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15 Best Diwali Crafts Ideas for Kids

15 Best Diwali Crafts Ideas for Kids


15 Best Diwali Crafts Ideas for Kids

Diwali is one of the best times of the year. Everyone in the household is filled with joy and enthusiasm. Children and adults, all are excited about this fun-filled extravaganza. Diwali can be boring despite all the craze it carries. We can spice up the celebrations by adding fun-filled team activities or making different Diwali crafts to decorate our homes with them. It adds more colour and joy to the festival. As, nearly everyone has started going green Diwali and avoid crackers as much as possible, you can use these Easy Diwali crafts ideas to involve everyone in your house.

Diwali Decoration Craft Ideas For Kids

15 Best Diwali Crafts Ideas for Kids

Celebrate the festival of light with the kids. It’s the time when the whole family gets together and enjoys and celebrates, all in one place. Besides, Diwali is also the time to let the kids unleash their creativity. So celebrate the festival of lights in the best way possible by involving children in some beautiful crafting. From painting to cutting, we’ve included the best and most creative Diwali craft ideas for kids. Take a look.

Paper Plate Easy Diwali crafts

Lights and Diyas are the essences of every Diwali. The beautiful night scenes on the Diwali occasion are due to these only. You can use a paper plate and give it a base shade. Keep the base color light so that the Diya is visible. Now, cut out a diya, orange and yellow flames as shown in the image and paste them in the center. Decorate your paper plate with the help of glitter tubes.

Happy Diwali card – Paper craft

Diwali is all about shiny things such as gold, silver, lights, Diyas, new clothes and much more. To maintain this shiny effect you can use sparkle tape and glitter to make a Happy Diwali card. This easy Diwali craft idea can be given to your kids of secondary standards. The lights, flames are represented by glitter and the body is decorated with sparkle tape. Prefer bright colors for writing any messages on the card.

Happy Diwali greeting cards

Another easy Diwali craft idea for making a card. The top and bottom boundaries are of green sparkle tape and we have used bright sketch pens for the message. You can use some buttons to represent the crackers.

Tissue Paper Bowl craft

This is a very beautiful Diwali decoration idea. You can start with colourful paper to make such beautiful flowers to decorate your home this Diwali. This easy Diwali craft can be made using coloured paper and origami techniques. You can learn some origami techniques online or through books.

Lighted candle holder for decoration

Just a simple candle lighted up can be boring to watch. And also it is not much attractive. You can group the Candles and the DIyas to avoid this. Try to create a pattern with the Diyas and the candles. In the above image, we have used 3 diyas and 10 candles. You can surround them with the help of rangoli color or any other powder, grains with preferred colors.

Sparkly salt dough candle holder

Make a round dough for this easy diwali craft idea. The dough can be of any material such as the wheat floor, salt, etc. Create a donut shape out of the dough such that the inner diameter is sufficient to hold the candle as shown. Now. cover the dough with help of red or any other bright color sparkles. You can also give a base color to the dough and then sprinkle some sparkles on it.

Clay Candle Holder Easy Diwali Craft

Diwali is all about how you decorate our house. The beautiful it is, and the shiny it looks, the more it will be praised. To make this happen, you can use clays of different colors to easily craft these holders for holding the candles. Make sure that you let the clay dry before putting the candles inside.

Colorful candle for diwali

To boost the decorations of your house with lively colors, you can use these colorful candles easy diwali craft idea. These candles can be made at home without much efforts and money. All you have to do is first choose the base color of the candle and then caste the wax into the container. When the base of the wax is dry, you can use other colors to decorate the top layer of the candles.

Rice rangoli an easy Diwali Craft

Not all of us prefer using powdered colors to craft rangoli on the occasion of Diwali. This rice rangoli is an easy Diwali craft as the powder requires more cleanliness because of the size of the grains. Thus, you can use small-sized rice in place of the usual rangoli powder. You can choose the colors you want and give the rice that shade 1 day before making the Rangoli

Playdough rangoli

The playdough has its own benefits. One of those is crafting a rangoli out of it. You can use different color doughs for making your rangoli look more beautiful. Here, playdough can not be used to give whole the layers of the colors but only the boundaries as shown in the image. The rangoli in the above image is crafted with lines and dots only.

Diwali Gift card -paper crafts

One of the most appreciated crafts is quilling. You can use quilling skills to craft this Diwali gift card. You can also use some patterns like those of flowers at the bottom for creativity. These cards can be used to wish Diwali to your loved ones. If you know brush calligraphy, it will be an added beauty to this greeting card.

Beautiful Kandil Craft

Kandil used to have one of the major roles in decorating the house. You can relive them into your house by crafting this Diwali idea. The strips are of confetti material and the body is of the crushed and plain sheets. Try to use as many colors as possible with matching contrast. You can use bright coloured crepe paper strips.

Diya Wreath an easy Diwali craft

The last easy Diwali craft idea is to make Diya wreath. Cut out various Diyas having different patterns as shown in the image. You can also use your own choice of patterns and improve this idea. Then cut out a large diameter circle from a cardboard sheet. Paste the pattern of diyas on the circle with their flames pointed outwards.

Best Diwali Crafts Ideas for Kids

We hope you loved these beautiful Diwali craft ideas. We are sure they will bring smiles on your family’s face. Wishing you a very Happy Diwali. Do check out other relates articles to help you with Diwali preparations. We will soon come up with more such related articles. Share your experience with us in the comments section below. Keep smiling and creating with Kids Art & Craft!

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