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How to Make Easy DIY Pencil Toppers Craft Ideas

How to Make Easy DIY Pencil Toppers Craft Ideas

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How to Make Easy DIY Pencil Toppers Craft Ideas

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Do you want to give your basic, boring and similar looking pencils an interesting twist? We have an idea! Make some cool DIY pencil toppers and let the fun begin! These toppers will make studying an enjoyable affair and your pencil box  will look so vibrant

.Creativity should not be restricted to art books. It is something to be done in every little aspect of daily life. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a thrilling creative journey with us!

DIY Pencil Toppers for Kids

How to Make Easy DIY Pencil Toppers Craft Ideas

Baba black sheep, have you any wool?

Search for some spare wool at your home and surprise everyone by recycling it in the most amazing way possible! These quirky pencil toppers are so fun as they jump along when you write. Add in colors of your choice and win praises for your creativity.

Furry Fun

These  DIY pencil toppers are so fluffy and adorable. Hand made crafts are also an amazing gifting option. So gift it to your friends and make your bond stronger.

Bookworm Pencil Topper

If you are an avid reader and love to get lost in the magical world of books, make yourself these Book pencil toppers. Reading will become even more interesting when you use your well-crafted pencil to underline your favorite lines.

Letter Pencil Toppers

Personalize your pencils with your initials and prevent it from getting mixed up with that of other classmates. Make multiple such toppers and you can also play word games with your stationery. Isn’t it a cool idea?

Lightweight pencil toppers

These pencil toppers are lightweight to prevent your writing from getting messed up! Bring your imaginations to reality and unleash your creative side by following our simple guidelines.

Brighten your day with these colorful toppers

A good looking piece of stationery can brighten up anyone’s day. Choose colors and designs of your choice from the vast range of ideas we present and don’t let anything around you be boring!

Flower Pencil Topper

Our world is a beautiful place because it has flowers on it. These flower pencil toppers can be made in so many different shapes and patterns to suit every day and every mood. Enjoy crafting your own and become a great creator.

Let Creativity Bloom

You can never have enough of Flower Pencil Toppers simply because they are so beautiful. In case you haven’t found your kind of pencil topper idea yet, here are some fresh and unique ideas to make you fall in love with writing again!

As wise as an owl!


Owls are known as wise beings full of intellect and knowledge. What else would be a better pencil prop if not these magnificent owl toppers! Try making your own and show off your creatively intelligent side.

Twinkle – Twinkle


We are all magical beings made of stardust. If you too believe that you have unearthly powers and can shine as bright as the stars do, show it off with these star pencil toppers. Be ready to receive a ton of admiration for your creativity.

Simply You

When it comes to creativity, there should be no fixed set of rules to follow. Imagine, Learn and create the art you want by with the help of our ideas. Be it a cupcake pencil topper or a pumpkin pencil topper for Halloween, we will help you manifest all your visions.

Stay creative kids and make study as fun as possible. We are always here to help you grow the creative way. Please share your views in the comments section and visit our website for more fresh ideas. Wish you a creative day ahead!

20+ DIY Pencil Toppers for Kids – Back to School Crafts

DIY Pencil Toppers for Kids – Back to School Crafts


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