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Mother’s Day Lovely Gift Card – Easy DIY for Kids

Mother's Day Lovely Gift Card - Easy DIY for Kids

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Lovely Gift Card – Easy DIY for Kids

Activities for Kids

Try these lovely cards for this Mother’s day and take their blessings. This paper card craft is very easy and simple and it’s good for gifting on Mother’s day. This paper card does not require a lot of materials, it only requires a few materials and little time to do it. You can gift these cards to the females you love the most, they will surely appreciate your love for them. So do give it a try and make everyone happy with this beautiful paper card craft.

This beautiful and easy card will be loved by your mother and she will decorate it in her room. For making this paper card you will need less time as well as fewer supplies. Try this card on this Mother’s day and surprise your mother. Here you will find the procedure of making this lovely card for Mother’s Day.

You will be going to enjoy making it. Give it a try on this Mother’s day and you will surely be going to love the result of it.

Mother’s day lovely gift card, easy DIY for children

Materials required:

  • A4 sheets (yellow, green, red)
  • scissor
  • glue
  • color pencil
  • pencil/ pen


  1. Take a yellow sheet of 18*14 cm for the card and fold it in half.
  2. Now take another sheet of green color of 11*14cm and fold it in half and draw a half heart.
  3. Take the scissor and cut them out.
  4. Now take another 3 sheets of the same size 7*9cm  (1 black and 2 red) and fold them together and cut out heart shapes as shown.
  5. Take the big heart and apply glue at the back and paste it on the middle of the card.
  6. Now take the black heart and paste it on the big heart.
  7. Take a red heart and apply glue on one side and paste it as shown.
  8. Take another red heart and do the same as before.
  9. Now take a black sheet and cut a small circle and 2 small strips and paste them on the bottom of the heart as shown.
  10. Take a paper and draw 2 eyes and cut them out and paste it on the small circle.
  11. Take another black sheet and cut out a few small circles and paste them on the red heart.
  12. Now take a green color pencil and draw as shown in the video.

That’s it! Your Mother’s day card is ready for gifting. Even your Mother will praise your gift and appreciate your love for her. It’s very easy to make and takes very minimal time. The gift is a lovely card to your mother on this Mother’s day and makes her happy, she will love it for sure. Try it and you will love the result and your mother will appreciate it.

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