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Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children’s Day

11 Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children's Day

Children's Day

Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children’s Day

Children’s Day crafts are the perfect way to celebrate Children’s Day. Universal Children’s Day was started in 1954 when the UN General Assembly recommended that all countries establish a Children’s Day as a way to promote the welfare of children around the world. Countries celebrate Children’s Day on different days throughout the year. In the India, it is celebrated every year on 14th November.

Beautiful and easy Children’s Day Crafts

Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children's Day

Children are the most asset of a country. The countrymen of all the nations nourish and develop their progeny with care and love. All the nations celebrate Children’s day to mark the importance of these tiny tots. Children’s day is marked with activities of fun and frolic. Children are given sweets by one and all. Everyone wishes them a happy day and happy life. It is truly a great day for the kids. The kids also love this day equally.

The schools put in great effort to make it a day worth remembering. Every school must take up activities and games for the children to mark this day. It is important to celebrate Children’s Day at school so that the kids understand that Children’s Day is a collective day to mark all the kids. We wish all our readers, their children, their students a Very Happy Children’s Day. We have even brought to you some fun activities for Children’s Day. Let us have a look.

Creation Day 1 to 6 – Craft projects

These are some really pretty craft ideas for Children’s Day celebrations. The kids will love to make these paper plate crafts. These will keep them engaged. These paper plate crafts are easy to make. Some of these can even be created by toddlers. Yes adults will have to help the kids out with cutting. Make sure to keep aware of the sharp edges of the scissors. These six crafts can help in having week long celebrations. These beautiful paper plate crafts can also be hung in the vlassroomfor decoration purposes later. They will add a personalised element of the kids to the classroom.

Paper Craft Flower Pot ideas

We all love flowers. Flowers are like children, tender and bright. Children will have fun making these colorful and bright paper flower crafts. You can turn it into a group activity for added fun. This will teach the kids some team work. The cutting and folding techniques used in making paper flowers helps in enhancing motos skills of the kids. Kids can choose their own colors to make the different flowers which gives them freedom of thought and autonomy. This is a great craft for Children’s day and these flower pots can also be used to decorate homes.

Fall Craft Project for kids

These are some really fun activity for kids. With this character activity the children can run their creativity wild with different creative material and techniques to be used. The kids will love to decorate these wooden boards in beautiful characters. You can give them orders or directions of some sorts to make it more fun. You can even make it a material restricted activity which will help the children grow as individuals and think out of the box. These wooden characters can be used in ftont of washrooms to depict girls and boys or even at the entrance of classrooms to enhance the beauty of the doors.

Kids Craft Photo frame idea

This fish frame is really nice. The blue color is really soothing. This frame has a nice utility as the frame can hold the pictures and memories of a great trip. The added shells provide a scope for talking about the marine life with the kids. The bright yellow fish adds a sunny effect to this photo frame. This photo frame craft is easy to make but takes time to get completed. You can even add glitter and sequins to decorate the photo frame. This is a great utility craft to be made on Children’s Day this year.

Smiling Snowman Envelopes – Kids Carft

These smiling snowmen envelopes are the most perfect crafts to be made this Children’s Day. We all loved the postal service when we were kids. But our kids have lost touch with the postal services and letters. So let us introduce them to this world of letters and stamps in a colorful way. Handing out envelopes and asking the children to draw or paint anything on them will raise their curiosity and we will get a scope to tell them about tbe presence of postal services in our system. This will open a new world for them. This also becomes a lesson for history for the kids.

Fruit Basket Paper Craft idea

This paper plate craft os a nice way to upscale a paper plate and reduce waste. Giving out these fruits and vegetables basket templates to children to color and paint is a nice way to have a fun activity along with studies. The children can grasp color names easily when they use them and also the names of the fruits and vegetables can also be taught this way. This beautiful fruit or vegetable basket craft can later be used an adornment on the refrigerator door. It will look cool.

Simple Popsicle stick frame idea

This is a nice idea to utilise and upscale the stuff which is no more in use. You can help the kids make this beautiful popsicle sticks frame. The buttons add an element of beauty to the frame. The kids can make different shapes using these differently sized and colored buttons. Different color combinations can be put to use to beautify these frames. These frames can be used to decorate the classroom or also be hung in the kids room. You can even gift these frames on the kids’ birthdays. It will make for a great up-scaled gift.

Cat and Owl Paper Bag Hand Puppets

This is a cool paper paper bag craft for kids. Kids will love to work with these paper bags. Beautiful and animate characters can be formed using these paper bags. Children will surely have fun making the features of these characters on the paper bag. This is a nice Children’s Day craft. This will add more zing to the celebrations. Kids can be given sweets or chocolates in these animate character paper bags. These will make for great return gift packing. Colored paper, sharpie pens, paints can be used to make these fun paper bag crafts.

I am feeling Paper Chart

It is hard for the kids to understand emotions in the early stages of life. We can make this emotional understanding a bit simpler by adding these mood chart crafts to their basket. This mood predictor chart craft is bright and depicts the simple emotions very well. The kids will love to make it. They can be taught about different emotions with the help of this mood chart. You can also add some sunshine and rainbow to the top. You will have to help the kids to fix the arrow. The arrow must be movable. The kids can carry these mood charts with them and use to arrow to point to the emotions they are feeling. It is great for the kids who express less.

Handmade Paper Card Stand

This is a nice slate board craft for Children’s Day. Children will love to write down different quotes and then beautify them with colored chalks. The stands can also be beautified with the help of buntings and other hanging material. Also the slate can be swapped for a black chart paper. This will make the craft more permanent. You can use these crafts in the hallways or even in front of the classroom doors. They will look welcoming and sweet.

Heart-Shaped Love Animals

We all love the heart shape. It is really easy to make and depicts love in all forms. The heart shape can also be used to make different crafts. For example these lovable animal crafts are an example of the heart shape animal crafts. Kids will love to assemble these parts of the animals and make thes ebeautiful creatures out of these. The fun lies in getting different animals. These can be used to learn animal names, their loved ones, the sounds they make, their habitat, etc. This will make for a learning craft activity. The children can also find their favourite animals.

We hope you liked all these fun-filled Children’s Day crafts. We wish that these crafts bring a smile to all the children’s faces. You can check out some similar articles on our website. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more useful content for you.

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  • 11 Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children's Day
  • Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children's Day
  • 11 Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children's Day
  • Easy Craft Ideas for Universal Children's Day
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