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24 Beautiful Stained Glass Art Projects for Kids

24 Beautiful Stained Glass Art Projects for Kids

DIY and Crafts

24 Beautiful Stained Glass Art Projects for Kids

Activities for Kids

Beautiful, bright stained glass is something kids are drawn to. The rainbow of broken colors and shapes are like puzzles of light. Truly a sight to behold. Here’s 24 Beautiful Stained Glass Crafts for Kids that look just like stained glass! That will let you bring that beauty into your home and let your kids create their own mini masterpieces. Happy Crafting!

“There is no must in art because art is free.”
-Wassily Kandinsky

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids

art and craft is the activity of making things with hands. Generally, art and craft is a hobby. As a result, it is mostly liked by kids. On the other hand, adults also like this. There are lots of schools in this world where students can learn about this activity. Art and craft are gaining increasing importance in all aspects of life.

Along with the development of science, logic, and math, art and science are essential for a harmonious and peaceful development of society. It is also very therapeutic, there are various forms of arts and crafts such as origami, painting, sketching, drawing, crochet and glass painting or stained glass. Today we are going to share some ideas for glass painting.

1. The Colorful Butterfly

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids The Colorful Butterfly

Make this stunning creature using acrylic paint. Make the outlines with black acrylic paint and fill in the colors. Make this beautiful creature and teach your kids the same. It is an excellent way of developing a child’s brain, fine motor skills, and creativity.

2. The faces

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids The faces

Make this subtle painting of faces. First, draw the outlines of faces, specs, and the mouth using black paint and then ask children to fill in using different colors. It is a good way of teaching painting and drawing o  beginners for the glass is a perfectly smooth canvas.

3. The Fishes

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids The Fishes

Make these beautiful fishes. First, draw the outlines of the fishes using black paint. Ask your students to draw and paint the fishes with colors of their choice and also learn at least the names of ten different fishes. It is a very nice way of learning amidst extra-curricular activities.

4. Pattern Painting On Glass

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids Pattern Painting on Glass

Make this beautiful pattern painting by dropping colors of your choice and then following the brush in the same manner all over. Choose 3-4 colors of your choice and drop them on the glass canvas and then work with your brush smoothly. It is very therapeutic and stress releasing. Children will have a broader perspective of shades of colors.

5. Leaves With Patterns

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids Leaves With Patterns

Make these awesome leaves by first drawing outlines of leaf shapes and then fill it in with different colors using pattern painting. If you wish to decorate your balconies, pain them on the windowpane or the glass doors and these will look absolutely stunning, you can also decorate your school by painting these on the window panes.

6. The Pattern Painting Photo Frames

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids The Pattern Painting Photo Frames

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids The Pattern Painting Photo Frames

These three shown below are the pictures of photo frames of glass made creative using glass painting. This is a very innovative idea of decorating a simple glass photo frame and gifting to your loved ones. People will absolutely love this for its uniqueness and your thoughtfulness. Use these as hand made return gifts for your child’s Birthday party. Ask your child to make some on his own and then give to his/ her friends. It will also bring feeling of compassion in children

7.  Spongebob Glass Painting

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids Spongebob Glass Painting

Make this cute SpongeBob glass painting with your child. You can cut out and paste scrap papers first for the hair, eyes, and the outline of the face. Further, ask your child to fill in the colors. Ask children/students to make one cartoon of their choice. Use this idea to decorate the kids’ room.

8. The Lamp

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids The Lamp

Create this exquisite lamp using glass painting. Join four rectangular thin slabs of glass and a base to get this structure. Further, make blocks and paint it using colorful acrylic colors. Put a lantern or lights inside it and decorate it in your living room. This is a great idea for decorating your house in festivals such as Diwali and Christmas. You can also make small lamps and use them for the decorations of a party.

9. Text With Glass Painting

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids Text With Glass Painting 

Write messages and texts using glass painting. Write the text using black acrylic paint and then fill in colors. Ask children to write the names of their friends and messages for them. This is a great idea for teaching children thoughtfulness. These can be used to gift friends and family with nice messages or their names written using calligraphy and then painted with colors. People will love this gesture of yours.

