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How to Make a Paper Dinosaur – Step by Step Instructions

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How to Make a Paper Dinosaur – Step by Step Instructions

Activities for Kids

If your kids are dino fans then we think this tutorial on how to make a paper dinosaur craft just might go down as a treat for your kids.

Today in this tutorial we are going to make some anime dinosaur figures with our craft skill, children should be encouraged to do such activities on a regular basis, this will increase their part of knowledge which they will gather while doing hands-on, also their co-curricular skills will be enhanced and such processes of doing hands-on can also be implemented while teaching them this will make their interest grow on a particular topic and they will experience a fun learning process. So without any further delay let us begin without today’s craft that is making a paper dinosaur.

How to Make Paper Dinosaur – Step by Step Instructions

We will be requiring some basic materials such as:

  1. Green color paper
  2. Red color paper
  3. White color paper
  4. A pencil
  5. A pair of scissors
  6. A glue-stick
  7. Eye shaped beads

How to Make Paper Dinasur Step by Step Instructions Easy Tutorial

Step 1:  Paper Selection

  • Take a green sheet of paper according to the dimension of which you want your dinosaur to be.
  • You can choose any shade of green or any other color according to your own preference.

Step 2: Pre-definition

  • Using a marker get an idea of the top and bottom ends of your figure, this will help you to get an exact figure without error.
  • Make sure that the figure fits beforehand otherwise you will need to re-do the whole thing

Step 3: Making The Sketch

  • Use a pencil to draw an anime dinosaur figure on the green figure.
  • Make sure to use the pencil lightly so that if you commit a mistake you can use an eraser with no bold marks remaining back.
  • Practice the figure beforehand in rough to get a perfect figure in the final go.

Step 4: Cut

  • Using a pair of scissors cut out the figure along the outlines drawn previously.

How to Make Paper Dinasur Step by Step Instructions Easy Tutorial

Step 5: The Cutout

  • Make sure that the cut-out is even, if not so work on the edges to make it even using a pair of scissors.

Step 6: Designing The Back

  • Measure and cut out a red triangle to detail the back of the dinosaur.
  • This will add a ferocious element to your anime dinosaur character.

Step 7: Cut Out More Such Triangles

  • Cut out more such triangles using the same red color paper.
  • Make sure that the triangles are of equal size.

Step 8: Paste The Triangles

  • Paste the triangle cutouts in an orderly manner just as shown.
  • You can definitely use some other shade of red or any other contrasting color paper to do this very detailing according to your own preference.

Step 9: Pasting The Eye

  • With the help of a glue-stick paste an eye-shaped bead, which is readily available in the appropriate space.

Step 10: Drawing And Cutting The Teeth

  • On a white sheet of paper draw the structure of teeth and cut it out using a pair of scissors.

Step 11: Paste The Teeth

  • Now using a glue-stick paste the teeth were drawn and cut previously in the space below the mouth of the dinosaur.

Step 12: Your Paper Dinosaur Is Ready!!

Interesting Facts About Dinosaurs

  • Dinosaurs are the extinct species of animals that ruled Earth before the existence of human beings. They used to be huge in size and were extremely ferocious.
  • Archeological surveys found out about the existence of these creatures and they even found out suppressed skeletons and fossils which confirms their existence.
  • Dinosaurs lived on earth millions of years ago and some of them even could blow out fire from their mouth.
  • According to the animal kingdom classification they are placed in the category of reptiles.
  • Talking about their body structure, they used to have four legs and giant tails, some of them even possessed the ability to fly.
  • Belonging from the reptile family they could reside both in water as well as inland.
  • According to paleontologists, these animals had various abilities and some of them reproduced as mammals by giving birth to young once whereas some laid eggs.
  • These mammoth creatures ruled our mother earth for about 165 million years and finally couldn’t withstand the extreme change in weather and climate that took place, thus their adaptations started becoming weak and soon this dangerously interesting species of the animal go extinct.
  • There has been an entire series named Jurassic park which is based on the theme of dinosaurs which has a grand fanbase among children.
  • Children find a lot of interest in knowing details about these creatures also there has been a lot of studies to date and paleontologists along with archeologists are still on with their studies to discover more amazing facts about dinosaurs.

This was a fun and engaging papercraft that yields fantastic output, you can make a couple of these and exhibit them or use them to decorate your favorite scrapbook or any part of your room or table. You can even improvise on these by making more details in the body using paint or watercolor paints. Following the detailed elaborated steps, it makes it easier for even kids to perform this craft. So, what are you waiting for? go ahead and make your own paper dinosaur today!

Activities for Kids
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