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Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids


Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

The decreasing water resources!
The exhausting woods!
The human life that will soon come to an end!

World Earth Day is an event that is celebrated each year on April 22. Earth day started in the year 1970. Today, more than 19 countries are a part of this unfathomable event every year.

Most of us understand that the world is standing up to various veritable natural issues. However, the quantity of us perceives what ought to be done as such as to participate in ending this overall issue. If every one of us appreciates and accepts the obligation in saving Mother Earth it is an expected change.

Scarcely any things that we can take up as activities on Earth Day can help in meeting the large reason. To reuse things that can be reused thusly. For instance, reusing paper as opposed to squandering it can spare many develop trees. Abstain from tossing plastic in each spot. Use canisters to toss your squanders. Trillions of plastics are unloading the expanses of Earth. It is obvious that on the off chance that we demonstrate shrewdly before squandering any asset, the harm we add to the planet will decrease extensively.

Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

Making attention to uninformed individuals is one more approach to Save Earth and her assets from imperiling. Spread activities and live a model with the goal that others will follow it. There isn’t anything on a par with adding to Earth Day other than assisting with fixing the climate.

Environmental art educates students about what is happening to the earth and its inhabitants. Students can be invited to work on projects that represent local environmental issues or those impacting people and communities around the world.

Art projects ara e fun way to add a hands-on activity to a lesson about Earth Day. Creating art can also help students feel connected to environmental topics, even if the issues you’re studying are happening far away from home. It’s also a great way to help them imagine the world they want to live in.

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Go green with this Carton Planter

Go green with this Carton Planter - Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

These planters are easy to make and easy to carry. Just cut out the sides of the carton, leaving enough at the bottom to leave the roof at the top. Pour some soil in the carton with the seeds of your choice. Finish it by sprinkling some water!

Save water poster with colourful papers

Save water poster with colourful papers

These posters will help kids to bring out their creativity and make something useful out of it. This can be made with cardboard, green, brown, blue, white paper, glue, a bottle cutout and scissors. Make small-sized balls of the blue, green and brown paper and paste them inside the in a circle, try to make it look like the earth with the colour combination. Cut out the shape of a tap and paste it alongside the earth and draw water droplets falling down the tap. Paste the water bottle cutout right under the tap and make it look like a bucket. You can finish it with a save water slogan and you’re good to go!

Earth day crown

Earth day crown - Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids will have fun making this “Earth Day” craft. This easy-to-make craft is a great way to get kids thinking about ways they can help the Earth.

Start by drawing the outline on a paper and cutting it out. Now paste the two corners together to make it look crown-like. Now draw the slogan of your choice and fill it with colours of your choice. You’re easy to make earth day crown is ready!

Flower crown to save mother earth

Flower crown to save mother earth

This Earth Day Crown is a fun activity for students to do and wear on Earth Day. You have different flower options or pictures which can be either drawn or pasted on the crown. Kids will cut out, colour, and glue the flower pictures to the crown. The little ones will sure to love wearing their crowns around and showing everyone what they have learned about Earth Day through this fun activity.

The 3 R’s to save the earth

3 R's to save the earth - Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

To make the earth, cut out a circle and 3 arrow shapes. Now paste the arrows carefully according to the shape. Don’t pull them too much as it they may tear apart. Paint the earth and arrows. Now add the chart of 3 R’s and paste it together with the earth. This fun activity will teach kids the importance of three R’s while having fun.

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Poster making for Earth day


Handprint poster earth day

These earth day poster ideas are easy to make and what’s more, is that this will help the kids to deliver their message creatively through their artistic skills.  Ask the kids to pick a slogan and try putting it creatively with a drawing about the same. These images can help you as examples of how to do it. Kids will not only learn but they will also enjoy doing this fun activity.

The paper mash mini earth

The paper mash mini earth

Kids often come up with questions like how does the earth look like? Here’s the answer to that question. This fun activity will indulge them along with answering their questions related to the earth. Start with making little balls of green and blue paper and paste them together with the help of glue to shape a ball.

Easy, right?

The big mother earth

The big mother earth - Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

This paper ball might look boring but your kids will love to mess with colourful paper, glue and turning it into a ball!

You can guide them about how to paste them together and form a giant ball and ending the activity by some facts about earth and its shape. All you have to do is to cut out equal squares of both the coloured papers and pasting them on the ball one by one with the help of glue.

Trees on, Global warming has gone!

What would we do without trees? Using teachable and fun activities to educate your child about the benefits of trees is a step toward fostering the next generation of environmentally conscious kids.

