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Crab Crafts for Kids to Make – Paper Plate Crafts, Handprint & More

Crab Crafts for Kids to Make - Paper Plate Crafts, Handprint & More

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Crab Crafts for Kids to Make – Paper Plate Crafts, Handprint & More

Crab Crafts for Kids to Make this Summer

One of my favorite vacation memories was going to Florida and catching crabs when the tide was low. Sadly, my first catch I put in a bucket of fresh water which….well, you know what happened lol! Today I gathered up my favorite crab crafts for the kids to make this summer.

Crabs Making Art For Kids

Crab Crafts for Kids to Make - Paper Plate Crafts, Handprint & More

Crab is a sea animal and very uncommon too. Kids usually don’t have much knowledge about crabs. There are many types of crabs present on earth. They have four pairs of legs and a small abdomen. Their first pair of legs have very sharp claws. They use claws to catch their prey easily and to protect themselves from any attack. This is some basic information about the crab’s structure theoretically. But if kids can see crab dummy, they can understand the crab’s structure easily and remember it for a long time.

So here in this article, we have some crabs art which kids can make as a fun activity and can learn about crabs too. These arts will increase their artistic skills as well as utilize their free time.  Let’s check some of these arts.

Paper Plate Hermit Crab Handprint Crab Craft Cupcake Liner Crab Seashell Crabs

Flower Pot Crab Paper Crab Hat C is for Crab Paper Plate Crab Craft

Styrofoam Cup Crabs Bowl Crab Craft Rocking Crab Plate Craft Egg Carton Crab

Crab Diagram

Crab Diagam Crab Diagam

This is a crab’s diagram in which all it’s body parts are marked to tell kids about it. Kids can make such diagrams to make their learning easy and effective. Such diagrams are most suitable for pre-primary kids as in this stage, they learn about these basics only.

Paper Plate Crab

Crab Diagam Paper Plate Crab

Here is a crab, carved out from a reusable paper plate. Kids can make such scenery with a crab to brush up their arts and skills. Also, this will utilize a waste plate. As well as kids will get to know about crabs too.

Crab Painting

Crab Painting Crab Painting

We can make a crab painting to decorate our walls. Such a colorful art will look very beautiful and lovely. This art will help those kids, who have an inclination towards drawing. This art will add to their practice.

Crab Hats

Crab Painting Crab Hats

Kids’ parties must be unique and interesting. So here we present a very funny and a little weird idea for that. We can prepare crab hats for kids as shown in the above picture.  This will make their party more fun.

Bowl Crab

Bowl Crab Bowl Crab

Here is a crab which is made using a paper bowl with the use of cloth pins. These cloth pins are used to show the claws of crabs which are very sharp. So with this art, kids will get to know about crabs’ claws.

Cardboard Crab

Bowl Crab Cardboard Crab

We have a lot of cardboard available at our houses which is useless. But we can make crabs by using that cardboard. These crabs can be used to decorate our gardens. Kids should do such creativity and arts.

Toilet Paper Roll Crab

Bowl Crab Toilet Paper Roll Crab Toilet Paper Roll Crab

Toilet paper rolls are such a waste product in our house. But we can make art from it to make that waste useful. Here we make a crab from it, using papers. We can make an attractive pencil holder with it by closing it’s one end.

Crab Art

Crab Art

We can make this crab art also with the use of common materials. Making arts continuously will amplify kids’ knowledge as well as artistic skills. Kids must add such activities to their routine to develop themselves.

Paper Crab

Paper Crab

In kindergarten, teachers usually teach kids more about basic things in craft. So this paper crab can be added to their schedule to teach them new things. This will teach them about crabs as well as craft.

Paper Cup Crab

Paper Cup Crab

We can use a paper cup too to make a crab, as given in the above image. Paper cups can be reused in such a way to make them look good. Also, such new ideas will encourage kids to think something out of the league which will enhance their thinking skills.

Pebble Crabs

Pebble Crabs

Pebble arts are very famous nowadays among kids. We can make crabs on the pebbles and create a beach scene with it as given in the diagram. This will keep kids busy into something productive.

Let us wind up this article now in a short summary. Here we give you some ideas of crabs dummy to make teaching more effective and interesting. These arts will help kids to enhance their artistic skills and utilize their time. Parents and teachers always motivate their kids to perform such activities and add this to their routine.

I hope you all will like the article. Please give your reviews and comments.

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