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Lion Craft Ideas For Kids Using Paper Plate, Felt & More

Lion Craft Ideas For Children Using Paper Plate, Felt & More

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Lion Craft Ideas For Kids Using Paper Plate, Felt & More

We celebrate World Lion Day on the 10th of August every year. For most of us when we hear the name animal, it reminds us of the famous movie The Lion King. Where most of us would vouch for Simba, I personally loved Timon and Pumba. HAKUNA MATATA! meaning No Worries!

Today we have got for you amazing crafts that will take you back to the fun times you had enjoying your favorite 1994, The Lion King. Get your young ones on board and let’s sail!

Easy DIY Lion Art And Crafts

Lion Craft Ideas For Kids Using Paper Plate, Felt & More

1. Paper Lion Mask

Lion Craft Ideas For Kids

It’s time to Roar! This tutorial is her to guide you through, how to make your own lion mask. It’s easy and quick. You will be needing some papers, sticking material, paper plates and you are good to go! Get your spirits high and let’s unleash that animal within.

2. Lion Fork Stamps

Lion Craft Ideas For Kids

Ready for some paints? We have a fun activity for you. Now use easily available forks at home to make these amazing and colourful lions on the paper. Use your creativity and some colours, to enjoy your best.

3. Paper Lion

Lion Craft Ideas For Kids Paper Lion

Most of our crafts are done over the paper and with papers. This one is brought to you to make your craft session even more interesting. You can easily make it along with children, given a few instructions. It is fun as well moderate in difficulty.

4. Plate Lion

Lion Craft Ideas For Kids Paper Plate Lion

Autumn season is here, and so is colours and art. In previous articles, we got you amazing DIY autumn craft. This tutorial here is a part of the same. Since we are making lions, we have used the autumn leaves a bit creatively. Open the tutorial to find out.

5. Paper Lion

 Lion Craft Ideas For Kids Paper Paper Lion

It’s an easy DIY using some yellow papers. You can create your own lion with your creativity and art. But just don’t forget to look at the basics we have provided for you in the video.

6. Straw Lion

Lion Craft Ideas For Kids Paper Straw Lion

Who knew one could create a lion face using merely some paper and straws! This craft is of optimum difficulty for a little kid preferably kindergarten. For kids, Art has always been their favourite when it comes to expressing themselves.

7. Pasta Lion

Pasta Lion

Get going to your kitchen already for this craft piece! This following craft will simply require some penne pasta and papers. Who knew art could be tasty too!

8. Paint the lion

Paint the lion

L for lion, yes you got it correct! Little ones are always up for some art and appreciation. Helps them boost Morales and curiosity. This tutorial is easy and doable by your young one.

9. CD Lion craft

CD Lion craft

CDs are no longer necessary these days. So what to do with them? Use them for your craft items! We bring to you amazing ideas every time of which many can be made simply by putting some innovative ideas and waste material to good use.

10. Cute Lion

Cute Lion

In the following tutorial, some foamy paper is put to use to cut out a lion. This is easy to make and a great way to spend a quality weekend with your little one.

11. Paper folding Lion

Paper folding Lion

Paper folding is an art, which is said to originate from Asian culture specifically Japan. In the following tutorial, you would be needing some coloured paper, crayons and some creativity, and you are good to go!

12. Ribbon Lion

Ribbon Lion

We have used paper until now to make our crafts handy and easy. This one, we will be creating using some patch and ribbons. You could build a similar patch with some innovation and creativity.

So, we are finally up with the daily craft ideas. Every week we bring to you the best of ideas for every occasion and festival. Do let us know how it turned out for you. We’d be waiting! Liked the craft?

#Amazing! Ping us on our mail with your suggestions or comment down below, we will get back to you positively.

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