This fun activity is one of those. All you need is a thermocol plate, brown paper, green paper, colours, scissor and some glue. Start by cutting the shape of trees and outlining the earth on the plate. Then paste the green paper mini balls on the brown tree-like cut-outs and attach it to the thermocol plate so that it can look like our mother earth. The last step would be to join the two together and you’re good to go!

The giant earth activity 

The giant earth activity - Earth Day Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

A wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day for Kids is by making this giant earth with paper balls. It makes a great process art activity for preschoolers, requiring very simple materials. It also teaches them patience and teamwork.

All they have to do is to make mini paper balls with green and blue papers. Let them dry and then start pasting them one by one with the help of glue.

Let it dry and you’re done!

Every Day is Earth Day

Every Day is Earth Day

This super fun activity is all about patience and art. Paper mâché is loved by kids especially because they get to create a mess of out paper and turn it into an art piece. This massive earth art piece requires blue paper, green paper, glue, scissors and a white sheet. First, you need to start with making the small-sized paper balls out of the blue and green paper to make it look like earth. Now, outline on the white sheet and start pasting the balls one by one evenly on the sheet according to the outline.

Once you are done, let it sit for a while and get dried. Meanwhile, draw the eyes and mouth of the earth and keep it aside. Once the balls are dried, paste the eyes and mouth on their respective places and finish it with drawing the legs and hands if earth. And Done! Your art piece is ready!

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Turning waste into art

Turning waste into art

Have you ever thought of using the bottle caps that we usually throw away? If not then you can surely do it now! This idea will trach your kids to use the waste artistically and turn it into an art. It will teach them about recycling and reusing things that you easily throw away considering them as waste. For this, you’ll need to collect a lot of bottle caps and all of the different colours just like shown in the image above.

Segregate them into different groups according to their colours and start with outlining the message or drawing that you want to go with. Once done, ask your kid to start pasting the caps one by one according to their colours on the right place. It might take some time but you’ll get a masterpiece by the end of it. The theme of earth day will help your kid to learn more about t environment and recycling. Let it dry and you’re done!

Piles of old CD’s? Turn it into art!

Piles of old CD's? Turn it into art!

If you’ve got a stack of CDs stored in your home and you’re not sure what to do with them, then you should try using them for this DIY project. You’ll need cardboard, colourful papers, pencil, CD’s, glue and scissor.

Start by drawing on the cardboard, according to your theme. Now start making the paper cut-outs and paste them on the cardboard. Meanwhile, make a giant paper ball with blue and green paper, try to make it look like earth. Write a message or slogan on top of the cardboard. The last step would be to start pasting the CDs like the outline of your art piece. Now let it all dry and you’re done!


1. What materials do I need to make Earth Day art projects?

Earth Day art projects can be made with a variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric, markers, paint, glue, and other household items. Get creative and have fun!

2. What are some good Earth Day art projects for toddlers?

Earth Day art projects are a great way to teach toddlers about the importance of taking care of our planet. Some ideas include creating handprint trees, making recycled paper, or creating a collage using recycled materials. These activities are fun and easy for even the youngest of toddlers.

3. How can I make recycling fun for my kids?

Recycling can be fun for kids when they are involved in the process. Give them their own recycling bin and involve them in sorting and collecting materials. Find fun, age-appropriate activities such as arts and crafts with recycled materials, or games that teach them about the importance of recycling.

4. What kind of crafts can I make with items from nature?

Crafts created with items from nature are a great way to express creativity and explore the outdoors. Items such as leaves, branches, stones, and shells can be used to create beautiful pieces of art. Additionally, natural items can be used in a variety of crafts such as jewelry, sculptures, and even home decor.

5. What are some creative ways to reuse everyday items for Earth Day?

To celebrate Earth Day, we can reuse everyday items around the house in creative ways. From repurposing glass jars into eco-friendly vases to upcycling old clothes into reusable shopping bags, there are so many ways to be creative with what we already have.

6. How can I turn Earth Day into a family activity?

Earth Day is a great opportunity to involve the whole family in activities to celebrate and protect our planet. Plant a tree together, go on a nature walk, or make a reusable shopping bag from old clothes. There are lots of creative and fun ways to celebrate Earth Day as a family.

We hope these activities will inspire your lids or students to get creative and understand ways to care for our planet. These ideas will teach kids about recycling, taking care of our planet, and more!

For more such easy, creative and fun activities, you can visit our website and find more amazing ideas to save your day.

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