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Flying Dinosaur Craft Tutorial for Kids

Flying Dinosaur Craft Tutorial for Kids

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Flying Dinosaur Craft Tutorial for Kids

This flying dinosaur craft is simple to make with kids. You can help your kids to make these fun crafts, they will enjoy it as well as love playing with it. You can decorate these in your kid’s rooms or kids’ parties. It is simple and fun to make as well as takes very little time in preparation. You will not require a lot of supplies for making these easy papercrafts. Try making these with your kids, it will attract them and they will surely play with it.

These flying dinosaur crafts are the perfect toy to play with and you will not have to spend a lot of money buying unnecessary toys instead you can make one for your kid. Try these paper crafts and in the end, they will become your kid’s favorite toy to play with. Follow these easy steps down below for making these amazing flying dinosaur crafts with your kids and making them happy.

Flying Dinosaur Craft Tutorial for Kids

Materials required:

  • A4 sheets
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Sketch pen
  • Pen


  • Take an A4 sheet and fold it in a right-angle triangle shape and cut the remaining part with the help of the scissor.
  • Open the paper and cut the folded line.
  • Take both the half parts of the triangle-shaped papers and fold them in half it will form a right-angle triangle.
  • Now take one half and cut it from the middle and draw 3 curvy lines on the front as well as at the back of both the half papers.
  • Take the other half of the paper and open it and with the help of glue paste the 2 half papers on each side of the paper as shown.
  • Now take a rectangular shape of paper and fold it in a right angle shape and cut it out as shown in the video.
  • Take it and paste it into the paper.
  • Take a paper and draw 2 eyes and with the help of the scissor cut it out and paste it on the front as well as backside of the paper.
  • Now take a sketch pen and draw a smile below the eyes on the paper.
  • Take 2 rectangular-shaped papers and with the help of the sketch pen draw curves and dots on the bottom of the papers as shown.
  • Take the papers and fold a bit and paste them on the wings of the dinosaur-shaped paper.

That’s it! Your flying paper Dinosaur craft is ready. This Flying dinosaur craft is a super easy and fun craft for kids. They will love to make these playful crafts with their hands and they will enjoy more. Kids will make these crafts for themselves and will love to play with them with their friends. You can hang these as well as keep these for decoration. Playing with these will make your kids happier. Try out this fun craft and let your kids enjoy playing with it.

FAQ’s on Flying Dinosaur Craft Tutorial for Kids

1. What materials do I need to make a flying dinosaur craft?

Answer: You will need construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, and a pencil.

2. How long does it take to make a flying dinosaur craft?

Answer: It should take about an hour to complete the craft.

3. What size should I make my dinosaur?

Answer: The size of the dinosaur is up to you.

4. Do I need to use a template for the dinosaur?

Answer: No, you can draw your own dinosaur shape or use a template if you prefer.

5. What colors should I use for my dinosaur?

Answer: You can use any colors you like!

6. How can I make my dinosaur look more realistic?

Answer: You can add details such as scales, feathers, and even wings to make it look more realistic.

7. How can I make the wings look more dynamic?

Answer: Use different colored paper and fold the wings in different angles to make them look more dynamic.

8. How can I make sure my dinosaur can fly?

Answer: You can attach a piece of string or ribbon to the back of the dinosaur to attach it to a stick or dowel, and then when you swing the stick or dowel, the dinosaur will fly.

9. What kind of movements should I make with the stick or dowel?

Answer: You can make circles, figure eights, or any other kind of movement that you think will make the dinosaur fly.

10. How can I make the craft last longer?

Answer: You can laminate the dinosaur to make it last longer.

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