10. The Owl Stained Painting

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids The Owl Stained Painting

Make this extremely gorgeous owl painting using acrylic paint on glass. Make the outline of the owl’s body and then fill colors in it. It is an amazing way of decorating the kids’ rooms. It is a vibrant and cute glass painting. This art will interest children immensely and help in improving their manual dexterity and creative mind and skills.

11. The Pattern Painting

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids The Pattern Painting

The Pattern Painting

Make this stunning piece of art by throwing paint and brushes in a beautiful way on the glass canvas. Ask children to make patterns and use vibrant colors. Enhance the child’s knowledge about colors and patterns. It is a great way through which children can express themselves and will evolve more socially and academically.

12. The Thread Patterns

Easy and Creative Glass Painting Ideas for Kids The Thread Patterns
Cover threads in black paint and then place them on these round glass discs and then use paintbrushes to paint tints of acrylic colors. Ask children to paint and draw their own designs and color them. Use these to decorate your homes and classrooms. You can use them to decorate your Diwali party and also decorate these on your Christmas trees.

13. Pattern Glass Painting

Pattern Glass Painting

Make this glass painting consisting of irregular shapes and sizes and give this amazing casual look to your simple drawing by filling in vibrant acrylic colors. These are some of the easiest and most common paintings used to teach kids and beginners.

14. The One Using Tapes

The One Using Tapes

Decorate your Halloween with this awesome pumpkin craft. First, make an outline of the pumpkin and then cover it using orange tape, then fill the pumpkin using different colored tapes and make the eyes and mouth using black sketch or tape. Make many such patterns of your choice on the glass doors and windows and celebrate your festival. When you work with kids on such things, you can explain to them the significance of festivals while making the crafts and children will get engrossed in learning.

15. Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

Make a gorgeous Christmas Tree by using your handmade crafts. Use colorful tapes to make small circular rings and then join them together and put them on your Christmas tree. It is a lovely way of decorating your house for parties and Christmas trees. You will find many more interesting and amazing ideas about Christmas decorations in other posts on our website.

16. Glass Bottle Painting

Glass Bottle Painting

Customize your own water bottle of glass with your own hands using glass painting and decorate it in whichever way you like. Glass is a great canvas and this form of art requires immense creativity and determination and that way it is very helpful in the overall development of a child.

17. Halloween Pumpkins Craft

Halloween Pumpkins Craft

As described above use colorful tapes to make these Halloween pumpkins and paste them on glass doors and windows. Ask children to make one craft for each festival and help them learn about every festival in this beautiful manner.

18. The Funky Neck-Piece

The Funky Neck-Piece 

Make this extremely funky neck-piece using craft sheets and cardboard. Cut out these leaf-shaped pieces and cover them with different colored papers. You can wear this on your Halloween costume or even gift it to someone.

19. Modern Art

Modern Art

Modern Art has been gaining much popularity these days. You can always try to make some at an initial stage by blending in colors together that contrast or match or complement each other. Ask kids to do these and they will learn how to use colors and brushes in a better way.

20. The liner Glass Painting

The liner Glass Painting

Make this perfect glass painting by drawing lines and then filling them with contrasting colors. It is very satisfying and relaxing to do these if you are interested in art and paintings. You can decorate these simple yet beautiful paintings in your living rooms and even gift to your loved ones.

21. The One Using Bangles

The One Using Bangles

Dip bangle in black acrylic paint and then make patterns as shown in the picture below. Work with children on these and fill in various colors very carefully. Make groups and assign several such paintings and arts to kids. Children learn working harmoniously and also culminate teamwork.

22. Modern Glass Painting

Modern Glass Painting

Make this beautiful pattern on your glass/ bottles using acrylic paint. Enhance your skills and you can also paint sets of these and gift something handmade to your loved ones. This will not only enhance your skills but also is economic as it helps to save money by cutting down expenses on gifting and decoration.

Try all these beautiful paintings and artworks and enhance your skills and your kid’s knowledge. It is an amazing way of learning. Make the most out of this lockdown and emerge out as a more talented person and develop your child’s personality and mental level through these enjoyable art sessions. Glass is a perfect canvas and requires intricate skills and determination and you inculcate all these traits naturally by doing this form of art. Connect to us by commenting and check out other posts on our website related to art, kids, fashion, and festivals.

Activities for Kids
  • 24 Beautiful Stained Glass Art Projects for Kids
  • 24 Beautiful Stained Glass Art Projects for Kids
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