Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Children
  • Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Children
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