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23 DIY Pencil Toppers for Kids – Back to school Crafts

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23 DIY Pencil Toppers for Kids – Back to school Crafts

School is more fun with pencil toppers that are playful and unique! Spend more time crafting with the kiddo’s with these 23 DIY Pencil Toppers for Kids – Back to school Crafts. From whimsical, to monster, pipe cleaners, foam, and felt, you and your kids will have a blast filling up the pencil jars with creation after creation.

Beautiful Pencil decoration crafts for kids

Pencils are the basic and fundamental stationery that is required for every drawing, written work and much more. We use pencils in most of our learning and teaching tasks. The art and craft have pencils as a basic requirement for every activity. But what if your kids are bored with the usual looking pencils? They are kids and you can’t make them realize the importance of pencils during the start of their learning journey. Till 10 years of age, schools prefer pencils over pens. So, to develop interest of your kids in writing and learning, we have listed 23 DIY pencil toppers for kids. This will make your kids excited to use these pencils and then they will do wonders in the studies. The appraisal they will receive from their classmates will make them happy and they will love you more for this. So let’s get started with the pencil decoration crafts ideas.

Apples made of felt cloth as pencil decoration crafts

Apples and pencils combined together will give a lovely impression. That’s why we have included this pencil decoration crafts idea on the list. It is easy to make and also simple & attractive. All you have to do is draw an apple on a red or green felt cloth with the help of PENCIL and cut it out. Now drae the leaves on the green cloth and make eyes and smile on the apple. Join a new pencil, apple, and leaves together as shown in the image.

Sequined foam pencil decoration crafts

Another idea is to attach a crafted butterfly to a pencil. you can use clay to make this butterfly or cut from foam. Prefer the foam for the wings as the clay will be damaged and ruined easily. You can use clay for the body of the butterfly. Attach a few low-cost stones and the antennas can be made with the help of moldable wires. Paste the butterfly on the pencil with the help of hard glue or fevi-quick for good strength.

Soft foam windmill pencil decoration crafts

You can also use a windmill on this pencil decoration crafts idea. In this, we have used the colors of a rainbow to make it delightful. The foam used for making the windmill is soft and low in thickness with high density. The pin on the center circle is to make the blade rotate even after attaching it to the pencil. Thus making it joyful for your kids. You can use pattern design blades or the simple ones depending on your skills and preferences.

Pipe cleaners pencil decoration crafts

Pipe cleaners or moldable wires can be used to make various shapes in this world of crafts. Because of this feature of them, these are appreciated by most of the artists. For pencil decorations crafts, you can make butterflies, snakes and other insects with these pipe cleaners and attach them to the top of the pencils. You different colors to increase the beauty of these crafts. Also, the colors will help you make sure that these figures of insects don’t scare your kids and rather looks funny and cartoon-like.

Eraser pencil backs pencil decoration crafts

Apart from attaching a new element to the top of the pencils, you can also completely cover the top with these hats. These are made of rubber material thus they cal also be used as erasers. The paper disc used is to represent the cylindrical erasers as hats. You can go for many other designs such as cone hats, wizard hats or cowboy hats for this idea. The patterns on the eraser depend on the availability and your skills.

Tags pencil decoration crafts

You can make different tags for the pencils and give them to your kid after they achieve that tag. For example, if they brought A+ grade in one of their subjects, or a heart tag for some special day such as their birthday or children’s day. This will make them excited about working hard and they will feel loved too. For this pencil decoration crafts, cut out square pieces from jute cloth and stitch a band on it to attach it on the pencils. You can draw the elements with the help of sketch pens.

Soft toys pencil decoration crafts

these cute pigs are easily available in the market. If not you can make your own or customize them according to your own preference. Try to go for the eraser material so that these pencil decoration crafts idea also becomes useful for erasing when necessary.

Pipe cleaner pencil decoration crafts

Another way you can use pipe cleaners is by making different figures or animals. You can also use them to make puppet-like figures or any aquatic insect/ animal that live under the sea. Use different colors for the large variety and try to go for the shade which your kids love.

Molding clay pencil decoration crafts

There are various molded animals available in the market which you can use to decorate the pencils for your kids. try to go for plain molds that have no color except white. The reason for this is you can customize these molds with your own colors. This will give these pencil decoration crafts a home-made and hand-made effect. thus, making your kids think that you have done a lot of efforts for this gift.

Felt cloth babies pencil decoration crafts

The felt cloth is smooth and attractive both. That’s why you can use this for pencil decoration crafts. By stitching in the shape as shown in the image, you can attach them to the top of the pencil easily. You can decorate these pieces with artificial small-sized flowers and baby faces for a more alluring impression. You can also give a crochet design on it so that they look handmade.

