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DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids

22 DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids

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DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids

Activities for Kids

Discover a world of friendship and creativity with our colorful and easy-to-make friendship bracelets for kids.

Best Humans Are My Friend Already!

Your kids are going to love making these beautiful DIY bracelets. Cut strips of scrap fabric into long, thin rectangles. Punch holes into the fabric, making each one about an inch away from the next. You can tie the ends with a bow. Show them these 22 Beautiful DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids. From friendship to fashion, these bracelets use materials like Lego’s and Starburst wrappers to make a truly unique style statement.

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids

Missing friends right now??? Definitely, most of them will answer yes for this. Life is boring without a bunch of people around you. They make you cry, laugh, sing, dance and bring out the best in you. Give the best you can for such friends. True friends expect only memories from you, not anything else.

Easy To Make Cardboard Tube Flower Bracelet Craft For Kids

Easy To Make Cardboard Tube Flower Bracelet Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This craft is great for kids as it is easy to make and uses materials like cardboard tubes and colorful paper. The result is a beautiful flower bracelet that kids will be proud to show off. With minimal effort, kids can make fun and stylish accessory.

1. Your Mine Always

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Your Mine Always

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftsbyamanda

Threads are not just exchanged during the marriage. They are a symbol of love and care. Tie these to your best friends and say them to stay with you forever. This can be done so easily. Let’s others get jealous of your friendship. If it is a squad, creat many and have it like a friendship goal.

2. Bands And Bands

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Bands And Bands

Image Source/Tutorial: Kidsactivitiesblog

Is Friendship day the only day to convey your love?? Make your friends special at any time of the year. Do this kind of stuff and make them hate you a lot. These don’t take much of time.

3. Bead Love

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Bead Love

Collect beads of various colours and kind. Join them and gift your friends. Give it to a fashion freak and they really enjoy them.

4. Button Joy

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Button Joy

These big bands give your hand a perfect look. These are big as your Love towards your friend.

5. Squad Goals

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Squad Goals

Image Source/Tutorial: Heywandererblog

We fight daily, we hug daily, we sing daily, we dance daily…Because WE ARE A SQUAD.

Life is cool with a group of friends. They will be with you forever no matter what happens. Give each of them a band and watch them fighting for the hands.

6. Friendship Is Simple

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Friendship Is Simple

Image Source/Tutorial: Babbledabbledo

Simple bands can be made of simple things like this. These are so simple but give a big smile on your friend’s face. This is so cool and heartwarming.

7. Box Bands

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Box Bands

Image Source/Tutorial: Happyhooligans

Bands can even be made up of cardboard. These are so classy to look at. Your best friend will surely love it. Have a happy conversation with them.

8. Flower Band

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Flower Band

Image Source/Tutorial: Myplumpudding

We all have that one friend who loves flowers a lot. They admire nature very much. These look so nice and gives the feel of nature. Conversations with a best friend can change your life a lot.

9. Colourful Life

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Colourful Life

Life is colourful when you have people who love and admire you. Give such people more love and care than they expect. Appreciate them for tolerating you to the extent.

10. Elegant

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids Elegant


Enjoy life to the fullest. Appreciate people who do everything for you. These bands are easy to make and they are simple.

11. Remembering Childhood!

Remembering Childhood

Image Source/Tutorial: Picklebums

YES, these bands are frequently used by us during childhood. School friends are so special no matter what. Remember childhood and remember school friends. Make them special by giving them these.

12. Lego Bands

Lego Bands

Image Source/Tutorial: Thecentsiblelife


They build the future. They are the pillars of the nation. Give such kids an appreciation for their dreams.

13. Bubble Trouble:

Bubble Trouble

Image Source/Tutorial: Oneshetwoshe

Bubble bands are cool to look. This can be easily made by children. Look cool and fashionable by wearing these.

14. Paper Fun

Paper Fun

Image Source/Tutorial: Kidsactivitiesblog

Make the best out of waste. These bands can be done with papers easily. Kids enjoy doing it. Gift them to the little friends and see a bright smile in their faces.

15. Rubber Bands -Friendship Bands

Rubber Bands -Friendship Bands

These are not so tough to do as you think. They are so easy to do and looks so good to see. Follow the easy tutorial and do these with fun. Be crazy!!!

16. Rainbow Colours

Rainbow Colours

Colourful bands and nice to look at. They can be worn for any dresses. Gift your little friends matching bands for their daily wear. Make them feel you are with them always.

17. Nature Love

Nature Love

Image Source/Tutorial: Alphamom

Leaves and flowers can be turned into bands. Gift your little friends who adore flowers. Yes, they dry up soon. But your friendship doesn’t dry up!!!

18. Cool And Classy

Cool And Classy

Image Source/Tutorial: Chicacircle

These look so beautiful, isn’t it??? Warning: these are just for your best friends. Make them feel special. Have a happy life with them.

19. Ribbon Bands

Ribbon Bands

Image Source/Tutorial: Totallythebomb

These are so nice even to look at. It can be easily made by kids. They love doing such things. Keep something in the centre and give a complete look. Make it strong like your friendship.

20. Pin Bands

Pin Bands

It looks so fashionable. Collect all the old pins and make them into a wonderful band. Add beads to it and make it look wonderful.

21. Threading


Image Source/Tutorial: Mollymoocrafts

Handmade things are even more special when you completely enjoy doing them. Let it be the beginning. Teach kids to play with threads. It shapes their future.

22. Bangle Blast

Bangle Blas

These can be made using simple things. They are so beautiful to look at and when you wear them in little hands.

DIY Friendship Bracelets for Kids

Friendship is a million little things!♥️Write your comments below. What are you waiting for!!! Make your kids make cute little things!! Have a happy life♥️

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