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Easy Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

Easy Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

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Easy Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Fun is an important element in a child’s life. We can ensure fun in a child’s life through games and arts. Craft activities ensure a colorful and vibrant childhood. We must take up craft activities for little kids. Fun craft activities ensure learning through colorful means. This also makes a child aware and alert about different shapes and colors. These activities also enhance the motor skills of a child. Let us look at some of the easy to make fun crafts for kids. We hope the children will love these crafts.

Easy Fun Craft ideas for Kids

Easy Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

Elephants with Trumpets Craft ideas for kids

These are some truly cute and hilarious elephants with trumpets. These elephants are easy to make. Start by making square placards. Now cut elephant heads in different colors. Paste the elephant heads on the square placards. Make detailed eyes and other features for the elephant using a black sharpie pen. You can ask the students to make trumpets for the elephants by folding a strip of paper in a zig-zag manner and pasting the right colored trumpets to the elephant heads. It will be a fun activity for sure.

Beautiful flower making craft ideas for kids

  This is a pretty flower making activuty using marbled sheet of paper. Take some colorful marbled sheets of paper. Cut out hearts feom the colored sheet by folding it in the middle. Also cut out leaves in the same manner using a green colored marble sheet. Take a popsicle stick and clean it dry. Now take four colorful heart shapes and paste them on one side of the popsicle. Make a complete flower. Now add a bright colored small sized pom pom in the middle of the flower. Also stick the small heart shaped leaves at the middle of the popsicle.

Kindergarten flower making craft ideas

  These are easy to make Kindergarten crafts for children. Start by taking a toilet paper roll. Cut the roll to required size and cover it in colored green paper. Now cut out some flowers in different shapes from colored paper. You can stick the flowers on the top of the toilet roll to get beautiful floral crafts.

Animal puppet craft ideas

  Animals are loved by one and all. We can make these beautiful animal puppets with our children to teach them about the animals and their habitat. These animal puppets can also be used to tell stories. To make an animal puppet start by cleaning, drying and painting the popsicle in a bright color. Use a colored sheet of paper to make the base of the animal head. Add other elements to the animal head using different colored papers and shapes. Highlight the details using a black sharpie pen.

Alphabets learning crafty ways

  This is a fun way to learn alphabets. You can make these floral templates for your kids to help them learn alphabets. Start by folding a bright colored pipe cleaner. Now cut four heart shapes from colored paper. Make a flower using heart shaped cut outs from colored paper. Now arrange these colored paper hearts in the shape of a flower. Stick the flower on one side of the bent pipe cleaner. Cut a cloud shape from white sheet of paper. Write an alphabet on this cloud shape. Stick this cloud with an alphabet in the middle of the flower. Your alphabet flowers are ready.

Beautiful cupcake liner crafts

  These cupcake liner flowers are pretty and easy to make. This is truly an easy fun craft idea for kids. Start by painting a clean and dry popsicle in a bright color. Take a cupcake liner and add decoratives in the centre of the cupcake liner. Now stick the cupcake liners on the popsicle stick. Add two green leaves on the popsicle stick.

Making cards using cupcake liners

  you can even make beautiful handmade easy crafty cards using cupcake liners. Start by selecting the base color of the card. Fold the colorful sheet in half. Now take some different colored sheet and cut out circles from it. And paste these circles in the middle of the cupcake liners. Decorate the sticks for the flowers and align them with the flowers on the front page of the card. You can also add a butterfly to the card. Write your good wishes inside the card.

Snakes using popsicle sticks crafts

  These hissing snakes can be made using popsicle sticks. Take some snip-ons. Paint the clean and dried popsicles in beautiful patterns. Make the mouth of the snake by cutting two edges of the popsicles. Now join the edges of the two cut pieces. This would make the mouth of the snakes. Paint the mouth and stick two googly eyes on it. Also make a bright red tongue for the snake. Also add a snip-on button to the back of the mouth. Now join the different pospsicles using these snip-ons and you can make as much long a snake as you want.

Handprinted dragonfly making crafts for kids

Dragonflies are pretty creatures. They are ever beautiful. You can make easy and fun crafty dragonfly by using marbled paper. You can create your own marbled sheet or buy one. Now take an imprint of your hand on the marbled sheet. Cut this out. Clean and dry a popsicle stick. Now stick the two hand shapes cut from the marbled sheet. Take two different pipe cleaners and twist them together. Now stick two antennas at thrr head of the dragonfly. Stick two googly eyes on the face of the dragonfly to complete this easy fun craft for kids.

Beautiful button crafts for kids

We all love nature and mother nature loves us back. We can make this beautiful easy and fun craft idea. Collect some dry twigs and branches from the backyard and stick them like a tree on a hard stock sheet. Take some big and bright buttons and stick them all along the branches and sticks. This will surely look beautiful and bright. You can design this beautiful tree in any way you like.

We hope you liked these beautiful easy fun craft ideas for kids. We would love to know stories of your kids making these wonderful crafts. You can leave your feedback and opinion in the comments section below. We will soon come up with more such interesting articles for you.

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