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11 Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children’s Day


11 Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children’s Day

Children’s Day crafts are the perfect way to celebrate Children’s Day. Universal Children’s Day was started in 1954 when the UN General Assembly recommended that all countries establish a Children’s Day as a way to promote the welfare of children around the world.

Countries celebrate Children’s Day on different days throughout the year. In the India, it is celebrated every year on 14th November.

11 Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children’s Day

1. Creation Day 1 to 6 – Craft projects

2. Paper Craft Flower Pot ideas

3. Fall Craft Project for kids

4. Kids Craft Photo frame idea

5. Smiling Snowman Envelopes – Kids Carft

6. Fruit Basket Paper Craft idea

7. Simple Popsicle stick frame idea

8. Cat and Owl Paper Bag Hand Puppets

9. I am feeling Paper Chart

10. Handmade Paper Card Stand

11. Heart Shaped Love Animals

Hope you like these Children’s Day Kids craft ideas.

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