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Diwali Lights Decoration DIY Ideas for Home & Office


Diwali Lights Decoration DIY Ideas for Home & Office

Our favorite Diwali isn’t far and it’s the time to decorate our lovely houses, let’s start our transmission from dark to light on this auspicious occasion of Diwali, light every corner of your home or office as well as of your life, and let’s get rid of every negativity surrounding us.

This is the perfect time to make some Diwali crafts or do Diwali light decorations if you haven’t started your decoration yet do not worry, we got your back and we are here with these wonderful Diwali light decorations like light diyas on walls, tealight holders, decorations with cans, balloon lamps, paper flower candles, and newspaper lantern.

What could be better than decorating our homes with our little ones we are here to provide you with the best Diwali light decoration ideas and to make your home heaven.

So, scroll down to get amazing Diwali light decoration ideas suitable for home and office.

Diwali Lights Decoration

Diwali Lights Decoration

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Let’s Light Diyas On Walls

Let's Light Diyas Decoration On Walls

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftastic

Diya is an important symbol of Diwali; it resembles prosperity and progress and what could be better than including some Diyas in our light decoration? This Diwali light decoration is classic and gorgeous, you can make this Diya with your little kids, and trust me they’ll love helping you out. The suitable age group of kids to make these Diya is above 3 years.

Paper Glass Diwali Decoration

Paper Glass Diwali Decoration

Image Source/Tutorial: Tuber tip

Paper glasses are easily accessible and affordable, and these qualities make them the perfect material to be used in Diwali light decoration, now you can do some unique and interesting Diwali light decorations with paper glasses, these are very pretty and colorful, and you can hang these either on your door or on windows. Click on the link above to get the step-by-step tutorial for this amazing craft.

Paper Cup Diwali Light Garland

Paper Cup Diwali Light Garland Decoration

Image Source/Tutorial:  The Crafty Angels

Paper cups are versatile, they are easy to use and economical and you can make a variety of things with them. Here we present you a Colorful Paper Cup Diwali Lights garland to make your house look astonishing. You can add embellishments of your choice and can give them a lovely look, this is also a fun craft for kids so include them as well. Make your Diwali special this year with special crafts.

Balloon Lamps

Balloon Lamps

Image Source/Tutorial: The Champa Tree

Aren’t these balloon lamps glorious, these are one of the prettiest Diwali light decorations you can do this year, so team up with your little ones and make these amazing balloon lamps with fun, you can hang these either on the balcony or on the middle of the room to make it easier to spot so now it’s your turn to turn your home exquisite.

Decoration With Cans

Decoration With Cans Diwali LIght

Image Source/Tutorial: The Champa Tree

This Diwali decoration is the best way to reuse old and used cans like perfume bottles, cold drink cans, sauce cans, etc. These adorable lanterns are made up of old cans and some other easily available materials. They will serve as the best candle holders, and you can also hang these on the ceiling to give your home the festive look. Making these cans lamp with kids will teach your child about ‘Best out of Waste’ and will also boost their creativity.

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Paper Cup Tealight Holder

Paper Cup Tealight Holder

Image Source/Tutorial: The Crafty Angels

If you want to make some effortless yet elegant decor pieces for your Diwali party then this is the one you were looking for, making these colorful paper cup tealight holders is a piece of cake, even kids can make these without any help, you can place these in front of your door or on tables. This is your moment now so make these tealight holders and brighten up every corner of your sweet home.

Paper Flower Candles

Paper Flower Candles light Decoration For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftastic

Aren’t these paper flower candles marvelous? I’m sure they are. These are loved by kids as they are extremely pretty, can bring happiness and brightness to your home, and can drive away every negative force with their beautiful appearance and beauty. These aren’t difficult to make, and you should totally give these a try, the beautiful and creative flower pattern will make your Diwali decorations stand out. Don’t wait any further and check out the link above to get the tutorial to make these paper flower candles.

Lampshade With Plastic Spoons

Lampshade With Plastic Spoons

Image Source/Tutorial: A. Everything

Plastic is the devil in modern times, and it is our responsibility to reuse and recycle plastic so we can save our mother earth, let’s take a step towards healing our earth by making this lampshade out of recycled spoons and bottles. These can give your home the exquisite look you were looking for. There is a fun craft to make with kids and teach your kids about the harmful effects of plastic while making these lampshades. Let’s take a step towards beautifying the earth this Diwali.

Paper Garland Of Light

Paper Garland Of Light Decoration for Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Paper Crafts

Garlands of lights are easily available in the market but if you want to collect some beautiful memories with your loved ones then you should make this garland of lights at home, it is made up of paper and is very easy and fun to make, these are colorful hence will be loved by kids so engage them too in making this beautiful paper garland of light. The suitable age group of kids to make this craft is 5 to 15 yrs.

Let’s Light Our Inner Diya

Let's Light Our Inner Diya

Image Source/Tutorial: Parent Circle

Diwali isn’t just about decorating your home and lighting Diya but it is more about lighting our inner Diya to brighten our thoughts and reflect our inner goodness. Teach kids about the importance of conquering our fears and brightening our inner self with our beautiful inner Diya craft, remind them that there is a beautiful bright Diya of kindness, humbleness, courage, and beauty in each of us and every day we should try to make that Diya brighter. These mesmerizing paper Diya can make your home as well as your heart bright.

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Lotus Tealight Holder

Lotus Tealight Holder Decoration for Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Diwali is also an occasion for worshipping Lord Ganesha and Maa Lakshmi; Maa Lakshmi is often seen sitting on Lotus and to make Maa Lakshmi happy by worshipping her with a Lotus pattern tealight holder would probably be one of the best ideas. She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and worshipping her attracts good fortune in one’s life. This glorious and gorgeous tealight holder will help you in impressing goddess Lakshmi and bringing good fortune and prosperity to your life. Make this Lotus tealight holder along with your kids and teach them about gods and the story of Diwali, click on the link above to get the tutorial.

Newspaper Lantern

Newspaper Lantern

Image Source/Tutorial: MC Crafts

Let’s do something we have never done, let’s make something exceptional, this newspaper lantern is one of the most creative and unique pieces you can make this Diwali, making these with your kids will polish their cutting and crafting skills and you will also get to spend some quality time together. Check out the link above and get the tutorial to make this amazing lantern, you can hang these anywhere in your home.

Flower Lantern

Flower Lantern Light Decoration For Diwali

Image Source/Tutorial: Goodness In You

These hanging lights can be the star of your Diwali decorations. These are a creative mixture of modern and traditional lights, and you can add embellishments of your choice, these aren’t as tricky to make as they look in fact these are pretty easy to make, so without any further wait collect the materials required and start your Diwali decorations.

These were some pretty Diwali light decorations ideas to step up your Diwali decorations game at home and office. We hope you liked these, so this is your moment to make these beautiful lights, engage your kids and spend some quality time together. Spend Diwali with love and happiness and conquer evil with brightness and joy. For more Diwali decoration ideas like these check out our other posts, and don’t forget to give your feedback. Visit us again.

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