Hard paper and pipe cleaner pencil decoration crafts

These dragonflies are made up of pipe cleaner and hard paper for the pencil decoration crafts. Because of pipe cleaner which is flexible and moldable, they are conveniently joined to the pencils. And the hard paper is used to draw the wings of the insect. The pattern used should be colorful so that the pencils look pleasing and attractive. You can change the pattern according your preference.

Yarn pencil decoration crafts

Yarns can be used in numerous creative ways when it comes to art and craft. In this idea, we have used them for extending the size of the pencils. Thus making long pencils with beautiful and swirl tails. You can choose only one color for the pencils but we will ask you to go for the multiple shades to make it more colorful.

Foam and pipe cleaners pencil decoration crafts

We have used pipe cleaners in most of the pencil decoration crafts because of their flexibility. Also, you can cover these cleaners with different types of clothes or threads. The foam is used to make cut-outs of emojis, hearts or any other figure which are easy to make. Attaching these pieces together is not that tough as only glue can be used or you can attach pipe cleaner and the foam craft with tape also.

Beautiful soft foam pencil decoration crafts

Another way to attach than the pipe cleaner for attaching the foam to pencil is you can cut slits in the foam and pass pencil through the slits. As already mentioned, the foam can be used to make stars with different patterns or external new element can also be fixed on it. You can also draw animals such as frogs, dogs or cats on the soft foam for the pencil decoration crafts.

Large pom pom creatures pencil decoration crafts

These pom pom creatures are readily available in the market and that too with a low price. Your kids will love them as they are soft and cute too. The large eyes of these make them irresistible to touch and the softball urges everyone to play with them.

Felt clowns pencil decoration crafts

In this idea, the felt cloth is used to make a cylindrical figure and then the head of the figure is cut into strips as shown in the image. The multiple strips of small width make them look like hair of the figure. For a living being representation of this decoration, the eyes and the mouth has been added. You can make the eyes with the help of another color felt cloth only.

Hairy monsters pencil decoration crafts

A hairy monster that is scary for the mischievous kids. There can be a lot of storylines told to your kids with this gift such as this monster will keep the ghosts away or the bad people away from you. You can use artificial hair or also collect the, during a haircut of your child. Thus, making them love it. Adding the eyes for the real effect at the end after attaching them on the pencil.

Beautifully adorned pencil decoration crafts

The butterfly and the face are made up of felt cloth, and pipe cleaner. Also, the eyes and the stones are used to give the finishing look.  You can gift your daughter the butterfly and the face one can be given to your son. Make sure you stitch them properly and leave the hole equal to the dia of the pencil so that this can be inserted in the whole later. This way, they can change the pencil and keep the craft for decoration.

Plastic caps pencil decoration crafts

Just making a face out of everything requires mostly eyes. And rest is left to the imagination. The same is done with this craft of caps for the pencil. Adding the star or the heart to fill the empty space of the cap. You can cut the lower part of the cap into strips for design and representation of the mouth.

Different shapes using soft foam pencil decoration crafts

Apart from the above ideas, you can use hard paper of different colors to make numerous objects such as sun, turtle or a car depending on the likeness of your kids. As paper can be folded just like the foam or felt cloth, you can cut slits in it to attach the pieces to the pencils. For the wheels of the car, you can use buttons.

Large pom pom pencil decoration crafts

These hairy pom poms are available in the market in different colors and shade. They can be attached and detached easily and don’t require many efforts. You can also add eyes to these for the look of a cartoon or a monster. Try to buy different colors and go for the favorite color of your kids. These pom poms look great when your chold writes with the pencils on which these toppers are placed.

Beautiful stars pencil decoration crafts

Stars are loved by every child. You can make these beautiful star pencil toppers. The pink ones will be a great gift for the girls and the blue ones for the boys. Make these beautiful pencil toppers using felt cloth. Cut out two layers of felt in shape for the pencil topper. Sew all the outer edges, leaving a cavity for the pencil. You beautiful pencil topper is ready to be flaunted by your child.

Animals and nuts pencil decoration crafts

Felt is a versatile material and you can use it to make light weight pencil toppers. This DIY will requires some sewing. First of all decide what fo you want to make and get the colored felt in the colors which are required to make a certain topper shape. Form a rough draft on the felt base. Leave a cavity for the pencil and sew the pencil topper wherever required.

We hope you loved all these beautiful pencil decoration crafts. We wish that these beautiful crafts bring a smile to the faces of your kids. They will surely enjoy writing with these beautifully decorated pencils. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below. You may check out other related articles at K4craft. We will come up with more such content soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4craft!

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